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Oral/notion espace et échanges

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Oral/notion espace et échanges
Message de claire18 posté le 25-04-2018 à 17:37:02 (S | E | F)
Bonjour, je suis une élève de terminale S, j'ai préparé ma notion d'espaces et échanges pour mon oral d'anglais, malheureusement je ne maîtrise pas la syntaxe anglaise.
Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait corriger ma notion ?
Merci d'avance, c'est très gentil.

I am going to deal with the notion of spacse and exchanges. We can define space as territories, virtual or physical and an exchange as an act of giving and receiving something else in return. It can be a continuous movement or circulation. Moreover there are different kinds of exchanges such as the media, people, trade. To illustrate the notion, I will focus on the flows of people who have been moving to the USA over the last centuries. So my problematic issue will be : To what extent can the USA be considered as a nation of Immigrants ? In the first time we are going to see that Immigration has always been a part of American history and in a second time we are focusing on the immigration of USA today.

The USA are built thanks to immigrant because it is the colonization that bring the first Immigrant. Thanks to the document the Waves of immigration that we study in english lesson, we know that the immigration of the USA started on 1622 with the Pilgrim Father that are the first United Kingdom Immigrant. Then, on the 19th century we had Japenese, Chinese, Irish people that came. And on the 20th century the south european people migrated to USA. This shows an exchange of countries. People leave a place to go on an other.
Howewer what are the reasons of this exchange of space ? To answer at this question I choose the American Land song of Bruce Springsteen created in 2006. It is say that the poverty and the starvation has provokedn the immigration to USA. Assimisly people seen the USA as an peace land where there are a lot of wealth, luxuary. Besides immigrant things that in the USA they will have a better live with better living condition and level social. This idealistic vision is named the american dream. People want start a new life and become rich. Otherwise we can speak of exchange because immigrant workhard to the USA for against party to realize the american dream.

Yet today the link between immigration have a little bit change. Indeed we can see wich The mexican american border document which is a topical issue with president Donald Trump. First USA on the 21 th century built a fence between Mexico and USA in order to decrease the illegal passage of latino. This fence are check by cameras and migration police. Then in 2017 Donald Trump sayed that he want build a wall for prevent crime, drugs from crossing the border. So the idealistic vision of the USA has been destroyed. Now america is not considered as a nation of immigrant but a nation that reject immigrant.
However immigrant are present in high quantity. It is why I choose an article who is named The biggest Minority Group that deals with the hispanics american. They represent 25 % of the american population. This shows that despite the vigilance of the USA, immigrant continue to cross the border. Moreover we lurn that latinos have a strong impact on American society. Their langage, their food, youth style changing the american life. Therefor the USA stay a country of immigration even if the governement is against it.

To conclude i would like say that immigrant in the USA is a point of conflict but we must not forget that nobody is a real american because conquistador kill us when they take the USA. Moreover there always are exchange between USA and Mexico whatsover of the order economic or people. We are in a society based on spaces and exchange. It is the globalization

Modifié par lucile83 le 25-04-2018 18:45

Réponse : Oral/notion espace et échanges de lucile83, postée le 28-04-2018 à 15:42:18 (S | E)
Il vaut mieux faire remonter un sujet que le reposter plusieurs fois


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