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Oral/ idea of progress

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Oral/ idea of progress
Message de sherlockette17 posté le 28-04-2014 à 17:03:48 (S | E | F)
Bonjour !
J'aurais besoin de votre avis sur ma synthèse pour l'oral du Bac sur la notion "Idea of progress"!! Je me suis aidée de mes cours et j'ai fait des recherches pour compléter mes connaissances sur l'Inde.
Qu'en pensez vous?? Pouvez vous m'aider à corriger les erreurs de langue ou de vocabulaire également? Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!!

I'm going to talk about «the idea of progress». Today, we are living in a world where the globalization and the new technologies create new poles. This is commonly referred to the developing countries. Developing countries are for example India, China, Brazil, South Africa,... The progress is at the heart of these societies. It's a technological progress, a scientifical progress, and on top that a social progress. The social progress is through the evolution of minds, of behaviour, of the social organization. The progress has benefits and disaventages. Why is India said to be a country of contradictions ? India is an emerging country, however which is still torn by inequalities.

On the one hand, India is an emerging country, an emerging power. Indeed, the Indian economy is the eleventh-largest by her Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The middle-class grew quickly. India is attractive for the American and European entreprises that need low-skilled labour. They wish to decrease their cost thanks to the very cheap labour-force : for instance, an Indian engineer earns around 8000$ a year... India is the fifteenth country in the world for the reception of foreign direct investment.
Moreover India develops a very competitive industry. In the domain of new technologies, India have an important place. Bangalore has become a university, a scientifical and an economical center of India. This city is considered like the Indian «Silicon Valley» ; Bangalore is coupled by San Francisso in the United States where is the «true» Silicon Valley. It's a important pole of competences in the world. This city develop the new technologies such as software, biochemistry : many parmaceutical laboratories have plants in Bangalore, and aerospace industry. For example, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM are installed in Bangalore.
Besides India play an important role in the BRICS, an association of emerging countries who regroups Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. That's why, we can say that India is on the way of modernity.

On the other hand, India is a country which is still torn by inequalities. Indeed India is a country where subsist many social inequalities. First, there is health inqualities : one-fifth of the Indian population is undernourished.
Secondly, India counts 400 millions of illiterate people. It's a huge majority of women. Thirdly, humanitarian associations underline the inqualities of housing. One of the largest slum in the world is in India : it's the Dharavi's slum in Mumbai. It currently covers an area of 217 hectares and aproximatly 800 000 people live in some shacks. The greatest irony is that this slum is next to the business district... In Mumbai, the economic capital of India, 10 millions of people (the half of the Mumbai's population) live in slum, whereas the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, his wife, his three children and his 600 domestics live in a huge house : a 27-storeys building !! It's the more expensive house in the world.
Moreover, in India there is inequalities between men and women. In English class, we read a text about the supervision of Indian teenagers by private detectives. Indeed, most parents are reluctant to accept their daughters' emancipation. They want to keep their traditions, to keep an eye on their children espacially girls. In the same time, women want to emancipate : to study, to have job, to go out with boys,... But every Indian woman has the access to education particulary in rural areas. Besides, women are victims of sexual assaults for instance in bus. Last year, a young woman is death after a collective assault in a bus in New Dehli....
On top of that, there is important spatial inequalities between rural and urban area.

To conclude, India is an emerging country where subisist inequalities at all levels. India has still a long way to a equal society. Nevertheless, many things change in India since the independance in 1947....

Modifié par lucile83 le 29-04-2014 01:46


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