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Oral/ Espaces et Echanges

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Oral/ Espaces et Echanges
Message de jujul posté le 15-04-2014 à 11:48:27 (S | E | F)
Bonjour à tous !
Je passe mon bac oral à la rentrée !
Voici une autre de mes expressions orales sur le thème suivant : Espaces et échanges.
Je remercie tous ceux qui voudront bien jeter un coup d’œil, et m'aider à corriger les fautes d'orthographe et de grammaire.

I will talk about the notion of spaces and exchanges. A possible definition of this notion is the deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. I think this notion is very present today in our life, because this world is moving all the time and really quickly. All technologies, like Internet, make that we exchange information and values, more and more. But not only, have people travelled all the time. We are able to share our culture with everybody. First, I will talk about globalization, which has the most important impact in our life.

How exchanges in this modern world contribute to evolution of our society ?

On the point of globalization, there are positives and negatives impacts. In fact, the globalization implies an access, for companies and consumers, to products from different countries, and the knowledge of those. Also, with the globalization, information can be exchanges faster. And, people are more open and tolerant to each other, and are being able to live in different parts of the world. But, the acknowledged benefits that accrue to some segments of our society must be weighed against the inequalities that globalization creates in others. In fact, rich begin richest, but non-rich became poorer, and live in poor conditions. There is a social injustice! For make products, prisoners and child workers are used to work in inhumane conditions, as well as human trafficking. It is pitiful. I can’t understand how can have so many inequality in the world. I know that I’m not in position to judge responsible. Myself I contribute to the globalization and thus inequality. For example, I know that today, I wear a sweet made in China, shoes which are coming to Japan. Almost all my clothes are not French. I saw a documentary about this globalization, and problem is, we are dependant to other countries for food, clothes, and other.

Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped and characterised our modern-day world. That why I think immigration or gap year contribute on that. Immigration to USA belongs to five hundred years ago, with Christopher Columbus. Then, time passed and American dream is still current. Now, more people go to America for work. Also, this immigration contributes to a cultural mixture. Today, there are more and more gap year, that is students who are going to other countries for learn a new language and see an other culture. Me, my dream is to go to New York for doing a year during my studies. I think it’s very important to discover other countries, peoples, cultures, usual … It’s essential to understand this world in perpetual change and evolution.

One of the major developments in the most recent years is the Internet and the different social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Skype. This is a new way to communicate today. These networks make it easier for us to stay in touch with friends and family abroad, they open up borders and enable us to communicate with people abroad. However there are also disadvantages to this fast development of internet: there is a lot of false information available, people can become addicted and spend less time with friends and family, there are others dangers such as bullying , pornography, identity theft … I understand exactly what does it mains, because I’m young and in the hearth of that.
To finish, I’m just telling one or two words about education school. There is more and more social diversity and more knowledge than in the past. Thanks to internet information travels faster than before (but this can sometimes be negative especially when the information is false).

To conclude, I think that exchanges are become very important in this world, always in movements. Little by little, with the globalization, we can see borders disappear. Spaces become one world because all spaces need to others countries for live.

Modifié par lucile83 le 15-04-2014 12:31


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