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Oral /Myths and Heroes

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Oral /Myths and Heroes
Message de lola6464 posté le 11-04-2015 à 12:21:39 (S | E | F)
Je poste ma dissertation d'anglais sur Myths and Heroes. Si quelqu'un veut bien m'aider à la corriger et analyser ce qui ne va pas, je lui en serai très reconnaissant ;).
Je pense que je n'ai pas assez approfondi sur la notion de mythe. J'ai essayé de l'introduire mais c'est assez maladroit et je n'ai aucune inspiration.

I'm going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes we studied in class through some documents. First, I would like to give you a brief definition : a myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition. An hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her achievements, a superhero or maybe a role model or an icon.
We can wonder in what extend this documents are relevant illustrations of the notion?
To begin with Malala's speech, I'm going to present her acts and then I'm going to speak about those of Henry Ford, the man who revolutionized the automobile's world.

First and foremost, I consider Malala as the heroine of our time. She marked her 16th birthday by delivering a speech at the United Nations to speak up of her campaign for girl's right and above all the right of education of every children.
That day, she was heard and standing behind a lot of important politicians. But she wasn't here to speak for herself but for those which voice can't be heard. She told the assembly the attack of Talibans and the bullet on her and on her friends. Those shots aimed at silence her but they failed. Nothing change in her life, only fear, weakness, and hopelessness disappeared to let place to strength, power and courage.
By fighting for the education for every children, Malala tries to ensure liberty of each of them. Her campaign is more so important when we know that freedom is necessary to live in good conditions in society. But it could also help to reach happiness.
Moreover, she has many qualities as being pacific, altruistic, mature, courageous, and over and above, she fights for her ideals. These qualities are characteristic of an hero.
In a nutshell, this speech is an impressive message of hope and peace to the world. Malala is for me the representation of wise and peace in the world as the Daila Lama is for Tibetans.

By the way, can we consider every person as an hero because he or she fights for his ideals?

To this question, I answer no. I will explain why with the example of Henry Ford.
John Dos Passos has written an article, called Big Money, about this great businessman of the 20th century.
We learn that Henry Ford had his own working policy. Indeed, he established the assembly line and the mass production. Visionary Then as a conservative man, he only hired “cleancut properly married American workers”. To get them to be good workers, Ford paid them five dollars a day, an amount of money which was quit generous at that time.
It's on this concept that the success of Henry Ford was based and that he was considered a hero, and, as time goes, a myth. However, the journalist is quite biased in his words. His article is written in a sarcastic tone. For instance, he gives his opinion on the wages given to the workers as a very small cut. Moreover he exposes Ford to hired workers who didn't read or think.
To my mind, Ford is not a hero. I believe that being considered as an hero depends of the point of view of every people. Indeed, we don't have all the same convictions or ideals. So I deduce that an real hero must act for the common interest.
To sum up, this article demystifies the work of Henry Ford by revealing what was his real aim : money.

To conclude, to be consider as a hero some qualities are expected, but for me the most important is to act for the common interest as Malala does. If your position of hero persist, the myth arise.

Merci d'avance!

Modifié par lucile83 le 11-04-2015 13:38


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