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Correction/ oral

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Correction/ oral
Message de ithaq930 posté le 17-02-2014 à 13:03:34 (S | E | F)

voici mes propositions pour mon oral; quelqu'un pourrait-il corriger s'il vous plaît?
Merci de votre écoute.

Notion : myths and heroes
I will explain the meaning of a myth, a hero...and I will try to show on the part one : how famous people can influence the society, and on the part two : how the myth of the american dream changed.
The myth evokes the human condition as an all. history transmitted first orally and often embodied by a hero, a place or community. Each time borrows myths and updates or creates new ones.According to the dictionary definition a myth is a traditional story, concerning the early history of people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. Then a hero in mythology and folklore, a person of superhuman qualifies who is admired for his courage or extraordinary achievements. The hero may be a fictional character or real that marked the tradition, history and everyday life. Popular culture continue to produce their own heroes (folklore, comics,ect.). In the modern world, a hero has lost its ancient meaning. It now means someone who is courageous, helpful. Comics Heroes are « heroic », can help in saving people or society from disasters, like superman or batman. The word is also used in the sports world to mean an extraordinary athlete. Sometimes, the main character of a story is called too a « hero » in a book or movies, like the well known Harry Potter.
First to illustrate the notion of «heroes » I'm going to present characters considered as modern heroes : Steve Jobs founder of Apple and Sergey Brin and Larry page founders of google.
When we studied the Social Networks a name is Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple Company, is a great visionary, a genius who creates the news tools of communication for the worldwide. He became famous thanks his device « think different ». He was an orphan and was adopted by a lower middle class family. He dropped out from school and he didn’t graduate from university. He had nothing to succeed, he starts from scratch. But Steve Jobs revolutionised the world of computers with, Apple the most powerful brand worldwide. Over the years he climbed the social ladder. He influenced people's lives with his achievements. Its certainly the reason why Steve Jobs is considered as a hero. Today he remains a role model, an example of success for a lot of people.
Now, I’m going to talk about Sergey Brin and Larry page . They were American students when they created a new internet search engin called Google. It was designed to help people find information about the whole world. Google is so popular that its name was become a verb. Google is a great success story, a multibillion dollars business. It makes money by promoting various products and services. This is probably due to their ingenuity and their fabulous success that its two founders have become moderns"heroes". It should be noted that Methods of data collection Google, it is that he was sentenced many time to pay various fines for violation of privacy and act of spy. Even a hero can show a dark face.
On the part two :i ‘ll try to say how the myth of the american dream changed.
The american dream was the opportunity to success ,through works,offered to anyone even immigrants.It includes the ability to make an impact on society and change mentalities. The statue of liberty symbolized this dream for european immigrants. The idea of the American Dream is rooted in the United States Declaration of Independence which proclaims that "all men are created equal" and that they are "endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights" including "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Success is what the American Dream is all about. Many people are motivated by the promise of a better life, hence they chase dollar bills all their lives in the hopes of living out the American Dream - a fantasy which only money can buy. The American economic system is designed to meet the needs of the upper class, as it ignores problems of ethnic minorities. America's economic system is flawed as there is unequal distribution of its wealth. America is "no longer the land of opportunity" and "the 'American dream' is became a myth."

To conclude, the history was marked by lots of kind of heroes. Everyone could be the hero of someone. But in fact famous people influence the society because they have a power on the mind of people and their way of life. Because of the crisis we saw the American dream become a migthmare.

Modifié par lucile83 le 17-02-2014 13:06


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