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Message de xxbossman posté le 2004-05-14 15:39:22 (S | E | F | I)
i don't understand why almost nobody speak english on this "forum" the first time i saw this website i thought "wow it's a pretty great site for those who want to learn english" then i subscribe i went in this "forum" and i thought i can't believe it almost nobody speak in english!!
i wonder why the f**k nobody speak in english?
it's a website to learn english right??

Edité par Webmaster le 16-05-2004 17:05

Réponse: re de zit, postée le 2004-05-14 15:50:10 (S | E)
If you want to speak only in english, you have a forum ONLY ENGLISH. But if you're a beginner and if you don't know how to ask your question, you can ask it in French. It's not your problem if they don't want to try.

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-14 15:59:26 (S | E)
why don't you loo a bit closer to the ENGLISH ONLY section of the forum.

Réponse: re de oceane, postée le 2004-05-14 16:03:44 (S | E)
here it's a website to learn english, isn't it ? then that's why everybody can't write in english ..

Réponse: re de flo-flo, postée le 2004-05-14 16:23:43 (S | E)
We have not the same level it's the raison why it exists two forums ,so that everybody have the possibility to learn English at her/his own level.

Réponse: re de xxbossman, postée le 2004-05-14 16:25:02 (S | E)
yeah you're right but this forum doesn't have a great participation!!
i also think there's some guy who feel more important on this forum am i right? i mean the gold members i think they feel more important maybe i'm wrong but i don't know why i got this feeling!!!!!

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-14 16:34:27 (S | E)
a sirius2 you have only been on this forum for 1 hour!
as for the participation, it's only up to you to make it more animated...

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-14 17:34:53 (S | E)
What a strange 'feeling' Bossman! How can you tell/feel that?
Please be more acccurate...

Best regards dear Boss

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-14 18:13:37 (S | E)
"some guys who feel more important" .... because "they" answer questions ? resolve issues ? try to help ? sometimes have fun together ?

Réponse: re to chrisg de ginette, postée le 2004-05-14 18:48:09 (S | E)
you couldn`t say better ....right !

Réponse: re de xxbossman, postée le 2004-05-14 19:09:20 (S | E)
what i mean is that before writting this post i read a lot of posts and i learn the systeme and i dunno but i got a feeling than gold memebers feel more important i also seen that sirius feel like me so i ask you if you fell the same way i don't want to be nasty or bad what i want is understand. frankly i don't care but i want to know if other people feel the same way.

Réponse: re de sirius, postée le 2004-05-14 19:09:57 (S | E)
i fell absolutely the same way we're two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Réponse: re de flo-flo, postée le 2004-05-14 19:43:13 (S | E)
personally, I thank you gold members for their advice and help

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-14 21:03:40 (S | E)
I don't feel the same way Bossman. I just say to myself that each of us takes what can be taken. some need help, other advice or fun with english. Some members get more time to spend in that forum, others no... they know one another very well, you may sometimes feel 'out' if I may say so!
please do attend this forum regurlarly and you'll be more committed, well... I don't know... nevertheless you will learn to know them and realize there is no 'upper class members" but only members.

Take care

Réponse: re de xxbossman, postée le 2004-05-14 21:20:42 (S | E)
ok thanks for your answer i was certainly wrong though i think it's a pretty good website!!!!!!
even though i don't really need help in english!!


Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-14 21:22:28 (S | E)
I don't need it either! we are from the same city:NYC!

great, No?

Réponse: re to bossman and sirius de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-14 22:02:12 (S | E)
nearly as pretentious as sirius, the same way of signing, for sure bilingual ... Are you the same person, or from the same family ?

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-14 22:09:40 (S | E)

Réponse: re de xxbossman, postée le 2004-05-14 22:27:50 (S | E)
heiriam: that's cool i haven't noticed we were from the same city hi guy!!!

i don't what you are talking about when you say i'am like sirius i ain't that guy LOL but if he's like me i'd like to talk to him if you listen to me sirius!!!!!

Réponse: re de sirius, postée le 2004-05-14 22:29:50 (S | E)
stop with that i don't know that man!!!!!
you've just proved that some people feel more important and they DARE to compare myself whith another man moreover i live in chicago and HE lives in nyc (great town!!!!!!)!!!

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-14 22:34:46 (S | E)
and you connect exactly at the same time !!! TOO STRONG !

Réponse: re de hereiam, postée le 2004-05-14 22:41:05 (S | E)
stop fighting!!
I don't know who is Sirius, but he doesn't seem to enjoy this ressemblance! ! why, Sirius? bye the way your english's great, so where's the trouble?

Réponse: re de xxbossman, postée le 2004-05-14 23:33:14 (S | E)
i just came here because i was curious that's all
to help other people too!!!!!!

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-14 23:39:58 (S | E)
and good night too, not-so-serious-sirius-bossman .

Réponse: re to bossman and sirius de mariet, postée le 2004-05-15 01:24:54 (S | E)
You obviously know a lot of (American) English and you certainly are experts in slang. Most of the people who come to THIS forum are trying to find help. May I ask you just one question : Don't any of you know that the pronoun I is always written with a capital letter in British English ? Judging by some of the other mistakes in your posts I think you might improve your spelling and your grammar by reading some of the answers given by those who try to help. And I am not a gold member!

Réponse: re de xxbossman, postée le 2004-05-15 11:57:01 (S | E)
what you said is nonsense do you think i got time to pay attention to this kind of fault stop saying such bulls**t and say things intelligent please i'm here to help other people GOT IT?

Réponse: re de mariet, postée le 2004-05-15 21:33:28 (S | E)
"what you said is nonsense"
Thanx for your politeness.
" do you think i got time to pay attention to this kind of fault"
(Do you think I 'VE got time to pay attention to this kind of MISTAKES ?)
No, my opinion is that you just don't take time to think at all!

"stop saying such bulls**t and say things intelligent please"
Have you never been told that the adjective comes BEFORE the noun ?

" i'm here to help other people GOT IT?"
If you were here to help, wouldn't if be better to try and improve YOUR English first ? You keep on making the same mistakes all over again.

Incidentally I haven't seen your name in the "English Only" forum, is it because you are afraid you wouldn't understand ?
We all come to THIS forum to help or to get helped, and in both cases we learn from our visits. You will probably say it's nonsense again but I don't think you (or anyone) can help people by making fun of them or insulting them. Vulgarity can't cover up for lack of knowledge, not to mention lack of education. We are here TO LEARN, what about giving it a try ?

Réponse: re de sirius, postée le 2004-05-15 21:39:31 (S | E)
oups I didn't pay attention to these mistakes but I know them of course!
ok i got you you're right! i ain't go to english only forum cuz it doen't have much success i think!!
i know what you're gonna say: not gonna but going to nanananan
but slang is the language nowaday if you didn't know that trust me i live in the country!!

Réponse: re de fifi, postée le 2004-05-15 22:31:17 (S | E)
Don't be so angry i speak english!

Réponse: re de oceane, postée le 2004-05-16 15:07:37 (S | E)
you feel exactly what you should feel for you

Réponse: re de oceane, postée le 2004-05-16 15:24:40 (S | E)
au fait on doit t'appeller: primael, sirius, bossman ou xxdevil
le dernier te représente mieux mais là je crois que je suis méchante !

Réponse: re de lyne, postée le 2004-05-16 15:42:15 (S | E)
Non, tout simplement "langue de vipère"
que c'est méchant mais comme ça lui va bien.
Mais on est sûr d'une chose, c'est que le ridicule ne tue pas !

Réponse: re de lyly.sawlie, postée le 2004-05-16 16:19:11 (S | E)
Tu as également le chat, la correspondance et bien sur le forum pour parler seulement anglais. De plus, tu vis à Chicago. Je ne comprends donc pas ton indignation. Nous sommes ici pour apprendre. Tout le monde n'est pas en mesure de soutenir une conversation en anglais (sans utiliser le français).

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-16 16:24:47 (S | E)
il vit dans sa tete a chicago ouai... commme a dit le webmaster... wanadoo FRANCE ca veut bien dire ce que ca veut dire!
quel mytho

Réponse: re de chrisg, postée le 2004-05-16 16:26:51 (S | E)
il a 17 ans, en proie à pas mal de problèmes. je suis sur qu'il n'est pas méchant. faut juste lire entre les lignes

Réponse: re de sirius, postée le 2004-05-16 17:36:31 (S | E)
eh ben dites donc je suis pas le preferre ici il ne faut pas s'enerver guys primael? c'est qui je ne sais pas par contre j'ai pas trop aime xxdevil mais nous nous egarons euh chicago je vis bien ici wanadoo.france ca veut dire quoi? mytho tout le monde est un peu mytho dans sa tete!!
eh voila merci pour votre accueil chaleureux!! je dois dire que c'est le premier forum comme ca que je vois je suis un peu surpris enfin!!


Réponse: re de sirius, postée le 2004-05-16 17:39:39 (S | E)
ah ca yest j'ai compris pour wanadoo france tu insinue que je ne vis pas a chicago

primo : je n'y habite que depuis 8 mois je n'ai pas change de fournisseur d'acces

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-16 17:47:31 (S | E)
et dans ton autre post (bilingue en 2 ans n'es ce pas hum hum!!!) tu dis je cite:

re réponse de sirius - Voir profil complet
Date : 30/04/04, 10H34
j'habite depuis deux ans a chicago et je suis bilingue je maitrise cette langue parfaitement!!!!!!!!

gandalf:"fly you fools"

alors.. qui est le mytho?

Réponse: re de webmaster, postée le 2004-05-16 17:49:16 (S | E)

> Message de sirius:
bonjour j'ai decide de me reconvertir et d'essayer de devenir un membre gold!!

> Message de webmaster:
très bonne idée, je n'attends que ça!

je serai ravi de vous faire gold si vous le méritez.
Par contre, encore un problème, et je vous supprime l'accès au site.


Voilà, je crois que tout est dit! Je clos le sujet!

Réponse: re de sirius, postée le 2004-05-16 17:55:19 (S | E)
bravo gizmO je ne pensais pas que tu etait si intelligent ok c pas vrai mais il faut me comprendre I LOVE CHICAGO alors toi je suis sur que tu aimes une ville et tu voudrais y habiter!!!!!!

je preferre fermer le debat car sinon le webmaster va m'expulser pour la enieme fois!!!!!!!!

Réponse: re de gizm0, postée le 2004-05-16 17:57:50 (S | E)
err.. c'est pas pour autant que je m'invente une vie que je n'ai pas...
désolée... quand je veux m'integrer dans un groupe/forum je ne mens pas moi et je ne deviens pas mytho pour autant.
quitte a dire "j'adore chicago et j'aimerais y vivre" à la rigueur... mais carrémt baratiner tout le monde...
tu vas etre BEAUCOUP moins crédible la je te le garantis.
ca va etre dur dur


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