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house plants...
Message de eclipse173 posté le 16-10-2005 à 12:23:34 (S | E | F | I)


I need help : all my house plants are dying!!
Who can help me?
I don't understand, sometimes I try to water them more, sometimes les, but the result is always the same, they keep dying one after the other...

Who can give me pieces of advices so as to rescue my 2 dracaenas, my yucca, and my phoenix?

Thanks for them...

Réponse: house plants... de lethidee, postée le 16-10-2005 à 12:43:31 (S | E)
Hello Eclipse

I'm verry sorry for your plants
Where are you living ? In a flat or a house with area around. Are you situated in a wet or a dry space ?
How long were your plants ill ?
How are they looking ?
I like very much plants and trees and I would like to help you.
see you

Réponse: house plants... de grabuge, postée le 16-10-2005 à 15:52:41 (S | E)

I like plants very much. Could you give us more information about them. Dracaena and Yucca can live outdoor if you live in the South and they'll become very big and wonderful plants.

Réponse: house plants... de jier, postée le 16-10-2005 à 21:13:21 (S | E)
Good evening,

Watering some plants too much may be harmful, just the same as watering them too little. By observing their reaction, you should reach a right balance.
Another possibility to explain their tendancy to die might be the quality of the water, especially if it is very hard or chalky.
You could try to water them with some distilled water such as the one you use for ironing.
Other points to consider might be their exposure to direct sunshine, and/or draughts. Some plants are very sensitive.
I'll keep my fingers crossed and wish.

Réponse: house plants... de jier, postée le 20-10-2005 à 11:15:42 (S | E)
Hello, Eclipse.

How are your plants doing so far ?
Are they any better ?
Have you tried any new magical potion ?
It would be nice of you to let us know.
Have a pleasant day.

Réponse: house plants... de yoyo49, postée le 20-10-2005 à 20:21:01 (S | E)
Hi Eclipse,
I work in with the seed's plants, and you are have differents reasons for the dying plants.
The Light is very important in your house; you can't have enough lihght for a good growth, but not a "direct light". If it's an old plant, puerhaps that your ground soil is "tired", so you must put your plant in a new large pot with a new ground soil. Your plant will make news roots with the news nutriments.
And when you sprinkle your plant (one sprinkle per week), put in a liquid fertilizer for green plants, you'll find it in the gardener house at the gardener's.
I hope that yours plants go to upraise will shoot up!!!

Edité par traviskidd le 27-10-2005 00:50

Réponse: house plants... de eclipse173, postée le 21-10-2005 à 13:31:00 (S | E)

Thanks for all yours answers...
My flat is lighted enough, but not direct light...
I did as I was said : I don't water them very much, about once each fortnight...
How can I know if I water them too much, or not enough?
How can I know if my flat is too lighted or not enough?

It's now one month since they are 1/2 alive, 1/2 dead...

I will try to send photos of them through this week-end, because I don't know what there name is in English... (not written in my dictionary)



Réponse: house plants... de eclipse173, postée le 21-10-2005 à 13:33:52 (S | E)
I haven't had the time to try water them with some distilled water, I will buy some this week-end, and will tell you if they're better...
I also can't know if the air in my flat is too dry or too wet..
See you later!

Réponse: house plants... de laydown009, postée le 08-11-2005 à 12:03:28 (S | E)
Hi,According to plant, there is the technic too so you should know how to plant and what kind of plants too, it depends on what plants we need to plant for out-door or in-door? so it's not easy to have a nice plant if we dont know it , right !

Réponse: house plants... de embata, postée le 08-11-2005 à 12:20:48 (S | E)
each plant needs an appropriate amount of water , for example: phenix needs only few drops of water but a lot of light.

Réponse: house plants... de to-be-free, postée le 08-11-2005 à 13:00:00 (S | E)
Each plant needs to be loved, put in a vase, watched and admired. Even if it’s spoilt with much sun light and water it needs to listen to music from time to time. The greatest musicians have unanimously and repeatedly pointed out how much music has effect on being a plant. It dances like human when listening to some good one. But effectively, if we launch tech-no music or some hard one, such as my right neighbour does resolutely every morning, it becomes frightened and gets down to bend bit by bit its shank to end fallen from top to bottom by fear. Ah! If plants could repeat all music they might listen to!
take care!
Edité par lucile83 le 08-11-2005 13:38

Réponse: house plants... de traviskidd, postée le 08-11-2005 à 17:09:05 (S | E)
I would take my bouquet of roses to the nightclub, but the sign says "NO PETS ALLOWED".

Réponse: house plants... de lili95, postée le 11-11-2005 à 21:11:50 (S | E)
every plant need love and i think you should speak with them! they love it! because they react with the sounds!

Réponse: house plants... de cess10, postée le 21-03-2006 à 18:16:42 (S | E)
Hi to you,
I am a new comer may be my answer is late. I think that you must check first how light reach your plants, Then try to put them outside so that they will have oxygen.
I hope that I help you.
All the best

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