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Oral/Places and forms of power

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Oral/Places and forms of power
Message de ringo74 posté le 04-05-2014 à 16:52:11 (S | E | F)
I am preparing my oral for the baccalauréat and I would like to know what you think about what I wrote for the notion of Places and forms of power. Please correct any grammatical mistake and give me reformulations in case that something goes wrong in my text. More generally, tell me how relevant do you think my presentation is.
Thanks for your help.

So, I am going to explain the notion of places and forms of power. To start with, I would like to give a definition of power, as we understand it in this notion. The concept of power is the ability to control things in spite of resistance and opposition. This may lead to conflict between those who have and exercise power and those who don't. But can we resist any form of power? We may wonder, what are the different forms of power? How can we resist of a form of power? What impact has power on us?
In order to answer these questions, my presentation will focus on the forms (and places) of power in teenagers' environment/life. For this presentation I am going to use three documents, which all adopt a different point of view on this notion and give us different elements of answer to the questions we have about power and teenagers.
First of all, for most of teenagers, the first and the most important form of power is unavoidably the parents. For this reason, we studied a poster where we could first see a picture of a young boy, around 10, smiling. What catches our attention is the caption. It says: "My name is Peter, and in eight years I'll be...". We tried first to guess what could be the future of this little Peter. And then we saw the full part of the poster. It was a prevention campaign poster for parents against underage alcoholism. In eight years, Peter will become an alcoholic. This document aims to warn parents about the dangers of underage drinking, by advising them to talk with their children to teach them a responsible use of alcohol before it's too late. So this document really points out the power of parents on their children's future. But is this ad very convincing and efficient? Wouldn't it be better to directly reach the concerned teenagers, in the case that parents are not powerful enough on them?
That's why in her video "Teen talk", which is our second document, Chloe explains directly to teenagers the risks of underage drinking, and especially raises the problem of alcohol abuse. The power that alcohol has on us is not to be questioned. As Chloe says, underage drinking contributes to a alcoholism, DUIs, traffic accident, manslaughter, not showing up for school or for work...which shows us the impact that alcohol can have on teenagers' lives. But then she comes to the main problem. Facing parents' warning, prevention campaigns and all those attempts to warn teenagers against alcohol abuse, how come alcohol is still a significant problem today among teenagers? Chloe wants to draw our attention on the influence of peers on teenagers. One the one hand, there are the warnings against such excesses but on the other hand there is an attempt to be like "cool" with our friends and other teenagers. And when we come to a choice between being cool or following parents' advices, well sometimes the influence of other is more powerful on us. And that's why teenagers are the most likely to start alcohol and other substances.
Both the ad and the video make us realize why teenagers are more likely to take drugs or alcohol and why it's important to prevent the use of such substances but now it's time to see the power they have on us. We studied a video showing a testimony of a man whose daughter was killed by a drug consumer. He explains how cannabis radically changed the behaviour of this young boy and transformed him into a murderer. This document shows us how can drugs radically change our behaviour, and not only have an impact on our lives but also on other's lives.
So, finally, we saw three forms of power that appears in teenagers environment: parents, alcohol and drugs. Teenagers cannot always resist these forms of power, especially alcohol and drugs, either because of the influence of others, either because of the influence of drugs or alcohol itself. And then, they have a huge impact on our behaviour, on our life and on others lives. These are forms of power, more than places, in teenagers' lives, which among every forms and places of power, make sense to everybody, but I would to end by saying that these documents, as far as I explained them, don't really give us solutions as much as they point problems out. What about alcohol? Should we lower the drinking age or make it more severe maybe? Is it really a good idea to legalize cannabis?

Modifié par lucile83 le 04-05-2014 18:19


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