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Message de saihtam posté le 2004-03-05 19:41:50 (S | E | F | I)
some people here want to speak english so let's go...
introduce yourself!!!
what do you do? where do you live? what do you like?

I begin!

My name is Mathias, I'm 26 years old.
I live near Paris and I try to move to canada to improve my english and to have an experience a work experience in a foreigner foreign country! I hope I will be able to do it next autumn.
by the way, I'm a an interior designer and a 3D graphist.
I've learned english since for 3 years since a trip to miami where I wasn't able to speak with anybody, I was so frustrated.
Now, I like to speak english, even if it's not perfect :-p I hope to be able to speak english as easier easily than I speak french soon.

that's all for now!!!


Edité par Webmaster le 08-03-2004 20:03
Quelques suggestions, mais très bonne présentation:
English (majuscule)
a work experience
a foreign country
an interior designer
I have been learning English for 3 years pour mettre l'accent sur la durée

Réponse: reply:from nadia to saihtam de nadia, postée le 2004-03-05 22:13:41 (S | E)
Welcome saihtam,

It 's a super new for us.What is your used method for to write english well.
About me, I am very very bad, I have school level.

Edité par Webmaster le 09-03-2004 09:03
a piece of news = une nouvelle. C'est un nom indénombrable.

Réponse: well... :-/ de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-06 13:09:53 (S | E)
I don't write it well, I'm sure I made some mistakes!!! moreover if someone want to correct me he's welcome!! ;-)

the best way to write better is to practice with an english person, like oral

good luck!

Edité par Webmaster le 09-03-2004 09:03
Present perfect pour faire le bilan: I'm sure I've made... someone wantS...

Réponse: hi de new, postée le 2004-03-06 16:50:37 (S | E)
so my name is Amélie i'm 17 years old.
I live in Paris, i don't try to move to canada ll. "eum" i've learned english for 7 years .
I'm student (lycéenne) in STT. I'm learning spanish and portuguese too.
hee hee hee sorry if my english isn't perfect!
Kiss all!!!

Edité par Webmaster le 09-03-2004 09:03
I'm A student... I've been learning Spanish... Kisses...

Réponse: is there anybody???? de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-08 12:54:56 (S | E)
so nobody else?

Réponse: hi de primael, postée le 2004-03-08 18:37:53 (S | E)
hi i'm a boy i'm 15.i live near chartres.i'd like to move and i love all the people.that is my word

Réponse: introduction de shinari, postée le 2004-03-08 20:28:35 (S | E)
I m Michèle I m 17 and i ve learned english for 8years. I wish you pass your dream to go to Canada. If you want someone to correct you, i've seen some mistakes: it's not "foreigner" but "foreign", not "since 3years" but "for...", not "to" but "in" miami (or "at" i m not sure), not "as easier than" but "as easy as". Nevertheless, i really thing you got it in only 3years!!!
For me, I'd like to go to HongK ong, it's a dream I could realize with the AFS association. Do you know it? I d like to discover a lot of thing, but this year I should first of all succeed in the baccalauréat!!!
Hum... I should do my homeworks, see ya!!!
kisses xxx
nb: I do mistakes too :-p

Edité par Webmaster le 09-03-2004 09:03
Bonne présentation - suggestions:
to fulfill one's dreams
my homework

Réponse: oupsss!!! de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-08 21:47:46 (S | E)
HAHAHAHA that's right!!!! some mistakes!!! and some I was able to avoid!!! grrrrr, I know how to use for and since, I need to think a little bit while I write ;-)
however, this mistake will help me to remenber!
I think it's the webmaster who underlines my message and few corrections don't correspond with shinari's corrections, which are good? both?

I don't know AFS association, what do they do? do they help young people to travel? and, good luck for your baccalaureat!!!

btw thanks for you all! and for nadia, new, primael and shinari for their reply!!!

next one ;)

Edité par Webmaster le 09-03-2004 09:03
C'est déjà très bien!
Oui, j'ai souligné 2-3 choses, mais finalement, je vais mettre les corrections en bas de messages, ce sera plus clair.

Réponse: présentation de yad, postée le 2004-03-08 22:02:11 (S | E)
Hello I'm Yassine .I'm 19 years old and I will to learn English.I spent my BAC at the ende of the years and english are very important for me for the bac and too after the BAC

Edité par Webmaster le 09-03-2004 09:03
I want/would like to learn English
English is
after the baccalauréat too

Réponse: yo!!! de shinari, postée le 2004-03-09 13:27:28 (S | E)
The AFS association allows us to discover another culture, lifestyle... And it's for everyone in the aim to expend peace worldwide. If you want more informations, please go to the website in english:
(like this you could improve your english!!) or in french: (to understand better).
I think it can really make you (and everybody!!! and me!!!) more understanding... blablabla...
Sorry but I have to go to school, see u soon!
nb: I think you're friendly and it's funny! :-D

Réponse: *blush* de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-10 13:02:21 (S | E)
hey hey thx, u will make me blush!!! ;-) you seem friendly too!!! It's nice for this forum.

AFS seems really cool!!! must be very useful for lots of people here!
It's so true that to learn English, the better way is to be in an English speaking country!!


besides, about my sentence "since a trip to miami",

shinari told me: "not "to" but "in" miami (or "at" i m not sure)"
but Webmaster didn't say I've made a mistake, so I just want to know if twice are possible, to miami, in miami and at miami, and if yes, does that mean the same thing or little difference?

Hi yad, nice to meet you, welcome here and good luck for your bac!

if someone else wants to practice his English, you can post here, as you can see we try to speak only English and we have someone who corrects us!!!

Edité par Webmaster le 10-03-2004 16:03
hello! A trip to Miami pour indiquer le mouvement

Réponse: Great idea de titousse, postée le 2004-03-10 15:45:07 (S | E)
It is very good for thinking about this subjet. I'm from near Calais and I don't speak very well english.
By consequently, I search someone who's speaking well in english.

My Email is

Bye bye


Réponse: The end of the story de shinari, postée le 2004-03-10 17:01:21 (S | E)
For the sentence "since a trip to miami" I ve told you "in" because I thought you would say you were already there, but I eventually thougt you would told us that it is was trip where miami was the destination, it was the target and so I was wrong... You didn't make a mistake there. I have just remembered my teacher saying: "to go to" :-( sorry!!!
However, the use of prepositions in English is really complex in accordance with the context... for exemple if it moves... halalalalala I feel so guilty... no matter hihihi ;-p
See ya
ps: I like reading "Harry Potter", I wonder when the sixth is coming... Do you have any news? Even in English... I hope it won't take 3years...

Réponse: oups de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-10 19:11:49 (S | E)
I've made a mistake to use "twice" (2 fois) instead to say "les trois" I don't remenber how to say that... I think I know! it's just a lapse of memory!!!

about Harry potter, I can't give you any information about it, I really don't know.

hi Tousse, you're on the good forum to improve your English ;)
"By consequently" is long and not easy to write :-p be lazy and use "that's why!" ;-p (c'est pourquoi)

Edité par Webmaster le 10-03-2004 20:03
once = 1x, twice = 2x, three times = 3x... ten times = 10x

Réponse: mmmh de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-10 20:54:16 (S | E)
je me souvenais de la signification de twice, c'est pour dire 'les trois' que je me souvien plus!

dans cette phrase d'un ancien poste!

"so I just want to know if 'les trois' are possible"

Thanks a lot

Réponse: Hello de coraviane, postée le 2004-03-11 12:57:23 (S | E)
Hi, my name is Anne, I live in Antibes, and I have 24 years old. Actually i am a nurse student. In six months i work in my town hospital... So what i can i say, i will marry in july. I realized has which point English is significant, this is why I decid of me to give there

Réponse: are you doin ... de ypikahe, postée le 2004-03-11 19:17:50 (S | E)
Hi everybody,
My name 's David, I'm 24. I am a graduating student in the post graduate school of engineers ESIL of Marseille. I'm a now making an internship in information technology in Salt Lake City UT, USA in order to improve my english. It is not so easy to understand people here but they are all very nice !! I'm here for @ weeks and I really enjoy !

Hey Saihtam, you know I lived in Canada for 5 years when I was younger. It's very hard to go there but keep on trying man !!

Réponse: KEWL KEWL de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-11 22:39:29 (S | E)

this post become to be really KEWL KEWL!!!

hi Coraviane and ypikahe, nice to read you ;-)

you will marry in July, Coraviane, how excited you must be!!! July is so soon!!! congratulation!!!

For Canada, I hope to be able to move there in september or october, I'm waiting the visa, but it's supposed to be any problem to have it! (je sais pas si c'est bien dit ca, c'est la première fois que j'utilise cette forme avec supposed)

btw I don't have the answer to my question, it must be so dumb! and maybe I don't explain very well!!!
to say 'trois fois' it's 'three times'
'le troisième' it's 'the third'
mais 'les trois'? est ce que c'est tout simplement 'the three'?
si c'est cela, dans ma phrase ca donnerait :
"I just want to know if the three are possible" est ce bon?
et question suplémentaire, la troisième fois alors est ce que c'est: the third time?
Merci d'avance pour la réponse! ;-)

Réponse: once upon a time de ypikahe, postée le 2004-03-11 22:56:19 (S | E)
you say once, twice and THRICE ...
and there are the only 3 words of their type. I think that above 4, you must say 4 times, 5 times, ......

is there a web site that explains how to say some weird things in english :

Réponse: HEIN!!! de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-11 23:19:31 (S | E)
THRICE???? first time I see that!!! I've always seen three times after twice! is it common?

anyway thx for ur reply
but the most important is about 'les trois' that seem strange...

Réponse: re de webmaster, postée le 2004-03-12 18:07:05 (S | E)
THRICE est une forme vieillie, qu'on trouve dans la littérature anglaise. On la trouve très peu de nos jours.
"three times" est nettement mieux.

Pas de problème non plus pour "the three are".
I've got three brothers. The three are scientists.

Réponse: merci de saihtam, postée le 2004-03-14 14:37:42 (S | E)

Réponse: Hello !! de philippe, postée le 2004-03-14 17:49:26 (S | E)
Hello !

My name is Philippe, I live in Paris, and I'm seventeen.
I'm in 1ère S, that is to say, a scientific section. The equivalente in british school, is the lower 6.
I haven't got brothers or sisters, but I have got a pet, a dog which is called "Lassie".

I have a passion for computing, like creating website, using different languages, which are more or less difficult, like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, and creating programs, using C language.
All my creations are avaible on my website. It is possible to download it, or to use it online. it is free of course !
All my programs are developped and shared out like an open source project.

When i'm older, i would like to work in this field.

I've just done an english exam : Cambridge if you know.
I hope i will pass it.. The most difficult is the oral comprehension, because it was very difficult for my to understand a person who speak very rapidely..

In order to improve my oral comprehension, i watch movies in english, with the speaking script below also in english. Thus, i can follow, and focus me ! I can now recognise, and hear more words !

What do you think about my written expression ?

I like very much this forum ! it looks very interesting !


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