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English only
All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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Your choice of feeding yourselves?
Message de lethidee posté le 22-02-2006 à 11:39:10 (S | E | F | I)

Hello everybody

Are you vegetarian or do you prefer fish, meat or other food ?
Is it a question of taste or more important ?
Is it a pleasure for you to eat or is it only a necessity to give enough energy to yourself and permit you to go on in your life ?
Is it a ritual or just mechanic ?

During all my trip in India, I ate vegetarian food because people around me eating ate this kind of food :rice, lentils,tea, milk, pancakes, with a lot of very spicy various sauces very spicy and it wasn't a problem for me because I like vegetables and fruits and I prefer fish as to meat.
But, when I came back to France, I realized that our way of eating is more important that I could imagine and I'm reflecting about this idea that people can be influenced by the feeding food in their usual life and I would like to share thoughts and impressions concerning this subject.
See you

Edité par lucile83 le 22-02-2006 13:45

Réponse: What about your choice of feeding? de babyscot59, postée le 22-02-2006 à 11:58:57 (S | E)
I used to be a vegetarian, I discovered that way of eating during a stay in scotland where my landlady made me discover the new tastes of that food.

It was really hard on my return to be a veg especially in my region where we eat a lot of meat and more specifically red meat like Horse . Yet I managed to be a total vegetarian.

I first did it for the sake of animals because I couldn't stand being obliged to kill an animal while being a vegetarian enables you to have a balanced diet without resorting to meat. Step by step, I got sick when I saw meat.

I have a funny remembrance: on New year's Eve I had friends for dinner , they were professionnal meat eaters so I made an effort and decided to cook chicken . I had to cut it into pieces and add the different spices before putting it into the oven. I got sick when I had to check whether there were remaining guts in it, calling my mum every minute when I discovered something " weird". My chicken was yet a real success even though I shall never cook a chicken by myself again.

Now I have decided to eat meat again , twice a week , because I am living on my own and it's hard to find new vegetarian recipes. But I remain faithful to that type of food because I am convinced that Human Beings do not need much meat to be healthy and also because I can sacrifice myself to preserve animals


Modifié par babyscot59 le 22-02-2006 11:59

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de nick27, postée le 22-02-2006 à 17:13:49 (S | E)
Hello there !

Well, first of all, I have never been vegetarian and I don't know if I could become vegetarian one day. I love animals but I think we need to eat meat to be alright. But even though I eat meat, I wouldn't like to see people killing an animal in front of me ... well it's actually a strange feeling ... However the Bird flu scares me... I'm going to Greece in March and I guess I won't eat meat there...

See you all

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de alp, postée le 22-02-2006 à 22:03:57 (S | E)
I think what we eat influence our health and our morale. All the same, I'm not vegetarian because I'm afraid to have deficiency . More over, I like cheese, cream and it would be very difficult for me not to eat it.

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de babyscot59, postée le 24-02-2006 à 10:14:51 (S | E)
I think that you make a big mistake between VegetaRianism and VegetaLism. In the 1st case, you can eat dairy products and eggs, so you can have cream, creme fraiche and your diet is fully balanced because you find all the necessary nutriments .

In the second case, you never drink milk and dairy products, you rely on vegetables and all animal-free food. It can be dangerous for children and pregnant women; Yet most of the time, Soja can replace meat efficiently. I have been a veg for 4 years and I can assert that I have not suffered from deficiencies.

Then vegetarianism is not a secluded way of living, you can eat eggs or fish, you have one diet for each person. Some people will refuse to wear leather, some will eat only organic food. that's what is nice with vegetarianism, you can share out experiences and receipes. I like the spirit of it.

finally, I don't mind having friends eating meat in front of me for as long as they do not ask me to share their meal .

See you


Modifié par babyscot59 le 24-02-2006 10:15

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de lethidee, postée le 24-02-2006 à 10:40:14 (S | E)

Well, I'm very interested in reading your different ways of feeding and your points of view.
I think that actually eating is first vital but not only, when people has the choice of their feeding.
I must confess that between the reason and the pleasure, there is a mountain of food and many possibilities of different tastes around the world.
Personnally, if I would have the chance to visit again Scotland, nobody can stop me eating haggish. I'm sure that I could be the same case for you Babyscot

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de babyscot59, postée le 24-02-2006 à 10:58:51 (S | E)
just to say that vegetarian haggis exists and it is damned good

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de soso5927, postée le 27-02-2006 à 15:42:48 (S | E)
Some culture make it easier to become a vegetarian. I am thinking of Asian food like Chinese, Indian, Thai etc… Their cooking contains a lot of foods which are rich in proteins like lentils, chick peas (pois chiches), soyas beans (germes de soja) and much more) which are so delicious when one’s know how to prepare them.

For instance I always thought I hated spinach , it is only when I discover different way of cooking them with spices that I started to really love them.
The only inconvenient is that you need a lot space to store all your condiments.

Bonne appetite.

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de lethidee, postée le 07-03-2006 à 09:05:21 (S | E)

A few days ago, I was discussing with a friend of mine after having seen some ostriches in a field (I'm living in South of France and there are breeding ostriches)about the fact to eat the meat of these animals.
I could not do it personnally but my friend said to me that she did and the taste was similar of beef meat.
Had you try this kind of experience and what do you think about that ?
See you later

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de lethidee, postée le 12-03-2006 à 12:13:07 (S | E)

Is there anybody who can tell me what are "chouquette" ? I think it must be a regional speciality but I need your help.
See you

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de romanne, postée le 12-03-2006 à 15:53:13 (S | E)
Hello ,
What I call 'une chouquette' is like a small cream puff, but there's no cream in it. In southeastern France ' chouquettes' are called ' bijoux' . I suppose this is what you are talking about. They taste really good when they have just been made!

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de lethidee, postée le 12-03-2006 à 22:19:55 (S | E)
Hello Romane,

Thank you for your explanation but then "chouquette" seems be the same of a speciality of Isere area which is named "gougere", is it ?
See you

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de romanne, postée le 13-03-2006 à 08:09:26 (S | E)
Hello Lethidee,

No, I don't think it is the same as a 'gougère' . There is sugar on 'chouquettes' and you eat these cakes as a dessert . Bakers here sell them with ' crème Chantilly' , that is , you buy chouquettes and if you like you can eat them
with ' Chantilly ' .
Take a look at this , there's a photo and a recipe .
Lien Internet

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de annie, postée le 13-03-2006 à 11:37:43 (S | E)
hello lethidee and romane
I don't speak english very well but I'm going to do it.I like reading this forum, I'm not quite ready to discuss but I learn very much.
I want to tell you that "gougeres" are made of cheese instead of sugar,essentialy "comte".
sorry for the mistakes.
see you soon

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de krokro, postée le 13-03-2006 à 22:20:44 (S | E)
It is usually supposed that people at the beginning of the humanity used to eat all things they can catch or pick as neither vegetable insects or animals and they needed moving all the day to find food , when he began to farm he didn't need to move so much. So his way of feeding involved his way of life

A lot of people in the world are vegetarian because they cannot buy meat.
but in our countries the most people can buy meat at least once a week.
And often meat is not like meat for example neither ham or sausages.

Then we can think that people diet are any more connected with the fact of meat eating or not.
The diet is often just for show .Meat is more expensive as vegetable but as organic vegetable are now expensive too some people agree a vegetable diet.
In fact a lot of people are vegetarian because of their mind.

Obviously in people mind vegetarian are more cool and weak than meat eater ,farther of the beast .And people usually say also that eating meat give physical power.

Personally I am rather a vegetarian . The world can't offer to produce meat as we usually do This way need to much place and food. But I never refuse a meat meal
as it's a present a life sharing time .
J'espère que mon baratin est compréhensible

Modifié par lucile83 le 14-03-2006 08:25
no French here, it's the English only forum.

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de lethidee, postée le 13-03-2006 à 22:34:46 (S | E)
Hello krokro,

Votre baratin est intéressant and thank you for sharing your point of view about the choice of eating or not meat.
See you

Modifié par lucile83 le 14-03-2006 08:27
no French here.

Réponse: Your choice of feeding yourselves? de lintu, postée le 16-03-2006 à 19:44:46 (S | E)
Hello everybody!!
For my part I am vegetarian because I don't like meat I eat more vegetables , fruits and fish!!

see you later

Modifié par emy64 le 16-03-2006 19:47

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