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Message de titousse posté le 2004-05-10 09:56:10 (S | E | F | I)
Currently there are enormously people who died because of the war, it is sad.
what do you think about that ?

Réponse: re de rosminet, postée le 2004-05-10 10:40:20 (S | E)
That's sad.
Some men are all foolish, subborn, intolerant and want to run the world. And there will always be men like that, so I really don't think that one day there won't be any more war.
C'est triste.
Certains hommes sont à la fois idiot, têtu, intolérant et veulent diriger le monde. Et il y aura toujours des hommes comme cela, donc, je ne pense réellement pas qu'un jour il n'y ait plus de guerre.

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-10 18:36:14 (S | E)
currently ? It has ALWAYS been the same way with human being ... nothing new, be sure ...

Réponse: solution of war de dess1, postée le 2004-05-10 19:28:59 (S | E)
mate, if you wante to abolish war ;for me humanity should return their GOD.

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-10 19:36:55 (S | E)
what did you mean ?

Réponse: lol de jayan, postée le 2004-05-10 19:39:01 (S | E)
In fact, the majority of the wars begin with people who have religion. Currently, it's the case with USA (God bless USA), Irak (muslims unite against america now), Alqaida (muslim against america)..

Europe is now less war-hungry and we can note that in the same time europe is less religious (less priests, less people at church).

So basically, God is the main source of war...

Read the bible, you'll see

Réponse: re de rosminet, postée le 2004-05-10 19:49:45 (S | E)
Maybe dess1 wanted to say that, maybe not ! Because all, the Bible, the Koran .... and different religious texts explain people mustn't kill, mustn't steal ...
So, the main source of war, for me isn't creed, but what a few people do in the name of their God !

Réponse: re to rosminet de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-10 19:58:39 (S | E)
I think you're right, don't put the blame on "god" (whatever you think about ) but on human being

Réponse: re de jayan, postée le 2004-05-10 19:59:20 (S | E)
I'm sorry but I must disagree. First, I humbly state that I'm an historian, withy a specialty in religious texts of the middle ages. So I know the Bible and the Coran a little, don't I ? In these religious texts, you find indeed passages telling you to love everyone, not to make war,...
but you also find passages telling you to make war on infidels, kill everyone who doesn't have faith (straight from Jesus, sorry),...

You must absolutely have in mind that these religous textes are at best fairly inconsistent. Bible for exemple, has been made and written over the course of more than an millenium, by very different people, so there are inconsistencies.

So in fact, the solution isn't in god, it's in principles, ok ? and religion has principles of love and principles of war. So we must take the good and leva the bad.

So much for the lesson...

Réponse: re to jayan de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-10 20:36:31 (S | E)
Bibles have been written by human being, don't they ??? Tell us jayan ...

Réponse: re de saihtam, postée le 2004-05-10 20:42:50 (S | E)
I'm not sure that it's a good place to talk and debate about religion, Is it?

Réponse: re de jayan, postée le 2004-05-10 20:46:43 (S | E)
So to conclude, religion is limited by the fact that it only involves human beings, and so it can be perverted.

And I think about every subject is worth a debate here, if everyone involved is showing a bit of respect for the others (I'm not an angel myself here...) and does an extensive use of vocabulary. The aim is to learn englsh, isn't it ?

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-10 20:51:00 (S | E)
I'm answering to Yahan:
according to you, religious texts get 'inconsistencies', this may explain why those reading them, whatever their belief, can eventually have misunderstandings. religion is not (up to me) the only reason for war. wars have always be linked to geographical, political or social concerns: it's still true today (fresh news!). Religion is a pretext to war, the core of the matter doesn't lay only here. What can you propose us according to your readings to stop that; there may be an answer in those religious texts that I personnally don't know except the Bible...
thanks to lighten my poor knowledge in that field: it could help me
Thanks in advance

Réponse: re de jayan, postée le 2004-05-10 20:55:44 (S | E)
As I said, stick to principles (love, respect,...) not the whole books ! For example, The Bible is certainly the bloodiest book in the world. The old testament is filled with slaughters, treasons, made by good followers of God. So beware of what you can take out of these texts ! Choose well the values you do want to live with, and don't stick to non-sensical texts which dictate your attitude.

Réponse: re de rosminet, postée le 2004-05-10 20:55:48 (S | E)
As Seitham, I'm not sure that it's a good place here, but not for the same reasons !!!
If finally, we write only in English, it should be at the right place in the forum "English Only" !

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-10 21:55:00 (S | E)
I agree with jayan. Any subject, while discussed in english, is interesting and opened to everybody who may have to share his/her point of view.
In this case, I still believe that religious people only served themselves through war against sharing and goals of quite all religions : peace ...

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-10 23:58:13 (S | E)
you put the finger on, and I definitively back you!

Réponse: re to hereiam de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-11 06:46:04 (S | E)
what do you mean writing "and I definitively back you!" ?

Réponse: re de ayle, postée le 2004-05-11 07:26:14 (S | E)

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-11 07:42:48 (S | E)
"and I definitively back you!" ?

normally it's to back someone up => supporter , show someone's agreement

Réponse: re de cherroun, postée le 2004-05-11 10:52:34 (S | E)
Same opinion, there are not a clean War, War is always Bad and Sad

I don't understand the violence need of some ones

I think when men aren't able to communicate with there minds they use weapons, It's proof there weakness to understand themeselves

Réponse: re de titousse, postée le 2004-05-11 11:22:46 (S | E)
I think that the officer must bepunished beacause the harassment is abnormal.

I don't understand why the did that

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-11 12:02:28 (S | E)
it's always a matter of personal interest, money, and power ... Combine all of them and you'll see ...

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-11 14:59:30 (S | E)
to back smby/smthing, as far as my spoken american english is concerned means: aller dans le sens de qqln, à savoir se ranger à ses opinions.
c'est la raison pour laquelle cette expression est utilisée dans nos réunions, quand nous disons. I back you or I back this strategy, or I back your ideas... I didn't get a lot in a dict, we use it quite commonly.
I will: it may help!


Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-11 15:01:01 (S | E)
* a look and not "a lot"!!!

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-11 15:10:34 (S | E)
thank you hereiam, i didn't know this expression

Réponse: re de arounci, postée le 2004-05-11 20:28:26 (S | E)
According to me,to abolish war we should invent a new man for the future

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-11 23:18:17 (S | E)
I only have 3 words:

Réponse: re de sandrafrancois, postée le 2004-05-11 23:29:52 (S | E)
i Think you are right and we have to make something to stop it in the world.


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