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Myths and heroes/Bac

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Myths and heroes/Bac
Message de moujica posté le 05-05-2014 à 18:03:09 (S | E | F)
Bonjour !
Je vais passer sous peu l'oral d'anglais et je souhaiterais de l'aide pour corriger mon texte (notamment au niveau de l'orthographe) sur la notion Myths/heroes.
Merci d'avance.

Intro: Myths evoke the human condition and are often embodied by heroes, places or communities. Thus, examining myths is getting into heroes and legends that found a collective identity. The definition of a Hero is relative, but in my mind it is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Moreover, it may have a political influence, such as the leaders of Civil rights movement. What these activist have they accomplished to be considerate as heroes?

1- In their times, they accomplished brave actions in order to change people’s view and erase racists customs, even if they were depriving of their rights and threatened by violent oppressions.
For instance in the USA, during the sixties, some people, who were the pioneers of Civil Rights, and who had grown up in a segregated south, where there were separate rules for Blacks and Whites, begun to protest against Jim Crows Laws.
That’s the case of Rosa Parks. She is an African-American civil rights activist from Alabama, who in 1955 (nineteen fifty-five) refused to give up her seat to a white passenger. However, because she was tired of giving in and being treated unfairly, she was arrested and quickly became one of the most famous symbols of the fight against segregation in America.
Martin Luther King, another hero of the fight against racial discrimination, heard about Parks’ brave defiance and launched a boycott of Montgomery buses. It wasn't just that Martin Luther King became the leader of the civil rights movement that made him so extraordinary—it was the way in which he led the movement. Indeed, in his famous speeches “I have a dream” and “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” he calls for unity, equality, boycotts and nonviolent protest against unjust laws, while challenging the United States to live up to its ideals. Despite the fact that these peaceful forms of protest were often met with vicious threats, arrests, beatings, and worse.

2- Nowadays, they still are considered as heroes in the collective consciousness.

Indeed, because they were the pioneers of Civil Rights, who contributed so much for their country, they still are respected as global statesmen and inspirational individuals.
Thus, Martin Luther King’s speeches and quotes are part of history and participated in making him a hero.
As for Rosa Parks, she was considered as one of the Nation’s most distinguished citizens. Therefore her body lay in state in Congress, a tribute normally reserved for presidents.

Conclusion: To conclude, we can say that these heroes have changed our lives and the course of history. Indeed, they challenged racism made their country a more just and humane society for all. These leaders were factors of group cohesiveness and brotherhood between Blacks and Whites. But finally, real heroes are those who will remain the stuff of legend.

Modifié par lucile83 le 05-05-2014 19:19


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