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All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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What about your resolutions for 2006 ?
Message de lethidee posté le 27-12-2005 à 19:23:00 (S | E | F | I)

Hello everybody

It's nearly the end of this old year and ouf ! we are reaching to this new year : 2006.
For me, it will be the year of a new way of life and a new job, my own job. Have you some hopes or wishes for yourselves ? I know, I'm curious to know but it's so interesting to share.
See you

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de magmatic_rock, postée le 27-12-2005 à 20:26:32 (S | E)
For next year, in 2006, I have three wishes
I applied for a job in the USA a few months ago, I was successful but now they have to find me a place where to go and work, so I hope it'll be ok. I'll get an answer about in March or April.
Then, I'm going to apply (again) for leave to live and study in Canada (Ontario) next year (from September) thus I hope my application will be successful.
At last, I hope I'll get acquainted with THE right woman! I'm fed up with always swapping girls
Well, otherwise if I could win at Loto I won't be sad
And I also hope that it is going to snow a little bit more because there isn't enough snow to go and ski
And above all, France has to win the next football mondial cup or I'll be very (far more than Lucile when I make a big mistake).
Also I hope the petrol price will fall down because it's too expensive!
And well obviously, like every year, we all hope less war etc.... but I think it's just utopian!
Well, I know I wish lots of stuffs but impossible is nothing!

Modifié par lucile83 le 28-12-2005 07:45

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de lethidee, postée le 27-12-2005 à 20:56:57 (S | E)
Hello magma

I'm not Aladin but I hope that your three wishes will succeed

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de magmatic_rock, postée le 27-12-2005 à 23:02:20 (S | E)
And I wish you a great trip in Inde.
I hope you'll tell us about it when you are back!

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de to-be-free, postée le 28-12-2005 à 00:03:22 (S | E)
During all the upcoming year, it will be electorally quiet. Thus, whatever I might hope, I couldn’t anyway claim it. So and as you can see, all I can do is to take care of my health by making sport as often as possible; to make do with my life such as there will be the least problem; I will hopefully sleep all the way until the next one as 2006 is already expected as an optimistic waiting room.
see you,

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de lethidee, postée le 28-12-2005 à 07:08:17 (S | E)

Thanks magma for your thought about my trip to India.
This travel il very important for me and I leave from Nice the 7th January to come back the 11th February.
It's the beginning of a long road and the chance to meet new people in an unknown country. It's my choice but also a reality and a help for my new job.
I see to be free that you're a great philosopher and I wish you good dreams

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de devrig, postée le 28-12-2005 à 22:40:23 (S | E)
Hi everybody,
I have a lot of wishes for this new year because none was carried out in 2005.
My top priority is that to find another job like as aComputer Support Technician which will give me a little more money.
Secondly I hope the same thing for my girlfriend, ideally in an office like as a secretary and finnally (but I'm perhaps a little too demanding) I would leave Paris for and live in Brittany, the nearest possible from as next as possible to the sea
And of course improve my English
Modifié par devrig le 28-12-2005 22:41
Modifié par lucile83 le 29-12-2005 08:19

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de moustik, postée le 29-12-2005 à 17:14:37 (S | E)
Hello Suzanne !!!
We are at the end of the year and it is time to take resolutions!!
For this coming year 2006 here are my resolutions:
-to stop smoking
-To get or to rent a house for myself
-To have a baby even if I am not married!!!!!
-To change my work situation for the best
I know that almost all of my wishes are dreams but what would be our lives without dreams????

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de kasaja76, postée le 29-12-2005 à 18:13:35 (S | E)
I have many propositions for this new year
I wish less wars in the World
the other propositions concern my life
I need a good job that can give make me happy
Modifié par lucile83 le 29-12-2005 18:14
The last sentence has been deleted because it was too private.

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de lethidee, postée le 29-12-2005 à 18:20:35 (S | E)
Hello moustik

I wish your dreams will carry out and I hope you good luck and a lot of willpower and courage to succeed.
Dreams are very important for all the humanity.
Very often, it's the only one thing which can help someone to stand up and keep his dignity against all the others around.
I wish you to dream a lot in 2006

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de bobine, postée le 10-01-2006 à 13:43:02 (S | E)

I wish you and your family a happy new year 2006 !!

For 2006, I would like to improve my English and to succeed at school. My best wishes are to change my life by going back to the University and to visit England next summer.

Have a good year 2006 !!

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de cece77, postée le 10-01-2006 à 20:47:07 (S | E)
Hi everybody!

I have full a lot of wishes for new year : to make more sport, to pass my exam in June, to do a very good travel, to pass my "galop one" in horse riding. And obviously, to improve my English, for to have new friends in the whole world! And, so I hope to be VERY happy!

Very Good year at all !!
Modifié par lucile83 le 11-01-2006 07:56

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de docteuranapath, postée le 10-01-2006 à 21:23:04 (S | E)
My resolutions for this new year 2006 are:
First, to study well and get my final test in at the end of the year.
After Then, to perfect my English, then to try to be more kind , more generous , especially with my parents, and why not to marry next year.

Modifié par lucile83 le 11-01-2006 07:59

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de laydown009, postée le 17-01-2006 à 09:01:24 (S | E)
hi,everybody has his/her goal including me ,by my mind, it is easy to plan but it's hard to do , so wish you all have a wonderful new year and successful plan.

Modifié par lucile83 le 17-01-2006 09:13

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de kluh, postée le 17-01-2006 à 23:50:46 (S | E)
Hello, for 2006 i
I want to succeed in my new job. The problem is that I will be to give oral have to answers to the questions of my future phone's corresponding on the phone, and I have a bad level in English!!!

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-01-2006 07:52

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de eowynpotter, postée le 11-02-2006 à 14:18:36 (S | E)
I hope everyone are happy!

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de july64, postée le 13-02-2006 à 13:57:25 (S | E)
Good morning !
Normally, in the new year, people should take the news resolutions. They may change positively by having even if it is a few time to ask what wrong in their life last year.
For me, in 2006, first i decided to improve my english language, to be able to speak It fluenly, to write and listening to It well even if it is an american who talks with me;
Continue for college studies and meet more important people.
After that look for a foreign job to become an international worker.
At last, live abroad.
That are my resolutions for 2006

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de mimi91, postée le 21-02-2006 à 10:45:08 (S | E)
My wish is to learn english for looking for a job

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de redberry, postée le 21-02-2006 à 11:27:50 (S | E)
my resolutions for 2006 :
biking 1500 kilometers and I would like to speak correctly English

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de lethidee, postée le 21-02-2006 à 15:01:31 (S | E)
Hello redberry

I admire you to have the resolution of biking 1500 km
Could you tell us more about this project ?

Réponse: What about your resolutions for 2006 ? de greg2paris, postée le 21-02-2006 à 22:48:58 (S | E)
Hello !

For this new year, I wish people are more cool and in peace with each other. Also, I hope people become aware of health of earth and they will make less damage than they make now.
And for me, of course, improve my English and continue to take advantage of the life.

Modifié par lucile83 le 22-02-2006 08:29

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