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Oral/Espaces et échanges
Message de inesp97 posté le 18-05-2014 à 13:32:34 (S | E | F)
je passe mon oral d'anglais dans une semaine et j'aimerais avoir votre avis sur cette notion,xxx car je ne sais pas si j'ai bien fait. Je n'ai pas trouvé de problématique, est-ce qu'il en faut vraiment une?xxxMerci d'avance pour votre aide!

I’m gonna speak about the notion « Spaces and exchanges ». For this notion, I choose to speak about immigration to the United States, especially to New-York. A possible definition of this ide ais that the world is moving all the time and very quickly. We know that migratory exchanges increased with the mondialisation and the United States was founded by immigrants from Spain, France and Netherlands. First of all, I will explain why people wanted and want to immigrate. Secondly, I will talk about waves of immigration and at the end, I will give you my point of view OU the situation of today.

I.The reasons of immigration
Live in America was the “American Dream” for many people. The definition of this American Dream is “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity, for each according to ability of achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth” in 1931. The main reasons was economic reasons. In their country, people didn’t earn much money or didn’t work. They thought that moving to America would bring them a new better life because America, especially New York has a great economic dynamism. They also immigrated to escape the famine.
Today, there are still people who immigrate, like Ana,35 years old, a Mexican woman who live in America illegaly. She has her family, her kids in her country of origin. She left them to work as illegaly cleaning woman to earn money. To move to the United States without getting caught, she has to walk, crawl…

II.Waves of immigration
Now, I’m gonna talk about the waves of immigration. There was 3 waves of immigration.
The first wave started in 1600 and stopped in 1780 approximately.
The second wave lasted around 80 years, in 1800 to 1880. During this second wave, that was especially the english who came in America and New York. That’s the “English Invasion”. English left their country because of the famine (Potato Famine), they were starving. The famine started in 1845 and stopped 7 years later. They came for a new life, to escape the famine and earn money. Unfortunately, the americans didn’t accept the coming of the english and a slogan was created : « America for Americans », to express their volonty to send back the English in their country.
Finally, there was a third wave of immigration in 1890 to 1920. During these years, immigrants came in the continent through Ellis Island, a little island in New York, in the East Coast oh United States. This island was the gateway of United States for millions of people thanks her port opened in 1892 and closed in 1954. It was a border that allowed to control the immigrants. Arriving in the island, immigrants has to pass tests and to be examinated. The first immigrate to arrive in this island was Annie Moore, an Irish girl at the age of 15 ans who wanted to join her parents in New York. If one immgrate has a disease, he was sent to the hospital of the island. If the disease was incurable, he was sent back to his country. Controls allowed to select people who can live in America legaly. There is a second island like Ellis in San Fransisco. It is Angel Island, in the West Coast of the United States, second island “gateway”.

III.Point de vue
Today, the continent of America is multiracial: there are German who lives there, Irish, Christians, Jews, Muslims… Immigrants can now keep in touch with their family in others country with news technologies like internet. It can help them to live away from their relatives. I think that immigrate Is good for people who wants a new life if their life in their country was poor. They have the right to live in good condition.

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-05-2014 18:36


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