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Oral /spaces and exchanges

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Oral /spaces and exchanges
Message de youpi posté le 01-05-2014 à 20:26:27 (S | E | F)
Serait-il possible de corriger ce texte que j'ai préparé pour l'oral d'anglais ? Je vous remercie d'avance, cela m'aiderait beaucoup.

I am going to speak to you about the notion of spaces and exchanges. Exchanges can be defined by the circulation of people and different things in the word. When we speak about it, we think at first of the immigration. I have choosen foUr document to illustrate this notion : a text about immigration waves, a draw of the cartoonist : Nick Anderson on the border between America and Mexico, An extract from a book entitled : a day without mexican, and a part of an article written by Daniel Griswold.We might ask In which measures the immigration is not only synonymic of persons avoidingtheir countries but also synonymous of an enrichment for the country ?

First, we can say throught the text on immigration waves, that the immigration has evolved greatly over time in the USA. In fact, The USA one of to face an immigrants' massive flow. Immigrants came from all the world. From 1607 to 1790 they were British merchants and Puritans,They immigrated because of the uneployment in trade ( tobacco) and because the religious oppression. Then, to 1800 to 1880, immigrants were Irish and Scandinavians and Germans. they immigrated because famine, extreme poverty , British domination and war. Finally from 1880 to 1924, immigrants came form from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia because they were confronted to poverty in there respectiv contries.
All of these people immigrated for different reasons In particular because of the unemployment, of the poverty and of the various wars and oppressions. They dreamed about a better life, they want to find weel-paid job and practise there religons freely. All of These immigrants are peoples who try to avoid the problems of their countries

Secondly, we can say that These massive immigrations towards the USA created numerous prejudices of the Americans present still today. We can gove in exemple the immigrants mexican. In the cartoon, we can see oncle sam who represent the americans said to mexican "go out" , it show that many americans didn'want that mexican immigrats in USA. There are afraid about the melting pot, a society too different. However, Mexicans bring many positive things in the United States. In fact, thanks to the document ; "a day without a Mexican" we can say that Mexican are Essential in the Usa. Let me give some examples : The agriculture and the construction sector woud be affected, The service industry would collapse , American parents couldn’t go to work because nobody would take care of their children. In fact a majority of mexican word in these sector. Furthermore,like we see in the article of Daniel Griswold , prejudices of American are false. Immigrants have enriched American culture and enhanced his influence in the worl : In fact, the artice say that Immigrants contribute to the United States’ international competitiveness and its leading position in the world. Immigrants are not aon the economy..(ecaetera caetera=) He denounce all The prejudices on the immigrants.Furthermore, we can see in the cartoon that umployers are welcoming mexican because they need workers.

CCL : In the past, immigrants were synonymous of refugees. In fact from 1607 to 1924, america has kwew an Immigrants' massive arrival who avoided their countries because of wars, of famines.. We can say that all prejudices on Immigrants and more precisly Mexican immigrants are false.They bring in the United States a profound enrichment so that Mexican are Indispensable for the good functioning of the country.

Modifié par lucile83 le 01-05-2014 21:32


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