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English only
All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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About music
Message de lea001 posté le 18-08-2005 à 13:16:26 (S | E | F | I)

Do you think that music is important in your daily life? Why?

Réponse: About music de bridg, postée le 18-08-2005 à 14:01:30 (S | E)
Could you give us your fellings about this question, first?

Réponse: About music de vestee, postée le 18-08-2005 à 17:51:07 (S | E)
the Music for me its is important in my life .I would like to become a singer. vestee

Edité par joy813 le 18-08-2005 18:16

Réponse: About music de misstik, postée le 19-08-2005 à 15:43:57 (S | E)
Yes, music is very important for me in my daily life ...
I listen to music all the day, I can't spend a day without listening music.

I'm crazy about rock'n'roll, and I played electric guitar for one year. My favourite band is System of a down, and I really would love to see them one day in concert. ^^

Réponse: About music de cyber_toinou, postée le 19-08-2005 à 16:26:23 (S | E)
music is very important in my opinion.I don't know why but I can't live without music although I'm happy glad or sad! I think it's like a drug,it's got lots of effects and it's more interesting. But you give us a relative question because if we love music it's normal that it's very important in our daily life or if we don(t like music it' not important in our life
kiss Toinou

Réponse: About music de to-be-free, postée le 19-08-2005 à 16:46:21 (S | E)
hello lea001
Would you know the best music one could listen to? It's own interior one's: Silence.
Would you reach it? it's when you are getting up early in the morning, and hearing birds singing, or going away for walk in the countryside or in the wood, far from the city's noises and its stupid concerns, to appreciate deeply the sweet-smelling and fresh you find out a kind of sweet music reverberating into your ears.
enjoy yourself!

Réponse: About music de lea001, postée le 20-08-2005 à 11:03:04 (S | E)
As far I'm concerned, music is clearly at the center of my world, I couldn't live without music. In fact, it's recharges my batteries after a hard day. I listen to a lots of different music, for instance I listen to X when I'm feeling (feel) glad and I listen to Y when I'm feeling (feel) blue.
Music has a stimulating effect that is the reason why a lot of teenagers love it.
I have always been interesting interested in music, I played the piano when I was six, and now I've played the guitare for one year. As strange as it may seem, when I listen to music, I'm in good mood, and that all the time.
I've never been to a gig of my favourite band, but the day will be coming. (I hope so).
In conclusion, music is like a drug That's all.

Edité par serena le 21-08-2005 04:29

Réponse: About music de poussy, postée le 20-08-2005 à 16:06:22 (S | E)


Just to tell you;the first thing I do when I get up:turn on the radio.
With this last one I've never been alone at home.
Music makes me cheerful or thoughtful or sad......Alive in fact.
Bye and have a good day.........with music of course

Réponse: About music de Marionette, postée le 22-08-2005 à 22:09:43 (S | E)
Yes, music is important for me, even much more than that...
I think it's part of me, I live with music everyday, and I want to discover all kinds of music
I love rock'n'roll (especially Nirvana!) but I love too the world music (indian with john mclaughlin...), jazz, the beatles and so on....
It gives such different feelings...
I have played the guitar for almost 2 years now but I play on my own.
Often, I want to be alone to listen to music...stay on this state of mind...
In short, I can't live without music!

If someone wants to speak with about music, I would be so glad!

Edité par emy64 le 17-11-2005 09:12
for = durée = have + -ed

Réponse: About music de eglantine, postée le 22-08-2005 à 22:54:49 (S | E)

I love music it's very important in my way of live because it's very cheerful and relaxing!!!!!!!!but sometimes it's very sad

bye bye

Réponse: About music de taz, postée le 03-09-2005 à 18:00:23 (S | E)
yes , in my life the music is very important! because in one i Ilove dancing first ! in two and because the singer says good things too..

Edité par bridg le 03-09-2005 18:02

Réponse: About music de moecha, postée le 07-09-2005 à 22:49:22 (S | E)
In my opinion, music is very important, mostly I like gospel music and when I listen to gospel music, it is so relaxing and I feel well good, but I like listening to other(s) kinds of music(s) too.

Edité par bridg le 07-09-2005 23:21
retrait d'une phrase non admise.
Edité par serena le 08-09-2005 17:34

Réponse: About music de sanabed, postée le 07-09-2005 à 23:21:45 (S | E)
music is the most beautiful thing in my life.i love it very much

Réponse: About music de lamienet, postée le 08-09-2005 à 18:00:40 (S | E)

Music is not an important part of my life and I quite agree with to-be-free. I think music is noise ! I was telling so to a friend of mine and his answer was "yes, but music is a noice that thinks" ... I don't know from which famous thinker he quoted so !
Well, I like music when I share it with others, like in concerts or singing in family meetings.
Nice topic

Réponse: About music de salut, postée le 05-11-2005 à 18:49:27 (S | E)
A day without music is a lost day ! Music is not considered as a major art, but I never understood why !?! Music can sometimes replace words ... just listen to the begining of a Mozart's piece, and your soul is still sailing away !

Réponse: About music de tiana-nova, postée le 05-11-2005 à 23:04:37 (S | E)
Hello, everyone!
For me the music is very important too. I can even say that it's impossible for me to live without! Singing or listening to so many beautiful kinds of music (classic, traditional, jazz, popular and so on) makes me feel the different sorts of emotions. It makes me think and remember the peoples I know or knew before. It makes my me happy. Music is like the love. Without it our life could be poor and colourless!
Edité par lucile83 le 06-11-2005 08:32

Réponse: About music de neurim2004, postée le 06-11-2005 à 01:18:04 (S | E)
music for me is very important because it made makes me relaxing, and when I have dificult to can't sleep, I listen to music and I soon go to sleep.

Edité par lucile83 le 06-11-2005 08:34

Réponse: About music de flyingtom, postée le 07-11-2005 à 21:12:02 (S | E)
During my studies, I used to be far away from my friends... Music is a good thing for fighting the bad moods...

When I am listening to music (especially rock ) I don't feel alone anymore. Music makes me alive and stronger. It's also a good meaning to keep his own self-confidence.

Let there be rock !
Edité par lucile83 le 08-11-2005 08:17

Réponse: About music de lili95, postée le 10-11-2005 à 19:40:33 (S | E)
I think music plays an important role in my every day life because it makes me feeling relaxed! I think music is the only way to drive messages home express your opinion because you can say whatever you want you can exprimate express yourself freely and sometimes you can learn many things about life like in French rap! the only problem is the censure!I can live without tv but not without music!

Edité par emy64 le 10-11-2005 19:45

Réponse: About music de laydown009, postée le 10-11-2005 à 20:53:42 (S | E)
Hi, "about music" I would like to tell you that I like music, I'm one of fan of music, as it can make us into relaxing and be romantic too, so it depends on what music we prefer ,right ! let's cheer to the music !

Edité par lucile83 le 17-11-2005 09:01

Réponse: About music de amora, postée le 10-11-2005 à 21:08:47 (S | E)
hi to everybody
''music is life'' music is the air that I personnaly breathe and the water that a plant(me) can't live without ; music often says expressions that we feel and can't express , music is the nutrition of my soul; when I listen to music I feel that am like a butterfly ;it lets makes me forget all my problems ;
music is love

Edité par lucile83 le 17-11-2005 09:03

Réponse: About music de lamitta, postée le 16-11-2005 à 00:26:43 (S | E)
personnally, I love music a lot
and I can't live without it
especially nowadays , it becomes very appreciated by people especially the young ones
but we all know that music was has beenappreciated too since for a long time
anyway I love music and I listen to it everyday
I'm interested especially to the arabic one and the oriental one because I'm Arab !!!
thank you for this nice topic
this is a good way to exchange our opinions

Edité par lucile83 le 17-11-2005 09:11

Réponse: About music de so, postée le 17-11-2005 à 00:10:39 (S | E)
sorry because I'm bad in at English but
your subject is interesting ;I think the music is verry important in my life;I play the guitard and I listen to every style of music
punk, rock, métal. ska, regge,...and when I listen or i play music I think to of nothing ;it's really good when I feel bad because I'm to be abble to live with my conscience:it do may his my soul rest is in peace; the music is important for to steady the nerves,misapropriation of fonds ????,, dancing , see a really good show, brief well I love music; so good bye everyone and don't forget : music is verry important

Edité par lucile83 le 17-11-2005 09:18

Réponse: About music de ju54, postée le 19-11-2005 à 21:19:20 (S | E)
Hello everybody,

It's my first day on this site... I don't speak well English very well and I want to be better.....
For me, music is important ....I loves music and when I am in my car, I always listen to music.....I'am more funny happy with music !!!

Edité par lucile83 le 20-11-2005 07:56

Réponse: About music de jpb, postée le 19-11-2005 à 23:54:16 (S | E)
For me, that depends on the kind of music. In some cases, I prefer to hear former singer than a new RAP singer because I don't have any interest to hear this weave. But, Music was, is and will stay very important in my life

Edité par jpb le 19-11-2005 23:54

Edité par lucile83 le 20-11-2005 07:59

Réponse: About music de janesawl, postée le 22-11-2005 à 20:52:28 (S | E)
Hi everybody,

I'm new on this website, and I think I'm going to have nice time here.
Well to answer to your question, of course music is important ! Actually, it's one of the most important things in my life. How would days would be without music ? ... I love pop/folk, and rock too...
One of my favourite artists is obviously singer Heather Nova, an amazing woman who comes from Bermuda. She has a perfect voice, her lyrics are really deep, and her melodies are so... beautiful (violin, guitar...) I had the great chance to see her on stage in Paris (Bataclan) and I was totally upset how it was amazing !
Well, otherwise I love Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Sixpence None The Richer... And Dishwalla, David Gray, Coldplay, Counting Crows or even Dave Matthews Band... Do you know these artists ?

.... I have to go now. I'm happy to have found this website, and see you soon everybody.

PS : sorry, my English is pretty poor, I hope you understand me...
Edité par traviskidd le 22-11-2005 21:23
Your English is actually very good. But "upset" means "ennervé"; I don't think that's what you mean here.
Edité par lucile83 le 23-11-2005 09:17

Réponse: About music de nick27, postée le 23-11-2005 à 15:00:49 (S | E)
Hello !

Like you I also think music is very important in our life. It's a kind of culture because everyone doesn't listen to the same songs so it makes our personality... It's what I think. It's also very important when you're bored stiff that motivates us, doesn't it?

Bye bye

Réponse: About music de eliabel, postée le 23-11-2005 à 15:41:34 (S | E)
Music is very important in my daily life, I can't spend a day without listening to music. In a way, I think music allows people to feel different feelings, that's why so many different musics exist!! I'm keen on pop and rock music and I listen to music when I do my Homeworks, when I take the train, when I have breakfast...

Réponse: About music de demijohn, postée le 24-12-2005 à 18:35:12 (S | E)
Hello everybody!

I'm new too on this site and I'm glad to have discovered it.
Well, music for me is vitally important. I listen music by period of one artist or one band. When I'm inside, I almost listen only this music and this artist until it is exhausted. I am pretty exclusive.
At the moment, I'm in the Beatles and John Lennon for one year. But when the period finishes, I 'm feeling lost in all these different musics there are in the sale. I need milestones (I don't know if it's the word) to guide myself. Naturally, the Cd's of these artists come back evenly in my Cd player!

Merry Christmas and see you soon!

Réponse: About music de ayoub34, postée le 25-12-2005 à 00:00:02 (S | E)
I like music too, but me I don't like the rock,the metal and all these kinds of music, me I am for the rap and rnb and you?

Modifié par lucile83 le 25-12-2005 07:09

Réponse: About music de queen4ever, postée le 25-12-2005 à 20:42:11 (S | E)

it is. In my Case it helps me a lot like when I am doing my homework it actives my prior knowledge it may sound weird but it 's the truth . I am more active when I'm listening to music .That's all I wanted to say

Modifié par lucile83 le 26-12-2005 06:59

Réponse: About music de diana18, postée le 25-12-2005 à 22:15:02 (S | E)
hi all,
the music is probably one of the most important things in my life, I'm listening to it everyday, I'm addicted to the music, I can't explain it but it's like the drugs !!!
Sorry for the mistakes, my English is not very good, I'm trying

Modifié par lucile83 le 26-12-2005 07:03

Réponse: About music de diana18, postée le 26-12-2005 à 09:38:10 (S | E)
Bonjour, alors là, je vois bien que je vais etre obligée de revoir le cours sur l'article "the" , oo please excuse me answering in French in the English topic, I'm really sorry, how could I delete this message?
Modifié par diana18 le 26-12-2005 11:16
Modifié par lucile83 le 26-12-2005 14:20
Too late now!! I have seen it !!
When you want to delete your own message you have to click on the "E"
in order to correct your mistakes will be useful for next time

Réponse: About music de maribel, postée le 26-12-2005 à 10:51:51 (S | E)
Hello! Sure!! music is very! very! important for me because it touches my soul and give me envy makes me feel like to living! to dancing to singing, to loving the live life! what's about you? Bye!!

Modifié par lucile83 le 26-12-2005 14:24

Réponse: About music de gash, postée le 20-01-2006 à 00:09:46 (S | E)
i think music is an important thing, cause, when you trouble with some body or with your girl friend, and then, you don't how to do to have your habit feeling so, a peace of music can gives you much courage to enjoy your self
i think music is an important thing, cause, when you trouble with some body or with your girl friend, and then, you don't how to do to have your habit feeling so, a peace of music can gives you much courage to enjoy your self

Réponse: About music de yalanta, postée le 28-01-2006 à 21:38:12 (S | E)
I believe music is very important, when I listen the music my heart bless
Modifié par bridg le 28-01-2006 22:50

Réponse: About music de moonline, postée le 29-01-2006 à 14:00:52 (S | E)
I play the guitar and the piano and the music is very important for me , that rest me and I can deliberate me all my dialy worries . Every night , listenning the music about 60,70 years , for example Pink Floyd , Jefferson Airplane, Genesis etc...

Réponse: About music de flash, postée le 30-01-2006 à 22:51:12 (S | E)
Without music, the world is sadder than an empty glass. No! it isn't possible, I can't imagine a world without rock, soul, jazz, RNB, blues, hard, metal, classic, rap.... We need to listen the music. In the life, the music is as important as the sport. When the music is good, good good when the music is gooood!
this is my second letter in english.

Réponse: About music de bartwars, postée le 04-02-2006 à 15:21:27 (S | E)
What question ! It's really important listening the music. Without music, we cannot live. ^^

Réponse: About music de frodomo, postée le 04-02-2006 à 19:10:54 (S | E)
I think that the music is very important for in order to keep a good mood because for me, when I'm listening music, I want to dream (yes I am crazy)

Modifié par bridg le 04-02-2006 19:11

Réponse: About music de queenliz, postée le 10-02-2006 à 16:36:41 (S | E)
I like music to dream to too. Has anybody heard Corneille? He is brilliant.
I heard him once on television, and I asked my children to get his CD for
me for Christmas. He has a lovely voice, writes very simple but heartfelt
lyrics and also has a great band supporting him. I am addicted. Long live
Corneille! Music to dream to.

Réponse: Music to be free de gabriel, postée le 18-04-2006 à 14:33:42 (S | E)
hello people
I listen Reggae music every days
Its help me to affront the journey
Music is the soul's key
Bless you

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