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Oral/Spaces and Exchanges

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Oral/Spaces and Exchanges
Message de tsukichan posté le 25-05-2014 à 15:40:54 (S | E | F)
Voilà mon deuxième dossier d'anglais que j'ai encore écrit pour pouvoir organiser mes idées mais je pense que ce serait trop long de dire tout ça en dix minutes. vous Pourriez-vous me corriger et me dire ce qui ne sert à rien pour que je ne perde pas trop de temps dans mes dix minutes ?
Merci !

Introduction :
I would like to talk about the notion : “Spaces and Exchanges”.
This notion means that the world is unified nowadays because of the globalization and we can see a diversity cultural, language, economic and sociological. However, in the societies, we can see many people who are prejudiced against others because of their origin, their religion, their skin colour, their traditions and culture, their opinion... ect. Discriminations means to must integrate in the society even if we are different and education is the best system for this.
=> So I am presenting the integration in the society through the world of education.
(Peut-on comprendre que c'est ma problématique ?)

I- The integration in a public school
The first text is an extract from Two lives written by Vikram Seth and published in 2005. The author relates his arrival in a British public school when he was seventeen and he coming from India.
At first, the narrator is anxious because he arrives in a new school which is impressive, where the groups of friends are already formed and where this life is very different from his life in India. He has to change his habits, his own way of thinking.He has to adjust to the strict, serious, formal environment of the public school because its an elite school. He has to forget the rules of his Indian school and he understands that very quickly. In fact, he is humiliated when he eates the apple which is just a decoration and the room fells silent. With this example, the author shows the difficulties to integrate a new society through his personal experience even if his message is optimistic because he shows with the headmaster that an immigrant can count on same people to help him. Indeed, the housemaster understand the narrator's embarrassment and make him feel better at ease. In addition, he encourages him in his studies.
So Vikram Seth explains taht integration is possible on condition the foreigner is willing to adapt to a new way of life.
But we can say that it was more easy for this author because he was in a public school and the English system is very selective so he could go to a great university.

II- Integration in society with a bad education
The second document insists on the possibility for suburban teenagers to integrate socially, to bridge the social gap throught education.
This is an extract from The Buddha of Suburbia written by Hanif Koreishi and published in 1990.
It is the story of a boy called Karim, a British teenager who live in South London, a suburban area, who comes from the working class. He has recently met a girl called Eleanor who belongs to the upper class and he understands that they live in two separate worlds because of their education and their social background.
When he was sixteen, Karim left his state school because he though that education it wasn't education.
In addition, the English education is very selective. The selection to attends a public school has more opportunities to reach a high level compared to those in state schools. About 10 per cent of young people drop out of school, which creates unemployment because they have no qualifications.. The access to public schools and top universities is restricted and very elitist : It depends on your background and your social class.

However, the extract tells us that Karim regrets his choices when he was young. Now, he considers that he and his friends were idiots. When he compares hilmself with Eleanor, he realizes he was ignorant, immature, too young for understand. He is know aware of the importance of education. The narrator decided to lose his accent, to change by getting as much knowledge and culture as possible. Today, he is a literate man.
First, the author wants to show the difficulties for suburban teenagers to adapt to the society they live in. He shows the contrast in education between different social class in their languages, in their cultures, in their access to knowledge... ect. Nevertheless, th author explains that education is the key to social integration and that all the teenagers have the abilities to reach a higher cultural standoral. For him, education must be equal for everyone.

III- This is same in Japan
My personal document is a picture which represents Eikichi Onizuka during his meeting with the Vice principal. Onizuka is the portagonist of GTO which means Great Teacher Onizuka and is a Japanese shonen manga written and illustrated by Tohru Fujisawa.
This is the story of Onizuka the leader of bosozoku who becomes a teacher in an elite school.
The word bosozoku refers to the clan of bikers juveniles who engaged in dagerous driving especially at 1970 to 1980. This word is a combination of “Boso” which means 'Wild Ride' and “Zoku” which means 'Clan'. But we can also understand the word “Boryokudan” which means gangster.
First, during his metting for become teacher in Kissho, a highly recognized public school, Onizuka is reffered because of his appearance. In fact, he doesn't wear conventionals clothes and he looks like a thug. However, the author denouces a person as the vice-principle who judges with physical appearance. Secondly, th vice-principle can't accept someone who went into a mediocre university. His ideal teacher is serious, intimidating, authoritarian and a student who was in the prestigious university Todai
To my mind, the Japanese education si similar to British education system because only private schools allow students to enter the top universites which require excellent results and also top position in society.

Modifié par lucile83 le 25-05-2014 19:25


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