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Mythes et héros/ correction

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Mythes et héros/ correction
Message de cacharelle posté le 08-04-2015 à 15:44:58 (S | E | F)

Je suis une élève de Terminale S,  et, dans un mois, je passe mes oraux de langue.
Les professeurs d'anglais ne corrigeant pas les synthèses, j'aurais aimé que vous y jetiez un coup d’œil pour m'indiquer où je pourrais avoir fait des fautes. Ça m'aiderait énormément!
Merci d'avance!


I'm going to speak about the notion myth and heroes. But first of all, what is a myth and what is an hero? A myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. A hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her achievements, a superhero or maybe a role model or an icon. That's why we can wonder: today American’s heroes, are they myths or realities? In this way, we shall analyze in what we can say that they are myths and then we shall see in what they can be considered as realities.


First, we can say that today American's heroes are rather myths. This is particularly the case of the superheros that we can find in the document 'the world's greatest superheroes' such as Superman. Indeed, Superman is a perfect example of a contemporary mythical hero since he has powers which allow him to save the world fighting against evil. For instance, it can, thanks to his cape, fly. But it is not the only hero of America.
We can also find heroes who are instead targeted to children such as the characters of Disney. Actually, the girls often like to take for model the beautiful princesses of Disney and the boys, the valiant knights or princes.
But in any case, whether superhero or heroes for kids, they are all fictional characters who aim to make dreaming and to give to people, a model which they can identify and try to look like. Nevertheless, certain heroes can also be seen as a mirror of the American society. It is what highlights the document 'The most patriotic covers'. We find then Captain America who wears the colors of the American flag. In the same way, we also have Wonder Woman who symbolizes the women' war effort. We thus see that nowadays America's heroes can be considered as a fictitious character, a myth, which aims to entertain and provide a model of the moral values perfection.


But the American hero can also turn out to be a reality. in effect, today's society has also highlighted the real heroes during important events like, for example during the attack of the Twin Towers of September 11th for New York. This tragic event proved the necessity of certain high-risk professions such as firefighters because the intervention of those guys was required to put out the fire and thus save lives. So they are real heroes embodying the courage and the bravery. Others dangerous occupations are also at the origin of hero as for instance, soldiers. Indeed, as we have seen in the document « A good soldier » or « American soldier », the soldiers are willing to risk their own lives in order to defend their country and save the lives of other people. Some films are also realized to stressed these men like in Chris Kyle in American Sniper. We see here, that American's heroes can be real men who work in dangerous domains.
But American's heroes are also men and women who make change the society through a fight for ideals. This is moreover the case of Martin Luther King. Indeed, he allowed blacks to really be considered and to occupy an equal place to the whites in the society. It is especially what we can notice in his famous speech of August, 1963. That's why, this American president can be considered as a hero. But the sportsmen also can be seen as real heroes because of their performances. But they can also support ideals and fight for them. That's what makes them all the more heroic. This is the image that show the photo of the Olympic Games 1968 in Mexico. Besides, ordinary people can also become real heroes. Rosa Park is a beautiful example. In fact, she claimed her rights as black people, and fought for, that's what is underline in the text 'Let me have those seats!'. Thus we see that the American heroes can also be real people.

To conclude, we can say that, on the one hand the American's heroes are heroes who are created to entertain and are thus myths. But on the other hand these heroes can be realities because they can involve presidents, people exercising risky jobs or still ordinary people. But whether they are myths or realities, 'The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example' as said Benjamin Disraeli who was the British Prime Minister and Novelist.


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