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Correction /Meet + Animal farm

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Correction /Meet + Animal farm
Message de undo posté le 07-06-2013 à 12:26:00 (S | E | F)
Bonjour !

J'aimerais une correction de mon devoir s'il vous plaît !
Merci pour vos réponses.

I am going to talk about the meet with other.. First of all i would like to give a definition of friend ship it's a positiv bound between two or more persons and it's when you can turn to when you need to exchange confidential thnigs and you are certain not to be betraited.
To illustrate this topic i have chosen three documents « odd couple », « Of Mice and men » and « Riddle and Dazzlement »

We can see a man and a young boy on the left inside. It's a picture of « the kid » by charlie chaplin. It's a movie during the big economic depression. Their meet it was an accident but they stay together and survie. Love, friendship can be totally opposed like we can see with andy wharol.
Life is full of surprise,,,

Of Mice and Men is a story of two men George and lenny who wonder about across California looking for a job in the times of the great depression in 1920 _ 1930 in the US.
In this passage they are around a campfire and George was educated by Lenny's Aunt. Just before she died, he had promist to her he would never abandon Lenny.
This two mens look like good friends, like peas and carrtos even though there are so different.
George is a sensible person whereas as no brain . George is rather small is geant. But they stay together. All the same,,,,

The second document present a friend ship based on differents and fascination.
This a story of two young women, two students who are in the same college and who one day meet by accident. Their origin are so different : one is black and Genna comes from a weathly family wheras Minette comes from a more humble background. There is a gap with their origin but their meeting is unexpected.

Which means in fact you never know what happen. You can find differents situations, friendship can be strong in a dangerous situation.

II/Animal Farm
The book animal farm is an apologue by George Orwell. His work is marked by his profound awareness of social injustice and an intense opposition to oppression and totalitarianism.
Besides novels that have become classics, his works include essays and literary criticism.
So, i have chosen 3 extract of the book

The first texte here « the seven commandments » present when the farm animals were gather to hold their first official meeting shortly after the humans had been taken away from the farm in this extrait, the 2 main leaders are their to speak to the ground : the first leader Napoleon and snowbold the promissing young leader.

In the second text during a debate they conclued that Napolean will makes all the decisions. We have an episode who marks the end of democracy of the farm, the end of any dream and idea. A system of democratie centralism in on its away and the seven commandments are fully be trade.

The last document is all about blackmail and propaganda. The title is all about given the choice between the autorities of the pigs or the autorities of the humans.
The center of intention is here the windmill and there is some suspession that Napoleon might start a business with the ennemies out side. Historicaly is like the URSS when the times of their revolution and trying to compromised with the politicians of other nations for ex : second world war
The land of two halves is the new zealand. It's a " country of the long white cloud ", what shows the importance of the climate in particular for the agriculture of the country.

Modifié par lucile83 le 07-06-2013 12:29


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