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Message de laura31 posté le 18-05-2018 à 17:10:52 (S | E | F)
je suis élève en Terminale L et mes oraux commenceront dans 4 jours et je n'ai toujours pas fini de rédiger ma notion. Mon problème est que je n'arrive pas à trouver de plan ni de problématique qui tienne la route afin de pouvoir rédiger le reste.
Merci d'avance pour votre aide.

I am going to present you, the notion The meeting of the other, love and friendship. I would like to give a definition of this notion: - Friendship is when two people who have the same centers of interest in life, the same tastes meet and become closer. Therefore it is different from love when two people are attracted one another and want to live together.
We will illustrate this notion through three texts. The first text is a poem entitled « ô captain my captain » by Walt Whitman who is adress to Abraham Lincoln. Then the second text is an extract of the play « As you like it » written by William Shakespeare. and the last text is taken from the novel « of mice and men » by john Steinbeck.
how is the audience included in these three texts through their meeting?
a literary movement which consisted is focusing on all the typically human skills that went beyond trancended human reason such as inspiration. The transcendentalist believed that humans were initially good and that institutions corrupted them. They thought humans were at their best when they were independent and self-reliant.
-« ô captain my captain », in an elegy written in 1865 by Walt Whitman. During this year, there was the abolition of slavery by Abraham Lincoln. A few days later, he was assassinated. However, his assassination did not prevent the victory of the union against the confederation.
the poem opens with an extended metaphor: The captain is President Lincoln who are the country and managed to obtain the victory of the union which is referred to as the « prize » (l.2),. Therefore, we can deduce that the USA is composed to « the ship » (l.2). « The fearful trip » (L.1) is the Civil War that the country went through.
The poet is in denial of Lincoln »s death because he is very affected by this loss. The apostrophe « ô captain my captain »rise up … » prove it.
The repetitive figures of speech echo the poet nostalgia, his longing for the past the time when the president was alive. First there is the anaphora « For you , but also alliteration in « for you the flag is flung ».
Although there are rhymes in the text, the rhymes scheme id not always regular. Sometime, there are some random couple of sound’s such as lines 13 and is ( Here! Captain! Darer father!/It is some dream that on the deck ») The rhymes echo the nostalgia the poet feels whereas the random couple of sounds reflect the unexpected events of life such as the assassination of the president.

-The stanzas are written in the shape of a ship/ressel there flore, the form and the content/message of the poem match.
-« Walt Whitman wrote a poem « ô captain my captain » in 1865 for pay hommage to Abraham Lincoln who abate the slavery. In this poem, we can distinguish many parla between: « The captain » who is president Abraham Lincoln. The boat that (with) represent the USA. We can see a repetition of the word « captain » on of the sentence « fallen cold and dead.
They have repetition of rhymes but not a all.

It is a dialogue between ganymede (who is Rosalind) and Orlando. Orlando don’t know that ganymede is Rosalind said her to Orlando that she says when a man is in love.
He ask her. Rosalind says to him that he had nothing of the caractestion of a man who is in love. Orlando saids that he loves a girl who is Rosalind.
In this dialogue , Rosalind is Ganymede. Ganymed speaks to Orlando but Orlando don’t says that Ganymede is in real Rosalind. Orlando is in love in Rosalind.
He says to Ganymede that he is sick (of love to Rosalind), the demande to Ganymede if he can cured him. Ganymede says that him if he takes him for Rosalind he must to woo him. So he must to woo Rosalind.
This extract from the novel of mice and men by John Steinbeck (published in 1937) is entitled « a mesmerizing_bond_guys like us ». The scenes takes place in California, probably during the great depression, rights after the dust bowl. The characters of the story lost their land after the dust bowl they are now two migrants in California going through some hardships=they are living outside in the wild « i could go off in the hills there. Someplace i’d find a case » (l.6) and they don’t eat well since George « drive his knife through the top of one of the bean cans » (l.60).

MERCI encore d'avance pour votre aide

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-05-2018 22:22


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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