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English only
All your questions about the English language, no French allowed.

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Tell us about your school experiences
Message de marionnette posté le 21-09-2005 à 00:27:31 (S | E | F | I)

We all have had some sad and enjoyable experiences at school. Who would like to share them with me ?

Edité par marionnette le 21-09-2005 00:28

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de marionnette, postée le 21-09-2005 à 21:32:59 (S | E)
Would that help you if I asked you : Who was your favourite prof teacher at school - or who is, why not - and tell us. What did you enjoy(ed) best at school ?

Edité par bridg le 22-09-2005 15:51

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de lethidee, postée le 21-09-2005 à 21:39:34 (S | E)
Hello marionnette

I was very bad in at maths and I think that my different maths teachers of maths did not see me during their courses lessons.
I remember when I was 15 years old that I was condamned sentenced condemned by my maths teacher of maths to be "nothing" because I had bad notes marks and my father was very angry. But actually still I survived but I ignoring the maths.

Edité par bridg le 22-09-2005 15:53

Edité par traviskidd le 12-10-2005 13:46
A "sentence" is always a punishment, never a prediction.

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de marionnette, postée le 21-09-2005 à 22:17:41 (S | E)
Thanks for your message Lethidee. May I ask you how do you feel now about your Maths failure ?
I personnaly personally was quite bad on at Maths until(l) I found a very good private tutor who explained it so well to me that I ended up by becoming a great Maths Lover.

Edité par bridg le 22-09-2005 16:10

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de lethidee, postée le 22-09-2005 à 07:05:17 (S | E)
Hello marionnette

I think that the life is very interesting with or without maths and for me I choosed I have chosen to live without maths. But Of course I know that I'm handicapped and not very able with this way of mind but I accepted it and it's as a part of myself.
Have a good day

Edité par bridg le 22-09-2005 16:13

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de marionnette, postée le 23-09-2005 à 14:19:30 (S | E)
How may people have had a teacher, a special teacher that would change their view ? I mean, how many of us have build our lives to follow some ideas taught by our teacher ?
How important do you think is our time at school. What's the impact of the school in our adult life ?

Edité par marionnette le 24-09-2005 10:32

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de jubilee, postée le 16-10-2005 à 23:46:35 (S | E)
Lovely topic

My school experience are very special for me and a little bit original. In fact from the beginning of the school (I'm mean "collège" in french), I had got some difficulties to work. So I doubled some like class like "4ième", "3ième" ; and changed my way after "la seconde" to do Secretariat studies ("BEP", "BAC PRO"), to finish last year by doing english studies and I doubled again but I really want to become english teacher.

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de mowgli, postée le 17-10-2005 à 20:42:26 (S | E)
My Italian teacher has been my model. She was my teacher for 3 years, and she was the best teacher of the world !!! She was not like all the other teachers who don't want to be like a friend with their students... She teached us more than Italian language, she teached us what is to believe in our dreams... really hated my High School and I didn't got a real friendship with the other students but thanks to this teacher, I decided to stay in this school and I am now fluent in Italian and I realized one of my wants : to study a third foreign language... Now I go to the University, but I still go to see her at school and one life is not enough to say her thanks for all the give me...

Edité par bridg le 17-10-2005 21:01

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de ella1, postée le 17-10-2005 à 22:44:43 (S | E)
I've always wanted to be a teacher but I don't know exactly why. I guess most of my teachers were models to me. I haven't managed to be a teacher yet but I'm still trying to get the exam which will allow me to be one officially ;
However, when I think of it now, I remember bad experience of teachers who told me that I didn't deserve any good marks while giving me one ......... very strange ! or other teachers implying that I wouldn't reach a high study level. I always did my best to prove the contrary !

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de lintu, postée le 15-02-2006 à 17:45:34 (S | E)

In my part , I'm very bad at maths and physics!!!! but in the other fields I'm good!! I hate learning the lessons! It's very boring ,I prefer going shopping or seeing my friends!!
Modifié par lucile83 le 15-02-2006 18:02
That's why you make so many mistakes in English, I suppose !

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de queenliz, postée le 17-02-2006 à 08:50:08 (S | E)
I liked all my teachers - I didn't really have a favourite. They were all so
good to mimic (imiter), with their funny voices and mannerisms. We had a Latin
teacher with an incredibly deep voice - every time he spoke I got the giggles.
I don't think I learnt anything at school except French. We spent most of our
time laughing, and annoying the teachers. If I could turn the clock back, I would
cut out the joking and try to learn. But it's never too late to start!

Modifié par traviskidd le 17-02-2006 17:38
to mock = to make fun of by imitating

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de elaine, postée le 17-02-2006 à 15:22:28 (S | E)

Hi Everyone
I'm a new student here but an olding one in the current life.
My school time is far from away now but the most frightening teacher was .... my English teacher. She was a type of old lady at the end of her teacher's carreer who would teach us the English spoken in the high society before the first world war.
So, when I began to work I had to start again all these lost years and .... I'm continuing .... to try to understand someone speaking normally
So, simply I whish for you good teachers if you are yet still in at school, and possibility to choose excellent if not
have a nice day
Modifié par lucile83 le 17-02-2006 16:20

Réponse: my school experiences de hope78, postée le 18-02-2006 à 01:58:12 (S | E)
hello everyone I'm glad to be your friend
for my experience at school it was very interesting and I loved it, so I haven't forgotten it, because it was a very nice period in my life ;I had a good English teacher, he was serious ,he loved his work and his students that's why all students loved him ;he had good methods to teach and how to give the information to students
Modifié par lucile83 le 18-02-2006 07:47

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de zaza54, postée le 18-02-2006 à 14:45:49 (S | E)
Hello everybody,

For my part, my favourite subjet was English. And my favourite teacher was the teacher I had during my A levels. Indeed, I think she couldn't imagine all that she did for me. A few years before that time, I had the same person as eEnglish trainee. During that time (about 7 weeks), I didn't go to these lessons. One time, she decided to see me and told me all she thought about me. She didn't give me a detention. During my A Levels, when we spoke together, I liked knowing and seeeing her interested by the things I told her. We spoke together about things like what I would do after my studies, about my handicap ...
However, I also well remember teachers that ignored me all or most of the time. These teachers couldn't imagine me studying secretary skills.
Modifié par lucile83 le 18-02-2006 15:34

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de doumyra, postée le 08-03-2006 à 18:51:39 (S | E)
Well, the teacher who really really changed my life is the English teacher I have been knowing for 2 years know.
Before making her acquaintance, I was just bored by English.
I had a so huum teacher when I was preparing my GCSE (or what we would call Brevet in France) that I was unmotivated.
Indeed, I took a tutor one day, but she didn't help me with getting by in English.
However, she made me buy a great grammar book, which is a good start when you are a beginner in English.
I knew the existence of a quiz and I so much wanted to win a prize that I learned English verbs and grammar a whole week with the site of the quiz (Big Challenge), and I won a CD... to help me with English and pronunciation!
Even if my teacher still ran me down, I was confidant after that...

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de tassine, postée le 12-03-2006 à 22:12:16 (S | E)
I had a bad experience at school I doubled the last class of primary school and I didn't feel good with that. I know that in some countries doubling a class doesn't exist. What do you think about that?

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de doumyra, postée le 13-03-2006 à 12:06:40 (S | E)
To double a class is generally a good thing, please don't criticise a thing which saved for example my mother, and a lot of people I know....

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de charif, postée le 13-03-2006 à 16:24:09 (S | E)
Hello Everybody

I think it's a good subject for discussion because everyone wanted this laps of time very interesting ...
the better time school for me is when I was student in the university. I had a lot of friends and interesting teachers, I enjoyed good my self

Excuse my bad english, I am only in the beginning

Have a good day

Réponse: Tell us about your school experiences de krokro, postée le 13-03-2006 à 23:18:22 (S | E)
I was boarder for 9 years and the school bored me not because I didn't like it but because I got bed results . Any teacher didn't explain me that to be kn owed a lesson must be learned.
I read the lesson but I never learned them.I thought that those one learned was stupid he must learn because he was not intelligent enough

On the contrary my wife taught my son since he was 3 years old until he was 6.
And she showed him how to learn lessons and obliged him to know them by heart.
This training was very hard but He 's got now a very good and fast memory and intelligence.
So that I regret so much now not to learning more .

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