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Synthèse/notion de progrès

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Synthèse/notion de progrès
Message de ldtl28 posté le 17-11-2013 à 13:08:38 (S | E | F)
Hello !!
Je dois rédiger une synthèse sur la notion de progrès en anglais, à l'aide de documents que j'ai étudiés en classe. Serait-il possible que quelqu'un me fournisse une correction du texte suivant s'il vous plait ?
Merci d'avance !

I will talk the idea of progress. During we have studied this notion, we have worked with several documents whose I could identify three major axis.

First, I have noted that the men's capacities have increased. For exemple, in a listening comprehension, I have learned that procedures are invented to identify embryos with serious fatal genetic diseases and are used for something different to help couples choose the sex of their child. We find the same science in two texts : "Designer baby" and "Saviour sibling". Anna and Jamie, the main characters, are designer babies, both conceived to save their elder sister or brother who are sick. Anna have to give a kidney to save her sister. The doctors are able to save a lot of persons with spare parts. And Jamie was designed to save his brother who was affected by an extremely rare genetic disease. His parents call him "saviour sibling" because he did not just give his brother a spare part but he saved his life.

In an other document, we have observed two robots who are androids. The first has mechanical joints visible but the other looks like a real young woman. It has a face and a female body rather realistic. Today, the man is able to invent impressionant things. Another, he can create machines with artificial intelligence similar human intelligence. For exemple, we have studied a text which deals with Waston. Watson is a gigantic computer with an impressive intelligence. It is able to beat the best in several fields. This breakthrough is really a feat for the experts. Watson is the most important advance in computing of this century. Other robots could improve our quality of life in our homes and workplaces by increasingly taking over boring, monotonous and dangerous tasks. In the futute, they could help to look after children. Let us consider that all these breakthroughs give us more freedom.

But there are drawbacks. The main drawback of using robots is that humans beings are made redudant. Robots are fast and never tired so it replace factory workers on automated assembly lines. Another drawback of robots is their cost. Investment and maintenance costs are high.

To my mind, we shouldn't fear progress ans intelligence's device. The artificial intelligence isn't superior to human intelligence. Contrary to humans beings, machines can't decide to create and feel feelings. However, I think progress change our daily life. What I mean, our life would be very different without all these breakthroughs in progress. Nowadays, we couldn't live without portables, computers, cars, TV... But I think we should'n live just in using these devices.

Modifié par lucile83 le 17-11-2013 16:16


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