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The importance of peace in our societies
Message de queenofheaven posté le 22-09-2005 à 11:25:06 (S | E | F | I)

think that peace can help a country to achieve development ?
Edité par bridg le 22-09-2005 15:23
Please, watch what you are writing, don't speak about politics,stay in philosophical field. Thank you.

Réponse: the importance of peace in our societies de allezjm, postée le 22-09-2005 à 12:27:39 (S | E)
Hello, my name is Jerome.

I think that two phenomenas in our societies concern the peace.

First, the people don't respect themselves and there are different(s) actions while to prove it. For example insults, verbal abuse, violence, wars...

Secondly, the world is the course of this one is more strong (people, holding, sport...)
We can find that all over the world on a larger scale such as society,sports, politics...

To conclude,the In conclusion: peace is very important in our societies but and everybody must have to the general will that the peace must to protect. should keep in mind that the best protection in the world is peace.
Edité par bridg le 22-09-2005 15:27

Edité par traviskidd le 01-10-2005 03:00
phonemenon (sing.) --> phenomena (pl.)

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de welly, postée le 23-09-2005 à 11:36:15 (S | E)
Hello guys!

My name's stephanie.

To answer you, I think peace is less a solution than a result . I mean if a country manages to make peace reigns it's because at first it has erased the thorny problems. People are happy when there is no problem anymore, so they are not angry. They don't need to go on criticizing when everything is ok.
In a word , we have to resolve mean problems to be able to develop in the best way and to get peace.

Edité par emy64 le 12-11-2005 19:39

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de rosette, postée le 23-09-2005 à 15:23:32 (S | E)
hello every body

my name is Rosette
I am from Cameroun

About the topic, I think that we should not talk about peace with small letters but about it with capital letters ( PEACE) because there are many problems on which we need peace (e.g : wars, and other things). I think that the first thing we have to learn to to teach our future (s) child(ren) is love because love makes peace and there is no peace without love. To be in peace we have to love each other but the reality of our society today is other different : brothers is killing kill sisters and so on

Edité par serena le 07-10-2005 04:36
There's never accord with English adjectives following plural nouns.

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de nizarlabidi, postée le 04-10-2005 à 17:41:46 (S | E)
(a) peace is very important to develop our societies

Edité par bridg le 04-10-2005 17:54

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de bartok, postée le 04-10-2005 à 21:23:24 (S | E)
Hi everybody!

I am very interested in this topic as I am studying it at school with my history teacher.
On In my opinion, I think it is essential to learn what is happening in the other countries and why some countries are at war in order to realize how peace is important. Knowing about the others is a form of respect and enables us teach our children peaceful values.

bye bye everybody

Edité par serena le 07-10-2005 04:33

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de hamidou67, postée le 05-10-2005 à 00:37:47 (S | E)
what it's peace in aour our societies , means eating much, enjoying plus more,travelling in exotic countries ect etc....
For me , we can't obtain peace if the 4/5 of human beings are hungry
perhaps I am an idealist man
if we need peace , we must help the 1/3 world to develop their countries
WHEN THEY ARRIVE IN AOUR LEVEL WE CAN SPEAK ABOUT PEACE When they reach our level we can speak about peace
I hope all of us will continue to live and to discuss , to discuss about
about " peace" what's this word ?
PEACE FOR ALL Peace for all

Edité par lucile83 le 05-10-2005 07:34
Corrections, and please don't write in capital letters, it means you're shouting.

Réponse: history, natural evolution, darwin... de mrbm, postée le 12-10-2005 à 23:38:50 (S | E)
Of course peace is something that everybody would like to reach, and it is not something new:; from for thousands of years human beings have been looking for the peace, and that is because of the simple fact that there always have been wars in our human society.
The question is "Why?".
I think it's normal that there are wars between peoples, nations, or countries, because it's a normal process if we study the human behaviour from the evolutionary point of view. It's not a war for money or oil that we must consider, but a war for survival. With so few resources for so many people (as the economy economics poses it), how can we imagine humans not being worried about their own interests!
So what can we do?
I think that what we must do is to change the way we see/view the life. Our society is focused on materials pleasures. We all run after objects that wrongly make us feel happy, when true the truth is we are empty inside, spiritually.
Which one should be the target of our life: being rich or being happy?
/ Which should be our life's goal: to be rich or to be happy?

Maybe philosophy could be the appropriate exit thing that provides us with the answer.

Edité par traviskidd le 13-10-2005 03:54
A very interesting and well-thought-out essay!
(Where I give an alternative, I feel that the alternative is better, even though the original isn't too bad.)

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de gewurz, postée le 13-10-2005 à 18:21:01 (S | E)

Personally, I like winning money to buy material pleasures. But when I run out of money, I don't necessarily go out to take money from other people. When I got no girlfriend, I don't "steal" one in the street. Nothing is "natural, normal", we're not savages anymore.

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de tinmar, postée le 22-10-2005 à 12:28:42 (S | E)
I think peace is very important in our world. Because if the humans continue to do make war they will destroy the world. particullaryarly with atomic bomb. PEACE AND LOVE Peace and Love .
Edité par lucile83 le 22-10-2005 15:13
No need to shout with capital letters

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de tess, postée le 24-10-2005 à 20:33:45 (S | E)
What you had said is so interesting ...=)
Yeah as Wally said it : PEACE looks like a result more than other thing...But I think that in PEACE things would be so easier .
But it's so easy to say a thing like that...
It's a kind of "pervert circle" since violence seems to attract violence...

A bad ( it's a nice adjectif ) atmosphere has been settle down and can't go if it was fatal.
But anyway, I'm convinced that PEACE is a true solution to build something strong and to make people understand one another BUT...the question is : How can we bring that so loved Peace?

There is so much problems, people are so much selfish....
I think that our duty is to show our opinion,trying to be more and more open-minded and tolerant ( as much as we can!)and to be engaged.
It would be too easy to say : "Too late there is no need to try..."

Réponse: The importance of peace in our societies de laydown009, postée le 12-11-2005 à 17:55:20 (S | E)
Hi, according to the importance of peace in our society , it's important, we need it, as no peace could cause trouble because our nature is " selfish" so for having a peaceful life we should try to cooperate with each other and to be frank in our society , am i right ? bye !

Edité par emy64 le 12-11-2005 19:41

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