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Message de osyre posté le 13-04-2014 à 20:46:38 (S | E | F)

A l'approche de mon oral d'anglais (Bac) mercredi prochain, je vous soumets mes différents textes portant chacun sur une des 3 notions que nous avons vues.
Il ne devrait pas y avoir trop de fautes, je pense cependant que certaines tournures de phrases sont maladroites ou que des fautes concernant les temps sont présentes.
Merci de votre aide !

Technology is seen nowadays as one of the best thing humanity has developed. It enables us to keep in touch permently with our relatives, to spend good time with friends by playing video games... However, our life seems today to be dependant of technologies. Should we live without technologies? First, I will try in this talk to bring out the possible aftermaths of power-cuts. Then, I will try to tell you the different problems we would get during tech-free day. To finish, I will give you my opinion on this topic.

To begin with, we studied in class a video about Blackouts. They happen when electricity go off. One happened in California. As a consequence, the majority of citizens can't cook or watch TV anymore. People's witnesses expressed how hard it was to having not electricty. They quickly get bored and can't just live their life. It shows us how we're today dependant of technology. Many things require electricity to function and in the case of the Blackout, the society get paralised.

That's why some people have started to think about the danger of a world like that. Indeed, they decided to experiment a tech-free day. It means they didn't use anything requiring technology during one whole day: They had to get their own food or to find activites which don't use electricity for instance... It has developed their imagination skills. After this experiment, they understood how influential on our life, technologies were.

Then we studied a text about a tech-free day organised by a secondary school. Not being able to check Facebook notifications, getting bored by not watching TV... was vey hard for them. It made them better informed about the dangers linked with technology dependance. Therefore they now moderate their use of technology and try to find other ways to enjoy their life.

As far as I'm concerned, I would consider technology as a very important thing. A lot of people would not agree with me but I think that we don't have to stop using technology. Just see what improvements it has given us : we're now able to speak with asian people for example. We could even say that we belong to the world and no more to our country. We have an access to all the knowledges existing. Despite it, I can admit that some people often prefer to chat by smartphone than going outside. That's pity and dangerous. If we continue in this way we will forget to enjoy our existence which shouldn't be on internet. A tech-less world would make us regress but at the same time it should give us the possibility to live our life in a better way. Therefore, my opinion is mixed.

As a conclusion, technology enabled us to improve our lifes. However, we must use it in moderation and pay attention to the dangers. A transatlantic tunnel is currently being bult. It must link Paris to New-York so that people would be able to reach the other part in only few hours. However, if this train runs by electricity, what would people do if there was a blackout?


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais


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