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English only
All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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Message de eliabel posté le 23-11-2005 à 16:49:08 (S | E | F | I)

Hello !!

I'd like you to tell me what you think about Narnia, the film which will be in cinema in december !!! I've read the book and I'd like to have different opinions about it !! please tell me !!!

Réponse: Narnia de Eole, postée le 24-11-2005 à 20:19:46 (S | E)

How are you? Do you recognize me?
I'm going to read Narnia too...I like very much this is amazing !
I've seen an extract from the adaption and it seems that it's another atmosphere...but we will see !

Réponse: Narnia de babyscot59, postée le 25-11-2005 à 09:47:44 (S | E)

j'ai vu la bande annonce de ce film après avoir lu l'un des tomes de la série. J'ai aussi participé à un seminaire sur ce livre. Il faut évidemment penser que le film aura une dimension plus " grand public" que le livre car condenser l'esprit de CSLEWIS en 1h30 demande des sacrifices mais la bande annonce nous promet un grand spectacle .

Je pense sans me tromper que Harry Potter a du souci à se faire car l'intertexte de CS Lewis est au moins aussi riche que Tolkien. Je lui prédit le meme succès

Vivement la sortie
Edité par lucile83 le 25-11-2005 17:18
Hey Baby !!!! this is the "English only" forum !!! you have to do it all again ! naughty boy !

Réponse: Narnia de eliabel, postée le 26-11-2005 à 11:08:18 (S | E)
I'm OK with you Babyscot59, but I've seen that they begin with the second volume of Narnia, and I'm afraid that they won't make any synopsis of the first one!!! And the first volume is very important to understand the rest of the story!!!

Réponse: Narnia de eliabel, postée le 29-12-2005 à 21:17:14 (S | E)
So, who saw Narnia at the cinema??? I haven't seen it yet, so I want your impressions !!! thanks

Réponse: Narnia de karine73, postée le 31-12-2005 à 14:28:09 (S | E)
hello !!

I saw it last Wednesday, and I really loved it !!!!!!!! Wonderful, tremendous !!!!
I didn't read the books and I know they start with the chapter 2 but it's ok, of course there are many questions occur to me but it doesn't disturb me for the film, and it gives me the desire to read the books.

And I repeat, the film is amazing. The beauty of the picture, all the characters.... really, it's a movie you must see !!!
Modifié par lucile83 le 31-12-2005 15:47

Réponse: Narnia de eliabel, postée le 31-12-2005 à 15:04:02 (S | E)
Ok, I really want to see that film, I've read the books and they are really wonderful !!! But it's better to read them in English, the original version,!
Modifié par lucile83 le 31-12-2005 15:51

Réponse: Narnia de moon01234567891, postée le 31-12-2005 à 19:38:10 (S | E)
yo i read all 7 books and there great.i also saw the film and its not that bad.

Réponse: Narnia de bobine, postée le 13-01-2006 à 09:59:08 (S | E)

I think it's a very good film and a very good book.
I saw the film last week with my children . We have had to queue because many people wanted to see Narnia, not only children, many couples.
My son has had the seven books for Christmas.
I'll be happy if they make another film about Narnia (I've read they think about that)

Réponse: Narnia de tigrette51, postée le 19-01-2006 à 12:00:37 (S | E)
Hi everybody!
I've just seen the film yesterday, but I'm not so enthusiastic! This is not the time the big problem, because its passed quickly, but I'm disappointed because I think it is too much a happy end for me! The story is at the middle of Harry potter and "Le seigneur des anneaux", and the outcome is too much fast.

Réponse: Narnia de patrick007, postée le 21-01-2006 à 05:11:25 (S | E)
HI Everybody,
I saw the film, few weeks ago.
I have been disappointed.It is a very simplistic story.
The story is only a "Bad Guys/Good Guys" with stereotype characters.
Good Guys look like human. Bad guys look like animals.
And so on.

Réponse: Narnia de redsox, postée le 29-01-2006 à 21:19:21 (S | E)
Hello everybody,
During Xmas night I invited all of my familly to see Narnia in a local cinema, it was a very great present for my two kids and my wife, they liked it.
In fact in Belgium, I bought the entire collection in English version (seven books), the cost was 41€. The publisher is: Harper Collins.
I advice these books for beginners or motivated students.

Réponse: Narnia de july64, postée le 31-01-2006 à 10:32:44 (S | E)
I couldn't answer you about this title ''Narnia'' may be because you didn't explain very well what is was. Where are you? I'm sure many participant have the same problem to answer you as me. When you want to know more about something, help people to give you infomation.
Thank for your comprehension.

Réponse: Narnia de eliabel, postée le 02-02-2006 à 17:33:12 (S | E)
For those who don't what Narnia is, it is a famous book, in fact, there are seven books about an another world and the adventures of four chil=dren in this world !!! It has been adapted to the cinema in december !!! it is weel known in usa and englnd since about 85 million people read it !!!

Réponse: Narnia de queenliz, postée le 02-02-2006 à 23:00:07 (S | E)
Hello everyone. Can you tell me whether the film has sub-titles or not?
If it is completely in French, I will be lost after the first half hour. Would a
thirteen year old girl (my daughter) like it ? Hope you enjoy reading the Queen's
English. (mort de rire - allow me 3 French words, please).

Réponse: Narnia de writerlyguy, postée le 03-02-2006 à 06:43:00 (S | E)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was originally the first book in the series. The publisher changed the order of the books to have them in chronological order. It is a Hollywood movie and was snubbed for any Oscar nominations. A number of years ago, a biographical movie, Shadowlands, was made of C. S. Lewis' life. Anthony Hopkins played the character of C. S. Lewis. I've never been able to read his works. I tried years ago. It sounds like the movie might be a fun film to watch on a rainy day.

Réponse: Narnia de writerlyguy, postée le 03-02-2006 à 06:51:37 (S | E)
I almost forgot, queenliz, as it's a Hollywood movie, I wonder if it would be subtitled or dubbed. It really is a kid's movie. Can't imagine a kid's movie subtitled! I'd think a thirteen year old girl would like it if she doesn't think she's too old for such fantasy.

Réponse: Narnia de upplala, postée le 03-02-2006 à 10:12:34 (S | E)

Le film est super mais beaucoup trop commercial. En effet, Disney surfe sur la mode mystique et fantastique, comme Harry Potter ou le Seigneur des Anneaux
Le spectacle est garanti, les personnages attachants et la suite ne saurait tarder !
Meilleurs voeux à tous ONT

Réponse: Narnia de gildasmfoumbi, postée le 03-02-2006 à 11:50:05 (S | E)
before telling what i think,let me say you that it's not "narnia"
but "narmia".
for me ,narmia is without instructions.It tells the non-existent things.

Réponse: Narnia de eliabel, postée le 03-02-2006 à 18:44:02 (S | E)
Narmia ??? Why ??? I'm blind maybe () but I always saw narnia on the books and all !!!!

Réponse: Narnia de frodomo, postée le 04-02-2006 à 19:18:38 (S | E)
Narnia?? I love. It's a magical world, very beautiful. I had read the book and I love It.
About the movie: I can say that he is very faithful of the book.
I'm just a little deceive because they didn't the fist book in movie.

Réponse: Narnia de patrick11, postée le 08-02-2006 à 14:54:38 (S | E)
I love this film !! And I love Aslan the king of Narnia ( or the lion) and I hate the queen.

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