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English only
All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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Reading Harry Potter
Message de honpou posté le 31-10-2005 à 00:34:21 (S | E | F | I)

Hi, i m from paris, my name is Marc and i m 24 years old..; yes i m old but I’m crazy about Harry Potter books since some friends have lend them to me. So i would like to create a topic to talk about the JKR's gorgeous world and wonderful english.

Like everybody (most of people) i watched the first three movies and when i saw the ads of the Goblet Of Fire on the underground's walls i couldn't wait for anymore, so i started reading the fourth volume in french and the fifth and finally the sixth in english.That convinced me to pratice and improve my english.
So of course i didn't get all the meaning of the book understand every detail in the book and that's obviously the reason i m here.

Becareful there will be no spoiler!
My best JKR's book The JKR's book I like best is The Goblet of Fire because it s become darker and more complicated because it's darker and more complicated than the others. I like the conflict of mud and the fact there are more and more characters... and you, (what about you?) what is the
favourite book? Tell everybody why?
See you
Edité par honpou le 01-11-2005 15:32
thank ruofei

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de laydown009, postée le 31-10-2005 à 07:46:19 (S | E)
Hi,I only read the first book of harry potter, I found that it's good , with a lot of imagination(s), but I like real things so I prefer to read the inspiring and funny book , it's different ,right ! bye !
Edité par bridg le 31-10-2005 08:05

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de fannaille, postée le 31-10-2005 à 15:10:28 (S | E)

I have read them all and my favourite one is the fifth one. Of course the fourth one is absolutely tremendous, but the fifth one gives the plot another rythm and another direction because of the revelations made in it. The sixth one has an unexpected end.

I think that reading Harry Potter is a very good exercise, as the book has been initially written for children, sentences are not too complicated.
Though these books have been written for children, a lot of adults (like me) really enjoy reading them.

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de v91, postée le 01-11-2005 à 20:40:03 (S | E)

Hi, I have read the six Harry Potter and my favorite's book is the sixth because it is very diversify. But i find harm that Harry to stop the school. and you ? That think you of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de gueye99, postée le 01-11-2005 à 21:53:03 (S | E)

Edité par bridg le 02-11-2005 10:39
Sorry geye99 and shamrock but Dumbledore’s end story was erased at the request of members in order to keep the suspense and the pleasure to discover the story by themselves.

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de shamrock, postée le 01-11-2005 à 22:00:53 (S | E)
I'll enjoy reading the book all the same...
honpou, I'm older than you and I love them too !!! I think age doesn't matter especially when reading Harry Potter !
Edité par bridg le 02-11-2005 10:40

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de honpou, postée le 02-11-2005 à 01:47:16 (S | E)
OMG!!!! shamrock i warned everybody !! No spoiler in this topic so sorry! anyway it's ok, you must read the Half-Blood Prince!

it's late, tomorrow is a new work day i hope i won't have too many things to do; if not i won't have time to improve the thread...

(correct my english pleaze, thank you)


Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de shamrock, postée le 02-11-2005 à 09:15:26 (S | E)
Don't worry Honpou, it's ok !

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de honpou, postée le 03-11-2005 à 16:39:23 (S | E)
Hi, i m working .... hahah, no i have no work for now so let's talk about HP

Are there people who had read and watched HP? For those, i would like to know their feeling between the, sometimes, different?

Hermione Granger is physically more beautiful in the movie than the book, like long teeth, without haircut! Worse with Mad Eye (goblet of fire) i checked from internet many pictures of this unwaitingable movie, his eye are on a socket or kind thing like that...

But on the opposite sight, i found Ron a really good translation from the book, the actor is very great, he made have a blast in the room of secret (correct me) when he is front the spider

And you?

see you

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de fannaille, postée le 03-11-2005 à 21:15:08 (S | E)
Hello everybody,

I've read and watched everything.
I agree with you Honpou, Hermione is physically more beautiful in the movie (her hair is less bushy in the film, and her teeth are smaller).
I think that the movies are good reflexions of the books taking into account that a movie has to be concise.

Though the 2 first movies are very well done, my favourite one is the third one, because of the atmosphere and the outdoor scenes (the landscape is absolutely beautiful).

I visited Christ Church College in Oxford last year, the canteen and the stairs of this college served as models for the movie. It's very strange because I had the impression to be in the movie. Did anybody else went to this college?

Edité par bridg le 04-11-2005 19:22
fusion des 2 sujets sur Harry Potter
Réponse: can you tell me your opinion? de tiote62, postée le 04-11-2005 à 18:55:58 (S | E)
what do you think about Harry Potter and the half-blood prince? give me your opinion, your impression, all what you think about it.

see you soon

Edité par bridg le 04-11-2005 19:23

Réponse: can you tell me your opinion? de ruofei, postée le 04-11-2005 à 19:00:11 (S | E)
That sounds strange to me....Is it a homework your school asked you to do? There's a thread in the English Only section ("Reading Harry Potter") that might help you...

Réponse: can you tell me your opinion? de tiote62, postée le 04-11-2005 à 19:06:52 (S | E)
for To all, NO it isn't a homework!!!!!!
but I like Harry Potter and so personally I find the book is very good(the best for me) so I want you to give your opinion: do you like it or don't not?why?

I find it is a good subject to perfect your English

allez-y ne vous gênez pas dites ce que vous en pensez en anglais svp s'il vous plaît!!!

Edité par lucile83 le 05-11-2005 07:45

Réponse: can you tell me your opinion? de lethidee, postée le 04-11-2005 à 19:13:43 (S | E)
Hello I woulk like to have the wand of Harry Potter

Réponse: can you tell me your opinion? de to-be-free, postée le 04-11-2005 à 19:19:09 (S | E)
Harry Potter is one of the best seller this year.

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de honpou, postée le 07-11-2005 à 02:05:08 (S | E)
I don't want to say much about the half-blood prince, because there are still too many people who hadn't read it so!!! even about the Order of Pheonix...

but I can tell, that I really appreciate the last one, it' s my best with "gof" (goblet...)

just to tease you : what do you think about Cho Chang, I ran some information and I found that everybody hates or doesn't like her... and I agree with!
Obviously because she is weak and selfish "and the pretty one who counts(believes) on her beautifulness to save and help her"


good night!
Edité par lucile83 le 07-11-2005 07:54

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de flyingtom, postée le 21-11-2005 à 08:56:24 (S | E)
Hi !

This last week end , I have started to read "Harry Potter and the Order of Phenix" in English. I have never read H. Potter's novels before. Of course I saw the movies ... One of my friends has lent it to me and he told me it would be fine for me to practise my English.

And I said : "Why not ?" and now I am not disappointed at all !

Now I am looking for the sequel

Edité par lucile83 le 28-11-2005 06:51

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de eliabel, postée le 23-11-2005 à 17:43:37 (S | E)
Hello !!!
I've read all the Harry potter and I'm fond of these books but my favourite one is without any doubt the Half Blood Prince, because it's the darkest one, it's much more darker than the Goblet of Fire, even if I adore this book too !!!!
Telll me, what moment do you prefer in the Goblet of Fire ????

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de bilbao, postée le 27-11-2005 à 21:02:06 (S | E)

I have read all the HP... and I would like to speak about the last one.
At the end of the book, I was disappointed because of HP is just the jumping jack of Dimbledore all along the story. I think that the others books were more hectic, here I have the impression that the author would like just to gives us more explanations and she has made to speak Dumbledore only speak... it wasn't an adventure but only a dumbledore's story!!

Edité par lucile83 le 28-11-2005 06:53

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de whynot95, postée le 30-11-2005 à 13:48:21 (S | E)
Hi everybody!
Don't forget! Today you can see Harry Potter and the goblet of fire on the big screen.
Have a good time!

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de Zaza54, postée le 30-11-2005 à 17:00:12 (S | E)
I read the two first ones. Since the last holidays, I have read the third one. I loved them very much. The book I am keen on the most was the second one. Even if I saw them on movie, I 'm fond of reading them because I didn't remember all the scenes. And, I think it could be good for me to read English. So, I can improve this language as I want.
Therefore, I bought the sixth book for my brother's Christmas. I think he will be enjoy it. He also read them in English and saw them in French.

Edité par lucile83 le 30-11-2005 17:24

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de titou2005, postée le 12-12-2005 à 13:09:32 (S | E)
Well I couldn't agree more! Harry Potter is wonderful, J.K. ROWLING has my total admiration for making up such great adventures, new words, and a whole new world.
Making so many young people read is quite an achievement nowadays. If I could, I would give her an award for that!!! And I hope she'll get one one day.
I read the sixth volume this summer, and really enjoyed it. The evolution of Harry Potter was well done I thought... The volume which I disliked was the Fifth! I don't know why, but I was in an angry mood all along my reading of this book. I wish I could ask J.K.ROWLING if she was annoyed, when she wrote it...
I wasn't so interested with the movies. I only saw the first one, and found it pretty good, especially the Quidditch, which I couldn't picture using only my imagination!
However, I think I'm going to watch the three other films, so it will help me wait for the sixth volume... For I, like most of you people, am extremely anxious about it.
Good bye. Have a nice X-mas everyone!

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de titou2005, postée le 12-12-2005 à 13:17:14 (S | E)
Just to correct my previous answer, I just can't wait for the seventh book...
Already the seventh!!!
Then I'll be a little sad afterwards...

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de hvt1109, postée le 13-12-2005 à 15:02:20 (S | E)
hello, I totally agree with you, it was very dark. I like the moment when the ennemy (voldemort in French) is comes back and the fight between Potter and him. but have you read the last book? it has the same atmotsphere, it is very sad

Edité par lucile83 le 13-12-2005 15:28

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de nirva, postée le 15-12-2005 à 21:40:58 (S | E)
Hello, I'm Nirva. I'm 21. I saw several films inspired by the Harry Potter books and I'd like to read the books. Today, I went to a bookshop in order to buy it but the books they sell for adults are really big, it is like putting a brick wall in your bag. The children's version is smaller but I
won't dare to read it in the subway ! Finally I didn't bought any Harry Potter book and I'm disappointed.

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de frodomo, postée le 04-02-2006 à 19:38:25 (S | E)
When I was only read the fourth books (now I have read all), my favourite was the goblet of fire because there are conflict, and a friendly atmosphere between the three heroes. The two last book become very dark. I love it but I afraid because this is mean that is the end.
The three first: I love their because we have the impression the Hogwart is a nice school, a school where I which to be, in a magical world.

For speak about the movies: I love their and the must is The goblet of fire.

the thing that I want to do it's to read all the books in english.

(Sorry for my english but i very bad)

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de milia12, postée le 04-02-2006 à 22:14:36 (S | E)
I didn't know that so much many adults love the Harry potter's books! I am 16 years old and I enjoy all of these books...I read all of harry potters and I saw all of the films.
My favourite books are the fifth and the sixth whereas my favourite film is the fourth. But I think that the last one ( the seventh) will be so sad!!
have a good time
Modifié par lucile83 le 05-02-2006 08:20

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de patrick11, postée le 08-02-2006 à 14:38:52 (S | E)
hello !!

I'm a fan of Harry Potter, it's my favourite history. I have got the 6 books of Harry Potter !! Do you Know the site of J.K.Rowling ? the address is :

Modifié par lucile83 le 08-02-2006 14:43

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de eowynpotter, postée le 09-02-2006 à 04:53:45 (S | E)
Hello,Marc,I'm a fan of HARRY POTTER.It's wonderful book.And it can help me to learn English.I hope we're good friends!

see you soon.

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de flodemars, postée le 20-02-2006 à 18:10:53 (S | E)
hi everybody!at the beginning,I didn't want to read harry potter because I thought that it was a book for kids who were 8 .i was 9 years old,but I loved reading grown-ups' books.But one year later,I tried to read the second JKR's book and it was a revelation for me.Now,JKR's books are my favourite books.I have seen the 4 movies and I have been a bit disappointed,they aren't as brilliant as the books.If you don't know what to read,try the JKR's books ,you won't be dismayed!

Réponse: Reading Harry Potter de abdou69, postée le 20-02-2006 à 18:59:26 (S | E)
hi I'm french but i live in London for 2 years now but let's talk about harry potter from now on.first, even though i didn't read the book (maybe a bit too lazy and also the number of pages included are really freaky) i decided to watch the first to watch on cinema the first harry potter and then every year now i wait for the release of the movie.the Goblet of fire is to me the best harry potter's movies so far.But after what I've read i might begin to read the JK rowling's story.

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