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Oral /Myths & Heroes

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Oral /Myths & Heroes
Message de togoto posté le 01-05-2014 à 12:57:39 (S | E | F)
Salut Bonjour
J'ai longuement travaillé sur mon texte de synthèse pour l'oral du Bac, sur Myths &
Quelqu'un pourrait-il relire ma prose et éventuellement corriger les fautes ? Merci beaucoup !!

For a long time, myths exist in our societies. They are invented stories, ideas or concepts. These myths are often associated to heroes.
A hero is an ideal, a model for people, which can be real or of fiction. He it inspires the others and can contribute to the power of a community.
We can wonder why the society create myths and heroes.
To answer it, will begin us by defining what are the various types of myths and hero who exist, then we shall see the function of these heroes and what they bring to the People.

First of all, we will see which types of hero exist for People. First of all, fictional heroes are invented and allow to inspire the People and to make them dream. They are generally models to be followed, and the authors deal with it for a long time. These heroes are more traditional and more authentic, seen as demi-gods.
But the literature and the fiction evolved in time. The artists were fed up of basing themselves only on fictional heroes. They decided to write or to represent more human heroes, as average people. The reader can thanks to it become identified more easily with the hero and become identified with him. We can so quote Scherlock Holmes or Robinson Crusoe, either fictional and classic people, who nevertheless are recognized as heroes and source of inspiration for the society. We speak then of « modern heroes », « misnomer » or « unsuitable name ».
Finally, the third type of hero which can exist is real people and historic heroes, who really existed. These individuals, as Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela, revolutionized the world in a way and are considered by many people as heroes. They also inspire young people and are a source of daily motivation. In the same type, certain singers or actors (Michael Jackson, etc…) are also recognized as such.

All these heroes have a very particular function. They have in every case to transmit something to People all over the world.
The fictional heroes or people having existed allow people to have a big motivation in their everyday life. These are a model to be followed by all: succeed and do good. They are lessons of life and these types of heroes are essential.
The fictional heroes but commonplace and close to the reality are as for them often made to convey other more precise ideas. These heroes are indeed made voluntarily for their objective which is to transmit a precise ideology. We studied through documents and three presentations the modern heroes of Britain and we saw that they broadcast in the world characteristics of the britishness to make this culture known everywhere on the planet. Indeed, Schelock Holmes, James Bond, Wallas and Gromit or the series Monty Python Flying Circus promotes the country and the English mentality.

So, heroes have various types and have varied functions for the People, which are essential in everyday life or for the promotion of important ideas. Heroes and myths are thus present in societies because they are essential for People.

Modifié par lucile83 le 01-05-2014 14:46


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