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English only
All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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childhood dreams
Message de tiana-nova posté le 29-10-2005 à 22:43:22 (S | E | F | I)

Everyone of us had a dream(s) in his childhood. Is it important to realize it? And why? Thanks for your answers!

Edité par bridg le 29-10-2005 22:47
English only

Réponse: childhood dreams de bridg, postée le 29-10-2005 à 22:53:53 (S | E)
Please open this topic by giving you your own dreams but not with a simple question.
Thank you.

Réponse: childhood dreams de poussy, postée le 29-10-2005 à 23:38:12 (S | E)
Good evening!
I think it's very important to have childhood dreams because it's necessary for to grow up with much hope. When I was a child I would have to be an air -hostess I dreamt of being an air hostess in order to travel a lot and to speak a lot of foreign languages......and unfortunately I was very good in at maths but not in at English and now of course I can travel but I'm learning English the most often possible as often I can and in fact I've lived with my childhood dreams since for a ....long long time!!!!!!
Poussy..................I'm back and I'm very happy to be with you!
Edité par bridg le 04-11-2005 12:27

Réponse: childhood dreams de to-be-free, postée le 30-10-2005 à 00:12:42 (S | E)
hello again tiana...
Asking about some dreams seems to be only thing good to go on and on. But all depends on why would you know that. Now, could you speak to us about yours? Thanks.

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 31-10-2005 à 11:42:43 (S | E)
First of all thank you Poussy and To-be free for your answers!
I think the childhood dreams are essential in our life. Don't you feel that there's something unsuffice that is missing in your life? Simply aproach it can make us happy. I always dreamed to be of being a painter, or a singer.Life would like me to be a secretary. So, one day I bougth my easel with all necessary accessories and I joined a jazz school... Realize your childhood dreams! The life is the only one we have and it's so short!
Edité par bridg le 04-11-2005 12:40

Réponse: childhood dreams de salut, postée le 02-11-2005 à 18:48:04 (S | E)
Dreams are like angels: You want to catch them, and they just disappear ! This sentence could sound "pessimist", but I think there is a truth in it: The dreams are what you live for, and just for this, I really dont want that all my dreams become reality !

Réponse: childhood dreams de salut, postée le 02-11-2005 à 18:54:59 (S | E)
To be more honest: In the reality, I hope that I will win the $ 67'505'012.23 in the Euromillion next saturday in order to travel all around the world (and even all around the moon if possible ) ! Shame on me ...

Réponse: childhood dreams de sergiovsk, postée le 02-11-2005 à 19:05:53 (S | E)
I used to have a dream when I was a kid. My childhood dream was to find a person whom I could love and marry. Unfortunately, this dream never came true. I hope it may come true one day, since dreaming is the only thing I can do now.

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 03-11-2005 à 00:41:46 (S | E)
Hello, Sergiovsk and Salut! Very pleased to see you on this forum!

Dear Salut! Your dreams are like the moon in the night sky: so beautiful and so inaccessible! If you could reach and take out this moon, the darkness could be so terrific! Then let your dreams illuminate the sky of your life!

Dear Sergiovsk! You're right! No hopeless! I know there is a girl somewhere on this Earth who used to dream the same thing that you who is having the same dreams that you have. May be you're on the road to this girl already? on this girl same way.
Edité par bridg le 04-11-2005 12:52

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 04-11-2005 à 09:17:49 (S | E)
Hello, it's me again! I used to have a dream when I was kid, and it's the main dream if my life, I think: never meet the people who will betray me I hope I shall never meet somebody who would betray me . But unfortunately, it doesn't only depend only on me. There are a lot of ******* who like disguise themself as the and then split in your soul!
Edité par bridg le 04-11-2005 13:03

Réponse: childhood dreams de lisa93, postée le 04-11-2005 à 09:23:58 (S | E)
Hello everybody,
Nice question. When I was a little girl, I used to dream I will be a Rock Star, and now ..... I'm not !

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 04-11-2005 à 11:22:33 (S | E)
Hi, dear Lisa! Glad to see you among us on this forum! You know, if you like music, may be do you know an English "housewifes band"? These women, all mothers of familys, play Rock and do this are very funny and good! It was for to say that if you dream about smth something why do not try to realize it?
Edité par lucile83 le 04-11-2005 18:47

Réponse: childhood dreams de lamitta, postée le 16-11-2005 à 00:32:56 (S | E)
personnally ,
I don't remember my childhood dreams and I don't think that they were very important
they were very simple and very easy to realize them
and in my opinion the important dreams exist in our teenage or after this periode
and they are very different
thanks for the interesting topic
good subject
Edité par lucile83 le 16-11-2005 08:00

Réponse: childhood dreams de laydown009, postée le 16-11-2005 à 11:17:31 (S | E)
Hi ,I dreamed to be a queen when I was a child , but it's a dream and finally , it won't not come true as it's not real, anyway the dream of childhood is good even if we can't realise it during while we were are young , right !

Edité par lucile83 le 17-11-2005 08:49

Réponse: all life dreams dreams de yoper, postée le 16-11-2005 à 17:29:31 (S | E)
Hi everybody,
I think it's a very good topic bur maybe you should change the title. I'm 24 and I still, sometimes, have childhood dreams. I'm fond of manga and each time I read a good one I would like to be the hero. Don't think that I'm retarded or something like that. It's too late for me to be a basketball or a soccer star (and I will never throw fire balls with my hands), these dreams last just the time of the reading, but they make me feel really happy. For a moment I forget my age and I let the dreams fill me. It's so cool.

Réponse: childhood dreams de amora, postée le 16-11-2005 à 19:45:27 (S | E)
I thank you very much for choosing this interesting topic because everybody should tell his dreams . me I had a lot of dreams but the dream that I still remember is having riding a big horse riding it to the supermarket and everybody looking at me isn' t that an innocent dream ?how happy I felt when I dreamt that I owned a big horse !now I dream of having a big car I hope so

Edité par lucile83 le 17-11-2005 08:54

Réponse: childhood dreams de yoper, postée le 17-11-2005 à 17:56:05 (S | E)
Amora you're only dreaming of big things to ride. At least it's a dream you can realize

Edité par lucile83 le 18-11-2005 08:52

Réponse: childhood dreams de nouas61, postée le 18-11-2005 à 22:04:02 (S | E)

childhood dreams founds reveal one's our personality allthought though we can't realise fulfil all everything we hop would like to

Edité par lucile83 le 19-11-2005 07:45

Réponse: childhood dreams de marco1, postée le 19-11-2005 à 09:27:59 (S | E)
Hello everybody. To have Having a dream during his childhood is of course important. But I think dreaming it's also important to have continously a dream during his all life long is very important too. A man is thinking All day long men think to of the future and is hoping hope to get become something. Somebody who has no dream before him should be (I suppose ?)Beeing dreamless makes everybody unhappy. Isn't doesn't it ?
Edité par bridg le 19-11-2005 09:34

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 21-11-2005 à 16:47:50 (S | E)
Hi, everybody! I'm back for to tell you a big "thanks" for your participation on this forum!
So, I see everyone of you had or have a dream. More or less serious, but always nice!
I'm agreed I agree with you Lamitta, that teenage and adults dreams are often different from our childhood dreams. But I think, that the childhood's ones are the most purest and its come from all deep the very depth of our soul, not yet polluted yet by someanything. There is a saying: The truth speaks by a child's mouth! I'm sure, our soul too!
I found your answer very interesting, Yopter! I think you should to try to be an actor, doing performing in a theatre. If you're shy - it will open your mind, if you're not - you'll be famous!
In any case, and here i'm agreed I agree with you, Marco1, being dreamless makes everybody unhappy!
Edité par lucile83 le 21-11-2005 16:52

Réponse: childhood dreams de yoper, postée le 21-11-2005 à 17:44:49 (S | E)
Hi tiana, I didn't see any yopTer in the forum so I think you were talking to me. I'm very pleased that you found my answer interesting , even if I said nothing special, but I didn't understand the piece of advice you gave me (I'm already famous ). Actually I could'ntn't figure out the relation with what I said. Sorry sometimes I'm really long to understand things.

Edité par lucile83 le 21-11-2005 18:06

Réponse: childhood dreams de mariefleur, postée le 21-11-2005 à 18:11:21 (S | E)
I'm Marie and I'm going to give you my point of you view:I think that it's not the fact of achieving our chilhood dreams what which is important, but all that the child manages to arrive get to his goal aim.

It's all these challenges, day by day what which make a child to grow,morally and physicaly.
But I can suppose that to realising our chilhood dreams is essential when you're adult otherwise, you didn't understand nothing about it!!!
Best wishes.

Edité par lucile83 le 22-11-2005 09:54

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 22-11-2005 à 09:48:39 (S | E)
Hi, Yoper (& not Yopter )! No, it's not you who's long to understand, but me, who did an unsuccessful attempt to advice you.
In fact, I tried (very unsuccesfully) to say that smb who likes to imagine himself living lots of lives(like you do when you read manga) and who has a lot of imagination, could be a potential actor..: And it could help to approach smth something you'll never do in reality. If you need it, of course!
Regards, Tiana

Edité par lucile83 le 22-11-2005 10:00

Réponse: childhood dreams de orline, postée le 22-11-2005 à 15:28:16 (S | E)
having childhold dreams is legitimate. however,is realisationing themis another thing.In that concerning me my dreams I was being a doctor;but with all the problems I have meet in my small life childhood I was oblige had to choose another thing job.I think that realising your childhood dreams only can just make you better and give you a big satisfaction in the world.thank you for this topic.
Edité par lucile83 le 22-11-2005 16:21

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 23-11-2005 à 11:26:37 (S | E)
Hello, Marie! pour for your participation here! But, can I ask you: what do you mean "you didn't understand nothing in it?" Hoping to hear from you soon, Tiana

Modifié par lucile83 le 03-01-2006 08:01

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 24-12-2005 à 18:31:47 (S | E)
I remember that one of my child dreams was to see one day the REAL Father Christmas!
By the way! Merry Christmas to everybody!!!

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 02-01-2006 à 23:33:11 (S | E)
And a Happy New Year 2006!!!

Réponse: childhood dreams de scarca21, postée le 13-01-2006 à 22:30:01 (S | E)
hi everybody,I'm very happy to tell us you one of my secrets.When I was a child a many years ago,I always almost used to want to become a flight attendant and discover tradition .Maybe because in my stage of my childhood I liked everything risky but now I very afraid to travel by plane alone on my own .

Modifié par lucile83 le 14-01-2006 08:10

Réponse: childhood dreams de benben, postée le 26-01-2006 à 08:25:47 (S | E)
hi,I am from china.For me ,I think my childhood's dream is to be become a writer.I like writing very much.

Réponse: childhood dreams de july64, postée le 26-01-2006 à 14:37:25 (S | E)
Thank for ypur subject wich precise the dream (childwood dream) because i can saythat at any moment in the life human have a dream. People are not satisfy for their position.
But my childwood dream was to become an air hotess or executive. Without more information i couldn't do it .In our country (cameroon), people said that if you are an air hotess you can not get married and you can not bear. Parents can not accepted their child to become flight attendant.
Now i'm a secretary in bilingual center and i hope to change to the other office. That is why i told that human always dream or hope.

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 14-02-2006 à 13:50:15 (S | E)
Hi, everyone!

Click this link, plz:

Lien Internet

Réponse: childhood dreams de alp, postée le 14-02-2006 à 17:30:59 (S | E)
And what about to live in harmony with the nature? It's not my child dream (it was to be in a world where people are honest and friendly and I believed it!).
As you can see, I'm an idealist. I would like butter and money of this butter as less pollution and more equality. But reality is not dream and I have the chance to be in France and so to be among people who have to share and who are responsible about pollution without are the bigger victims ( i don't surfer about inundation , pollution or drought).
Have a good day.

Réponse: childhood dreams de tiana-nova, postée le 15-02-2006 à 12:35:53 (S | E)
Hello, Alp!

Yeah... I wish the dream about a simply unpolluted Earth willn't be the main & unreachable one for our kids!..


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