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Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais
Tout ce qui a un rapport avec l'apprentissage de l'anglais: grammaire, orthographe, aides aux devoirs, phrases etc.

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About 'music' (correction)
Message de prunette posté le 15-10-2005 à 12:03:53 (S | E | F | I)

Hello, I hope that you are well, I had an essay to do in British English, can you to correct my mistakes please. I think that I had a lot... :?
Thank you early to devote of your time.

What does the word " music" suggest to you?
(250 words)

For my part music is an art, an creative intuition playing on the time and emotion.
It stretchs out as a cultural practice. Music gather all the type of music and genre musical.

Let us consider a survey was taken recently to determine the role of music in teenager's lives. This survey studied the listenning habits of 60 000 teenagers and showed that all places are good to listen music. For example 79 % listen to music while they are doing chores, 73 % on the computer , 72 % doing homework, 33 % eating meals at home, 18% in the classroom.
Besides, for example the most influences what are when they are listen to radio is 43 %, with friends it's 30 %, with TV with 7 %. A lot of type of music exist, we have hip hop, rap, pop, rock, punk, alternative, Christian, Gospel, R & B , Country, Techno, House, Jazz and others.
Let us take the example of this teenagers, 23 % enjoy hip-hop and Rap and whom 3 % are fond of jazz.
They do whithout music. It 's a spare time, a leisure because I m convinced that this lyrics, this melodie and rhythm is a source of pleasure. We cheer up and enable to erase tensions and stress about school and family problem.

I am 17 years old and for my part, my favourite style of music is pop and rock. My least favourite is Jazz and my favorite band are The Cramberries and Indochine and my favourite artist is Robbie Williams. I 'm convinced that music allows me to be in a good mood. It me soothes.
I love often the tastes of my friends because other type of music can be good. However, in my opinion, a lot of music which are of pop rock are excellent and I don't get tired of the music. For example, my friend Julie has been revealed her japanese music to me and it's very different of my tastes and yet I have some liked. All the same, I can like other type of music. As regards my boyfriend, he is keen on the same style of music than I like. Besides, he discovers me others artists or band that I Known very little because they are dead.
I haven't been influenced someone else's musical tastes because everyone to their own tastes. It's great that my friends llisten to the same music as me because me have interests in common. We can do to discover our a lot of things. We make ourselves understood. Nevertheless, if other friends haven't the same style as me, it's not solemn in the contrary we can make report that we can like other thing. Moreover, when I have friendly or love feelings toward somebody it's not because we have that the same style musical.
I known a lot of music thanks to my uncle because he enjoy pop rock also, unfortunately he dead 5 monts ago and he has given all their CDs and when I listen it, I remember special events that I forgot ever because I loved him and he was as a second father.

From my point of view, music is a source of pleasure, it allow to relax after, to be in a good mood. We can forget stress, tensions of the live daily. We are cheered up. I can't help thinking that it's a major role in the life. Besides, music remenber special events, souvenirs very touching and emotional.

Edité par bridg le 15-10-2005 12:31

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de prunette, postée le 16-10-2005 à 09:23:52 (S | E)
Est ce que vous pourriez me corriger mes fautes s'il vous plait il me le faudrait avant ce soir

merci de m'aider...d'avance

Edité par bridg le 16-10-2005 09:25

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de reofive, postée le 16-10-2005 à 10:58:24 (S | E)
Mmmm... Non, personnellement, je ne trouve pas de faute, moi,
à première vue... Mais je revérifierais, comme d'autres le feront,
ne t'inquiète pas.

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de nick27, postée le 16-10-2005 à 11:04:07 (S | E)

Non, il y a quelques fautes du genre :

- "I often love often the tastes of my friends".

- "I known".

Je n'ai malheureusement pas le temps de vérifier tout le texte.

À bientôt

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de jardin62, postée le 16-10-2005 à 11:40:04 (S | E)
Bonjour !
Si il y a d'autres erreurs : laissez-moi un peu de temps et je vous envoie ce que j'ai corrigé, OK ?

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de prunette, postée le 16-10-2005 à 12:40:58 (S | E)
Merci beaucoup

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de jardin62, postée le 16-10-2005 à 12:56:40 (S | E)
Voici un début:
( Il y a pas mal d'idées que je ne comprends pas, c'est dû au mot à mot, probablement : désolée de ne pas toujours respecter votre pensée à cause de cela).

First I would like to say that the art of music is one of the oldest : people have always tried to produce sounds that please and charm their ears...

- What about the role of music nowadays, especially among teenagers ?
A recent survey has studied the listening habits of 60 000 teenagers and showed that for them any place is good enough to listen to music.
- 79 % listen to music while doing chores.
- 73 % listen to music via the computer.
- 72 % listen to music and do their homework at the same time.
- 18 % listen to music at school.

- Let's see now, what teenagers are influenced by :
* the radio : 43 %
* friends - 30 %
* TV : 7 %

- There are many types of music :
I'll mention Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Rock, Punk, Alternative, Christian, Gospel, R & B, Country, Techno, House, Jazz and many others.
An example : 23 % teenagers enjoy Hip Hop and Rap and among them, 3 % are fond of Jazz.

- Teenagers will tell you that they couldn't do without music : It's their way of life, it's more than a spare time or a leisure.
The lyrics, the music, the rhythm, are sources of intense pleasure. They affirm that thanks to music, they feel better, more cheerful, less tensed. They say it helps them to cope with school and family problems. A kind of therapy ...

Edité par jardin62 le 16-10-2005 12:57

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de jardin62, postée le 16-10-2005 à 13:18:42 (S | E)

- My personal point of view :
I am seventeen years old. My favourite style of music is Pop and Rock. The music I am not very keen on is Jazz.
My favourite band are 'The Cranberries' and the star I like best is Robbie Williams.
I am convinced - because I have realised it many times - that music changes my mood, cheers me up, does me good. I will even say that it has a soothing effect.
- I also enjoy my friends' tastes : I don't reject other types of music but I must admit that as far as I am concerned, Pop and Rock music is the best. I never get tired of it.
* Here's an example : my friend Julie has made me know 'Japanese music'...It's, of course, very different from what I am used to ! Yet I have enjoyed some of it. I mean I am able to get interested in other styles.
* Here's another example : however my boyfriend and I share the same tastes, he has made me discover other artists and bands that I knew very little because they are dead.

- I don't try to influence the others in the domain of music. I am not easily influenceable either.
However I think it's great that my friends and I listen to the same music : it allows us to have common interests. We also discover plenty of things together. We realize that we understand one another better through music.

Edité par jardin62 le 16-10-2005 13:41

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de jardin62, postée le 16-10-2005 à 13:40:04 (S | E)
( the end)

- Nevertheless, there's no problem if some of my friends don't really like the type of music I like. On the contrary, we can make the most of our differences.
( Between you and me, I don't choose my friends only among those who have the same musical tastes as mine !)

- I have been given my knowledge by my uncle who enjoyed Pop and Rock.
Unfortunately he died five months ago ! He has given me all his CDs and each time I listen to one, I remember a special event, something I had forgotten... My uncle was very important to me either because I loved him and because he was as a second father...

- As a conclusion, I would like to say that music is a true source of pleasure.
It allows us to relax, to see things differently, to recover, to be get higher spirits...
I can't help thinking it has a major role in life.
To end I wish to say that music makes the listener recall special events; either touching or emotional souvenirs.

Vous avez des idées, c'est pour cela que l'on a envie de les corriger : le travail a été fait avec 'coeur' : dommage que cela vous soit difficile à mettre en anglais correct.
Le travail est trop long pour que je fasse un commentaire sur chaque erreur, et pourtant c'est ce qui vous serait fort utile.
Vous vous trouvez maintenant devant un texte un peu étranger, des corrections peut-être incompréhensibles...Je ne peux faire plus par manque de temps. J'espère seulement que vous ferez vous-même ce travail de vérification quand vous vous trouverez devant une formulation qui vous pose un problème de compréhension. D'ici ce soir...
Bon courage.

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de prunette, postée le 16-10-2005 à 16:36:58 (S | E)
je vous remercie beaucoup de cette aide et je vais essayer de comprendre ce dont vous m'avez corrigé.
encore merci

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de jardin62, postée le 17-10-2005 à 12:48:20 (S | E)
Si vous avez un réel problème je vous donnerai une explication bien sûr !

Réponse: About 'music' (correction) de prunette, postée le 18-10-2005 à 17:11:54 (S | E)
Pourriez vous m'expliquer l'emploi de either s'il vous plait
je vous remercie d'avance.

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