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Message de virginie2348 posté le 24-04-2014 à 15:08:36 (S | E | F)
j'ai besoin d'aide au sujet des fautes d'orthographe et la conjugaison que j'ai dû mal à utiliser. Pourriez-vous m'aider à les corriger ou me dire où se situent les erreurs.
Merci d'avance..

A perfect murder
At midnight, in the state of Connecticut, there was nobody in the street, apart from a few people who were waiting to get into the most acclaimed pub called "The Party Begins”, where some of them had been speaking, and others had nothing to do, so they looked around.
An apartment was located opposite this pub. Suddenly a noise was heard more precisely a scream. Everyone stopped talking and asked where the cry had come, then heard a gunfire. After that they knew that it had come from the roof of the apartment opposite. And a corpse fell on the ground. Now, these people who had become witnesses to this scene remained stunned, speechless, some of them fainted.
Fifteen minutes later, the inspector and a constable arrived at the crime scene, Inspector Broadway peeped, entered the scene showing the police badge, a body was lying in a pool of blood . Thanks to the victim’s identity card found in her purse, they knew that she was a 28 year old woman whose name was Alicia Holmes. She was rather tall and slim, and was brown long haired. She used to live alone in the apartment opposite the pub. The inspector saw that the victim was tied up with adhesive tape and she was shot by a bullet into her heart. Then he went to question the witnesses, but nobody knew what had happened because it was at nightfall, they heard only the shot. This didn’t advance the case. At least that is what the inspector has thought until a witness called Jenny living in the same building, said that she has seen a tall man, wearing black clothing running off the roof and she was sure that this man has pushed the victim of the roof. She couldn’t see his face in the dark. After listening everything she said, the inspector concluded that this act was premeditated, that someone wanted her dead. But why? This is the question that arose the inspector. At this time, the investigation became more serious. Arrived at the police station, a file regarding Alicia Holmes was put down on the table, we knew that she was to be married in a month with her boyfriend, Tom Hawkins, a businessman who is in abroad. Therefore, inspector Broadway came to conclusion that someone was against this marriage. The body is at the autopsy, the forensic scientist called the inspector, after examining the victim’s corpse, she had struggled to protect herself, and they found blood, a man’s in her nail. The suspect is named Patrick Winter. By using the results of the analysis, the inspector looked for information about him; he is aged 30 and had committed petty crimes such as theft and had been sentenced for 3 months and lives in the same apartment as the victim, which seemed very weird to him. To learn more about the cause of her death , the inspector would first of all ask the neighbors of the victim; accompanied by the agent named Bryan, they went there, the agent Bryan asked the concierge whose name is Elizabeth; she affirmed that she has seen Patrick and Alicia get together every night and thought they were dating , after finishing this little inquiry, agent Bryan joined inspector Broadway who questioned from his part, the neighbor downstairs from Alicia, who is a retired banker named Joe and who has been living alone in his apartment, he said nothing conclusive that can get things done and agent Bryan told him what the concierge, Elizabeth, had told him before. After careful consideration, he thought that Alicia and Patrick had a secret affair. To be sure, the inspector decided to interrogate the suspect himself, Patrick, he rang the door after a few minutes, and Patrick opened the door with a beer in hand:
- "Who are you? asked Patrick.
- We're from the police, we came to ask you few questions about the murder of your neighbor above, Alicia Holmes, said Mr. Inspector.
- Is she dead? he asked morosely.
- Last night, at midnight, someone has killed Mlle. Holmes by shot and we found blood which is yours, he said with a calm air.
- What? My blood? It can’t be mine, I was working at that time to earn my livings, and I work at night in a restaurant as a server.
- Can someone confirm your alibi? Otherwise, you must follow me to the police station.
- Yes, you can call my boss, he said with an air of panic. Keep the number. This isn’t because I made some offenses that you must be suspecting me, I have changed.
- Wait a few moments, I'll call this number and then we will see whether you are really guilty. "

After confirming the boss Patrick, he was indeed being worked in the restaurant last night. It became for the inspector increasingly absurd, we found blood in Alicia’s nails, Patrick’s, and the concierge confirmed they were dating, but he isn’t the culprit. So who can it be? To be sure, they went digging Alicia's apartment, the apartment was clean, and the inspector went to comb her room while the agent Bryan was searching the other rooms in the apartment. In her room, there was nothing suspicious, he searched thoroughly, and suddenly found letters for Alicia. These letters were love letters from Jerry Winter. The name was familiar to the inspector. Suddenly he remembered that it is also the name of Patrick, the first suspect who was acquitted. Jerry Winter Could there be a family tie with Patrick Winter?
The inspector called the police and asked if Patrick has a relative named Jerry Winter, and this proved true, Jerry Winter is the twin brother of Patrick Winter, who works in a real estate agency and lives at 200 Oxford Street ten minutes away from the victim’s apartment. After hanging up, his thoughts became clearer , as Patrick and Jerry are twins, which is why we thought Alicia was dating Patrick , in fact she had a secret affair with Jerry Winter, the twin Patrick , and the concierge was mistaken about the identity , as they are physically identical she thought she saw Alicia with Patrick . As the blood found in victim’s nails, as they are twins, they have the same blood, which has distorted the evidence. Now we know who the culprit is, the inspector went to Jerry Winter. Arriving in his house, the policemen began to move around the house as if he ran away, they could take on his own trap. The inspector knocked on the door. Jerry opened the door:
- "Hi Jerry, I 'm Detective Broadway. Will you follow me, please?
- Why?
- You're under arrest for murder. "
Jerry suddenly closed the door and ran.
- "Careful, he has been running away," cried the inspector.
The man went out the back door but was quickly caught.
- «It’s over for you, said one of the officers, it is time to pay for your crimes. »
The inspector asked him:
- "It isn’t worth denying. We found your blood on the victim and the love letters which were found in Alicia’s room showing that you had had a secret affair with her.
- I didn’t kill her!
- We have proof!
- Oh, I 'm fed up running away. Yes I admit that I have killed her.
- But why?
- She wanted to stop our relationship at once because she wanted to marry her rich boyfriend who comes from abroad. I begged her to stay with me but she wanted nothing to listen to. I have always loved her ...”

Result? The trial took place quickly and Jerry was sentenced for 25 years in jail.

Modifié par lucile83 le 24-04-2014 21:25


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