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The Queen and I - Sue Townsend (1)

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The Queen and I - Sue Townsend
Message de delta6 posté le 14-01-2009 à 09:24:08 (S | E | F)

Bonjour à tous,
J'ai plusieurs questions sur le texte ci-dessous, pouvez me dire si j'ai repondu correctement ?

The characters are

- At a political meeting
- Having a tea party
- Discussing the advantages of the British Monarchy
- Having a confrontation.

Je pense que c'est la premiere reponse non ? En tout cas ni la deuxieme ni la quatrieme.

The Queen winced as Jack Barker ground his cigarette out on the silk rug. A faint smell of burning rose between them. Jack fought the urge to apologise. The Queen stared at Jack disdainfully. His stomach gurgled. Her picture had hung in his classroom when he was struggling to learn his nine times tables. In his boyhood he used to look to the Queen for inspiration. Prince Charles bent down and picked up the cigarette stub. He looked for somewhere to put it, but, finding nowhere suitable, he slipped it into his pocket.

Princess Margaret said, ‘Lillibet I’ve got to have a fag. Please!’

‘May we open the windows, Mr Barker?’ asked the Queen.

Her accent cut into Jack like a crystal. He half expected to bleed.

‘No chance,’ he replied.

‘Am I to have a house of my own, Mr Barker, or must I share with my daughter and son-in-law?’ The Queen Mother gave Jack her famous smile, but her hands were twisting the full skirt of her periwinkle dress into a knot.

‘You’ll get a pensioner’s bungalow. It’s your entitlement as an ordinary citizen of this country.’

‘A bungalow, good. I couldn’t manage stairs. Will my staff be living in or out?’

Jack laughed and looked at his fellow Republicans. Six men and six women, hand-picked to witness this historic occasion. They laughed along with Jack.

‘You don’t seem to understand. There’ll be no staff, no dressers, no cooks, secretaries, cleaners, chauffeurs.’

Turning to the Queen he said, ‘You’ll have to nip in now and then, help your mum out. But she’ll probably be entitled to Meals on Wheels.’

The Queen Mother looked quite pleased to hear this. ‘So I shan’t starve?’

‘Under the People’s Republican Party’s rule, nobody in Britain will starve,’ said Jack.

Prince Charles cleared his throat and said, ‘Er, may one, er, enquire as to where…? That is, the location…?’

‘If you’re asking me where you’re all going, I’m not telling you. All I can say at the moment is that you’ll all be in the same street, but you’ll have strangers as next-door neighbours, working-class people. Here’s a list of what you can take with you.’

Jack held out photocopies of each of the lists his wife had compiled only two hours before. The lists were headed: Essential Items; Furniture; Fittings, suitable for two-bedroomed council house and pensioner’s bungalow. The Queen Mother’s list was much shorter, she noticed. Jack held the papers out, but nobody came forward to take them. Jack didn’t move. He knew that one of them would crack. Eventually Diana got up, she hated scenes. She took the papers from Jack and gave each member of the Royal Family their list. There was quiet for a few moments while they read. Jack fiddled with the gun in his pocket. Only he knew that it wasn’t loaded.
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Réponse: The Queen and I - Sue Townsend de lucile83, postée le 14-01-2009 à 09:38:40 (S | E)
I'd say it is the 4th proposition: a confrontation.



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