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Tâche/Idea of progress

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Tâche/Idea of progress
Message de thivet1 posté le 26-04-2018 à 11:44:48 (S | E | F)
passant mon oral du Bac d'anglais dans 10 jours j'aurais besoin de vos avis à propos de ma synthèse !! N'hésitez pas à corriger mes fautes de grammaire, de sens et surtout donnez-moi un avis constructif (véracité de mes propos, longueur, expressions plus complexes que je pourrais utiliser...);
Je vous remercie d'avance !

Idea of progress
For the society, the idea of progress is an evolution in the sense of an improvement, its progressive transformation towards more knowledge and happiness. This improvement can be of technical, social or scientific nature. However here we shall speak about the scientific progress, more exactly the medical and genetic advances. The genetic progress allows to solve many problems such as the incurable diseases or the fertility but lifts however numerous ethical stakes. So can we reconcile scientific and ethical progress ? To begin we will discuss about the positives result due to the scientific progress in the medical domain. Then we shall study the limits of genetic manipulation to not endanger our society.

I - Pros
The genetic progress has allowed by various screening techniques to detect and eradicate the incurable genetic diseases from an embryo. Indeed the progress has allowed to know better human genome.
For example a technology called PGD : Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, it was created to screen for diseases like trisomy, mucoviscidosis or hemophilia, diseases which are not treatable with treatments. If the embryo presents abnormalities then the woman can have a miscarriage.

But PGD can also help steriles or sicks parents. In fact, couples which do not manage to have children are going to multiply their chances to design one. It’s a long drawn-out procedure that doesn’t always result with pregnancy. It is a real breakthrough in the medical field, launched by Dr Mark Hughs which had initialy create for root out diseases.

In the text « bulding a better human » we can observe a picture of two twing sisters and two similar sheeps what reminds us the cloning. However United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization forbade the practice of the human cloning, set apart the cloning for cells not yet in embryonic form. But we acquired the necessary knowledge to clone not human beings but portions, limbs of humans beings (like kidney, bone marrow, neurons !) in order to come in assistance to people sick or wounded.

Others technological progress facilitated the life of thousand people become disabled persons owed to the loss of a limb. E.g in « Building a better human » Kevin Warwick has created a chip enables to send instructions to a robot hand, a prosthesis in order to controls the movements of this last. This major discovery allows the crippled people having lost a libs to find a normal life.

II - Cons
Furthermore, this technique raises no ethical problem, contrary to the genetic solutions which raise the problem of the eugenics.
Indeed the PGD, originally created to detect illness on embryos was diverted from his real utility. Effectively we can see in « Choose the sex of your baby » that many doctors propose from now on to their patients, against important sums of money to choose the sex of their baby. It is an application of the medicine with non-medical but only preferential purposes.
Furthermore some physicians go even further : for example in « Creating your baby » we find out that fertility institute according to parents to choose the features of their futures children. They can select eye color, hair color and more while the PGD only had to help to detect the genetic diseases. By selecting favorable traits the people have for aims to improve the human race, a practice named eugenics which is forbidden by the law.

It is what denounce the cartoon « the odd man out », indeed, if the purpose becomes to improve the society with grown-ups, muscular, beautiful, intelligent people, there will be no more diversity. And the people not going into the standards will be put aside. We can notice that it is a little what what happening nowadays. The will to create a utopian society where everybody goes into standards in the end would lead only to the dystopia.

However the use of the genetics could degenerate and go even farther : Hostile people could create clones to their to assign painful tasks and treat them as citizens of the third zone for example in « own your own ». It's the same for robots and artificial intelligence, robots could acquire a consciousness what would question their place in the society.

To conclude we could say that medical and genetic progress are very helpful to prevent and to cure genetic disease or any others handicaps. However it leads to several ethical problems like eugenics which select one type of genotype to have a society of the most perfect, which goes into a mold but which of this fact loses its diversity. By using the progress scientist in a not deliberate way but only to help in people who require of these technologies yes we can reconcile scientific and ethical progress.

Modifié par lucile83 le 26-04-2018 13:55


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