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Preposition correction (1)

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Preposition correction
Message de ahd456 posté le 26-10-2008 à 20:21:18 (S | E | F)

Hi dear friends, in fact prepositions sometimes confuse me so i did a number of exercices but i don't no if they are correct could you help me thanks a lot.
1-It was characteristics of him to offer of help at once.
2-you must apologize for your rudeness with him.
3-he smiled to me and then speak to me with a foreign lamguage.
4-we laughed heartily at his joke about the soup.
5-but we really didn't know what the joke was about.
6-why are you looking at me like that.
7-i spoke to him in my travels to africa.
8-don't point to me in that disrespectful way.
9-karim is talking about going to america.
10-ilyas thinking about juan to be came.
11-this train goes to tangier and on the way it stops in kinetra.
12-smile to the little girl said the photographer.
13-many students arrive to school far too late.
14-the villain aimed his postol to me he fired on me but missed.
15-at hearing the news he frowned to me.
16-i like swiming on fresh water.
17-the scoundrel hit me on the head with a piece of lead pipe.
18-when iam at work don't bother me.
19-proffessor mseffer has written a book about astronomy.
20 this table is made from oak.
21-when he came to the square he saw a great crowd.
22he sang to us with a fine baritone.
23throw the ball to your sister.
24-at the evening sky there was but a solitary star.
25-yacine lives in the bouse at the end of the road.
26-just listen to what he is saying to loknan.
27-he trhew the dish on the bear to drive it off.
28-you must get up at 8 oclock.
29-at dinner i sat on the same table as mr rachidi.
30-she was dressed with black on head to foot.
31-you can get there by bus o by subway or of course on foot.
32-my room is at the end of the corridor.
33-at the end we all turn on dust.
34-biled lives in rabat but i live in bir kacem a village far 6km from rabat of road.
35-this cheese is made from the mountains.
36-it is rude to laugh at people.
37-please bring it to my house.
38-on the concert he sang to a large audience.
39-there birds live mainly in caterpillars and insects.
40-fatima lives in a farm in the country.
41-he out it from the box then changed his mind and took it off again.
42-he had bandage in his wrist.
43-i prefer writing with a pen then writing with a pencil.
44-at first we thought the stranger was a spy.
45-he fired on the bandit who was armed of the teethe.
46-the lecturer returned on the point he had arrived at the previous day.
47-what is writen with ink is clearer than what is writer with pencil.
48-put the number on the page on the top of the page and draw a line at the bottom of the page then draw a circle in the middle of the page
49-the donkey was tied in a stake of a piece with rope.

Réponse: Preposition correction de ahd456, postée le 26-10-2008 à 22:18:58 (S | E)

1- It was characteristics (of) him to offer (of) help (at) once
2- He smiled (to) me and then speak (to) me (with) a foreign lamguage.
3- We laughed heartily (at) his joke (about) the soup.
4- Why are you looking (at) me like that.
5- I spoke (to) him (in) my travels (to) Africa.
6- Karim is talking (about) going to America.
7-Ilyas thinking (about) Juan (to) be came.
8-This train goes (to) Tangier and (on) the way it stops in Kinetra.
9-"Smile (to) the little girl" said the photographer.
10-Many students arrive (to) school far too late.
11-The villain aimed his postol (to) me he fired (on) me but missed.
12-(At) hearing the news he frowned (to) me.
13-I like swiming (on) fresh water.
14-The scoundrel hit me (on) the head with a piece (of) lead pipe.
15-When I'am (at) work don't bother mE.
16-(At) the evening sky there was but a solitary star.
17-Yacine lives (in) the bouse (at) the end (of) the road.
18-He trhew the dish (on) the bear to drive it off.
19-(At) dinner I sat (on) the same table as Mr Rachidi.
20- She was dressed (with) black (on) head (to) foot
21-(At) the end we all turn (on) dust.
22-Biled lives (in) Rabat but I live (in) Kir kacem a village (far) 6km (from)Rabat (of) road.
23-Fatima lives (in) a farm (in) the country.
24-He out it (from) the box then changed his mind and took it (off) again.
25-He fired (on) the bandit who was armed (of) the teeth.
26-Put the number (on) the page (on) the top (of) the page and draw a line (at) the bottom (of) the page then draw a circle (in) the middle of the page
27-The donkey was tied (in) a stake (of) a piece (with) rope.

Is it ok now? i tried to make it shorter but i find myself don't sure abou these replys help me please and thanks a lot.


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