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Summary course/ correction (1)

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Summary course/ correction
Message de azm posté le 19-03-2014 à 00:21:32
Here is the first part of my work, can you help me to improve English
(spelling, syntax)?
please and thank you
PS: Without changing the parties nor the ideas

The purpose of doing a logbook is to demonstrate what am I doing to improve reading skills and build up vocabulary.


This year we’ve been through an English module within the second semester of school. During this module, we studied to reach a general level in English. Last year courses were done to accumulate knowledges in civil engineering vocabulary, while this year we were expected to get the B2 level, which is required to validate any Master diploma in France.

The objective is to lead us to the final written exam and prepare oral achieving a poster dealing with a scientific subject-related field of study.

In this loogbok, firstly, I’ll tell a few words about what we’ve done every single week and I will detail what activities were important and helped me in critical reading skills. Then, the core of my loogbok is reading file, it’s composed of six articles which I chose among my reading. Next, I will call this part reading assignement. The goal is to chose 2 articles and for each text, I have to prepare five questions which bring out the key ideas. Afterwards, I will gather all the words I didn’t know the previous parts in this gloassaire form of a table. Finally, poster session is the description of a two posters I chose.


Monday 13th January 2014
For this first course, we all took a kind of general knowledges exam in the form of a Multiple-Choice-Test. Once the exam finished, the teacher started to correct every sheet. But she realized really fast there were too many copies to finish at term comfortably. So she decided to give each student the copy of a classmate to correct and told us to check if the good answers were ticked. To do it, he told us the good answers aloud.

Finally, The first course is essentially the distribution of groups, and the presentation of the program.
Monday 20th January 2014
I find that reading a weekly newspaper article in English can help us improve our maitirse language. Read allows us to know the news, to learn the vocabulary and to work the constructs sentences. I liked when everyone shared the words he defines when reading nevertheless I regretted the fact that everyone didn’t resume his text to prepare for the oral English.
Working methode for document reading is very interessesting but I think that it’s natural when we don’t understand a text. Then, it’s right this method is very efficace when it’s one sentence but when it’s a text it’s more difficult. After I'm not against the search for general idea but questions often refer to details that are diffcilement understandable.
Finally, I found the exercice « My most memorable train journey » well in order to apply working methode.
Monday 27th January 2014
Today we made a first comprehensive review to assess and we can see our progress during the semester. It allows us to understand what we expect from us.
The two subjects on which we have worked are : “Moles happy as homes go understand” and “ Spoken corpus comes to life”. It’s very interessant because two different themes allowing us to build vocabulary.
Now I understand that continuing to read articles in English for my loogbook help me build vocabulary to understand the texts. I don’t think it's rather unpleasant.
Monday 3th February 2014
We took two hours to work the method of working on a full review. It is more complicated when it comes to following a text, but totally doable.

It is true that exercises are easier than others, usually I feel able to pass an exam but time is a real drag.
This course was very interesting because we move from theory to practice, over the teacher was patient allowing us to ask any questions.
Monday 10th February 2014
The briefing about the poster helped me to understand what I must to do concretely. Using the website advised by Professor, we can easily made the presentation of our poster.
With my classmate we have already found a subject, it has been validated by Professor and we have already did some research for the poster. So, now, we have just to do the design of the poster on PowerPoint.
After the oral presentation of our teacher, she gaves us advice the elements necessary to remember organized into 3 sections : general points (1) , the look of your poster (2) , the text (3) in your poster. The most fun was to complete a text with blanks to find advice. (Training for review)
We can note :
- Give a poster a title,
- It has to simple so someone can understand, 1
- It’s a summary of our word,
- Don”t forget to include our name an

Modifié par lucile83 le 19-03-2014 06:17

Réponse: Summary course/ correction de azm, postée le 19-03-2014 à 00:22:53
and contact information,
- Arrange information in colums,
- Give each section of our poster a heading in large type, 2
- Leave plenty of white space around each section,
- Use phrase phrases rather than full sentences,
- Choose a font size which makes the take easyto read,
- Use different colours for different kinds information. 3
These tips are given at the right time, we will implement.
Finally, we could have a look at former students posters. It helped us considerably.
Monday 17th February 2014

Today I enjoyed the course because it was focused on speaking. In fact, we had to present our project on the poster to each group which allowed us to speak several times and improve ourselves with the advice of our peers and the teacher.

Chloe was absent I had to make the presentation alone, that my much stress but finally everything went well and I was able to gain confidence in myself during testing.

After making about our validated by the teacher, we decided to focus our presentation on the Canadian well as a ecological and economic system which regulate the climate in the home.
If the subject interests you, I invite you to visit our poster entitled “Canadian well” and be present on the day of our final presentation.
Monday 24th February 2014
The goal was to work on the part of reading assigment of the loogbook by picking out of articles from magazines. I chose an article which is entitled « Construction trucks face cycle safety law threat » and dealing with insecurity related to lack of visibility truck.

We had to read and understand the text, then to prepare questions with the possible answer True, False, Not given. The aims is to interview a classmate.

I really liked because I see four objectives, Indeed:
- Reading comprehension,
- work loogbook,
- Understand the basis of an examination,
- Speak english.
Monday 10th March 2014
During the last class we performed timed exams which the subject are the history of migration and OM food. Finally, the teacher give the latest tips for the final exam scheduled for Friday.
Each training the different themes covered are allowing us to acquire the vocabulary of different horizon, what is really rewarding.
Monday 17th March 2014
After having prepared our post throughout the semester, today we present orally. It was very rewarding, since we presented several times which allowed us to gain confidence to be.
The poster presentation allowed me to learn about other topic presented by my classmates, also when the teacher came to ask us I was listening to the presentation on Burd Dubai , not being warned I arrived later and I tried to continue somehow realized without the initial project presentation. It's a pity !

Réponse: Summary course/ correction de gerondif, postée le 19-03-2014 à 00:42:05
quand un mot comme "diffcilement" reste tel quel dans votre texte, c'est que vous avez eu recours à une traduction automatique qui a laissé intact le mot non reconnu.

Si vous écrivez en français "ce qui ma beaucoup stressé", le robot traduira en effet: "that my much stress "

Ce sujet est fermé, vous ne pouvez pas poster de réponse.


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