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Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais
Tout ce qui a un rapport avec l'apprentissage de l'anglais: grammaire, orthographe, aides aux devoirs, phrases etc.

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talking about opus Pets
Message de babyscot59 posté le 31-01-2005 à 17:10:54 (S | E | F | I)

This week I will resume my topic, what is your favourite....?

I will deal with my favourite Pet. Some of you know my pet, this is .... Pépète my wee chihuahua . She is about 4 years old now. My father's colleague had had doggies and He didn't know If he would keep them or not.
My father in an extraordinary moment of kindness, felt in love with that microcospic hairy stuff ( pépète weighted hardly 600 grs). She is clear brown like sand with a wee white stripe on the front (I used to call her (it) Guizmo at the time). She is now 2.5 kilos (3kgs on chritsmas time...). Clever and intuitive, she learnt to bow her front legs like praying and loves travelling by car to fetch me at my student's flat. She has a strong demeanour, like a doberman 's way of conceiving the Postman. She hates him and a wee daddy I guess

And you, tell me about your favourite pet

Réponse: re:talking about opus XX de gewurz, postée le 01-02-2005 à 01:31:22 (S | E)
(at my parent's) I've got a 15.5-year-old cat who (animals can be kinder than humans) comes under the blanket when it's cold, a leg under this one, the other above. His name is Méphisto-phélès or mephisto or toto or the cat. He's brave but not foolhardy. When by himself, he gets a hiding by the others cats, but as soon as a member of the family is present, he metamorphoses into a lion and makes the others cats run away.

Réponse: re:talking about opus XX de bridg, postée le 01-02-2005 à 10:19:12 (S | E)
Sorry for my English but I try for babyscot

If you come at home you’ll be received by Chloé 40kg, impressive but so brave if you don’t arrive with a uniform or something which makes her worry in your hands, otherwise you won’t come in. Her big pleasure is to run to the 2 cats asleep in front of the fireplace to explain that a guest has just arrived. The pleasure is rarely shared.
I have always lived with animals in the house. I remember a female dog which has accompanied my childhood and which my parents had named "Madam". She frequently ran away and I let you think of all misunderstandings when I ran behind her by shouting her name in the street.

Réponse: re:talking about opus XX de babyscot59, postée le 01-02-2005 à 10:20:31 (S | E)
my chihuahua behaves this way. She paints the town red when I am and becomes a real wimp when I am back.

tricky , isn't it?

I hope some people will share my inspiration

Réponse: re:talking about opus XX de babyscot59, postée le 01-02-2005 à 11:32:58 (S | E)
thanks that sounds like everybody's daily business!!

thanks for your taking part

Edité par bridg le 01-02-2005 11:42

Réponse: re:talking about opus XX de babyscot59, postée le 02-02-2005 à 09:49:27 (S | E)
I try to give a new impulse to my subject: what is your favourite pet? or at least If you could choose one, what would it be?

Edité par babyscot59 le 2005-02-02 09:57:18

Réponse: re:talking about opus Pets de emy64, postée le 02-02-2005 à 10:00:56 (S | E)
Hi babe

I will answer you in a few minutes, I promise

see you later

Réponse: re:talking about opus Pets de emy64, postée le 02-02-2005 à 11:05:57 (S | E)
Alright, let's talk about our best friends !!
I have a dog, a "bichon frisé" and her name is Lady ( beautiful isn't it? ) and she couldn't have had another name....she is very lazy, doesn't wanna go out when it rains (so she won't have her little paws wet) she sometimes runs all around the house very fast....she is a little crazy.
She cries as soon as my mum leaves the house, and when my mum is not here, she takes revenge on her by doing a wee on the carpet. She is always hungry, and my mum gives her food stuff that are usually for cats, and she loves it (that may explains a lot of things...) But I actually love this dog, she is fun ! she loves playing with my sisters and me.
See you soon !

Réponse: re:talking about opus Pets de babyscot59, postée le 02-02-2005 à 11:23:29 (S | E)
thanks my dear , am still waiting for oskomi's text

Réponse: re:talking about opus Pets de grabuge, postée le 02-02-2005 à 11:34:12 (S | E)
One of my best friend was a dog. (I write : she) Her's name was Timmie because I went to Timisoara in Romania. She was a german shepherd and was very intelligent (of course, she was my dog !).
We went together in the mountains, to the sea. She was enjoyed running with me. Every times, I went out, She came with me. Before, I had a motorcycle but for Timmie, I sold it to buy a camping-car to go on holidays...
She's died in 1993 and I'm still sad when I think of her.

Today, I have a cat, her name is Grabuge. She's pretty and kindly.

Réponse: re:talking about opus Pets de oskomi, postée le 02-02-2005 à 12:23:12 (S | E)
You're learning patience!

Let's go!
Since I was child, I'm fond of dogs, and now I have three dogs.
My first, Oslo, he's a belgian shepherd (30kg) sand-grey with a black mask. He's a true legend for the people who know him. I don't know exactly his past except that his first owner was a lout. I adopted him when he was 2. He hated the young boys between 10 and 20 years, the other dogs, and all people who wanted to tell me "good morning". He was over-protector. At the begining, he attacked without warning, but never bit, even when an other dog bit him. I could know only because his eyes became black of anger. But at home he was very nice with me, he did all that I asked him. He has taught me lots of things about life and people character. Now he can live in society without posing me a problem.
My second dog, Mistral, he's a "épagneul nain papillon" (2.8kg). He is a true clown and he looks like a clown: white, black and brown. He is always happy and untiring. He's always pampered by people who meet him, and has two body-guards: Oslo and Koda.
Koda, a "berger hollandais", he's my youngest dog (9 months). He's impressive: striped black and brown with a black mask and weight more than 30 kg. He's very nice and charming but doesn't stop to do sillies.

I always take them with me, then imagine the family reunions with 6 or 7 dogs...

Edité par emy64 le 02-02-2005 12:46

Réponse: re:talking about opus Pets de babyscot59, postée le 02-02-2005 à 15:58:35 (S | E)

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