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Oral/Espaces et échanges
Message de audreyrom posté le 08-05-2014 à 14:32:07 (S | E | F)
Bonjour à tous,
j'ai écrit mon oral d'anglais mais j'aimerais que quelqu'un me corrige mes fautes (n'étant pas très forte en anglais il doit y en avoir beaucoup --')
Merci d'avance !!

globalization can create progress and economic development for thirds world countries economy with the establishment of FMN.Indeed, it creates jobs , . let us take the example of an extract of « cosmopolitan girl » priti, a young indian girl find a job in an australian company. therefore, she is proud because she can be more integrate in the indian society because of the wage and this new independence as a indian women..

Globalization can create a new culture or a mix between several culture with the movement of people in the world; in one society it creates diversity of people ,and there are not a stereotype of people in each nation. so it’s a melting pot; this dual culture is an asset, like spanglish , this dialect was studied by ilan stavans , a professor of latin american college , which is a dialect with a mix between english and spanish. we can prove that globalization is a bane . because with the spanglish, they cut theirselves off from the mother tongue. and they don’t succeed at school because they don’t assimilate the english a result, they don’t be integrated very well in a society.

globalization spread the American way of life and the standard of living of people are standardized , By a journalist mark rice Oxley in the christian science monitor show that hollywood rules the global movie market, with up to 90 percent of audiences in some european countries for example in Africa two of three films shown are american. besides, indian sports enthusiasts increasingly watch basketball, not cricket whereas it’s a traditional sport in india.
i’s a same thing with the american multinationals companies, they have spread throughout the world and it brings the american way of life. for example, we saw a photography took in india with a macdonald, this company has become a symbol of globalization, because she has spread throughout the world. sometimes referred to as the « macdomination »
it results a contrast between western culture who have values and standard of living different of traditional culture. the traditional culture are despised for the benefit of the domination of western culture. This situation has contributed to a distancing between adults who want to preserve traditional culture and way of life and young people who are influenced by this new culture; for example , in a texte « why america » mali ’s father, doesn’t want that her son go to america to study story-telling because he doesn't like this way of life, too much libertine for him.

unfortunately, third world countries have to conform to the western model. for example, the mother of priti was shocked by priti’s job. she doesn't like that her daughter has to changed her name to hayley and quit her accent to speak as an australian women.

in a photography a man denounces capitalism's system and more generally multinational companies which have the monopoly worldwide. he replaced stars in the american flag by logo of the multinational companies because it’s brand companies who have the power. and not the population.
we watched a documentary inconvenient truth, it shows the environmental issue of globalization with the increasing of storms deforestation, poverty and global warming due to a pollution
because with a globalization we exchange a lot with petroleum gaz to stay competitive.
this documentary shows the importance of protecting the world.

as a conclusion, with the globalization the world became one space. we can discover, travel and work in the entire world with the technological advances.
but i think we lost a collective awareness because we don’t feel belong to a specific nation and i think we became very individualist to stay competitive and we forget to take care about our planet. indeed we start only now to worry about the global warming. and looking for solutions . infortunately, the Usa don’t sign kyoto protocol to stay competitive in the globalization.

Modifié par lucile83 le 08-05-2014 16:13


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