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Correction/Lieux et pouvoir

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Correction/Lieux et pouvoir
Message de jujul0r posté le 01-11-2015 à 14:44:19 (S | E | F)
Bonjour à tous,
j'aimerais connaitre vos avis quant à mon exposé pour l'oral d'anglais sur la notion Locations and forms of power, et s'il y a des fautes me les indiquer s'il vous plait.
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses. 

The United States already have an important influence all around the world. So, I'm going to talk about the notion « Location and forms of power ». I would like to give a definition of Locations and Power. Locations are a site, a position or the state of being located. Power is defined to a person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others and the ability or official capacity to exercise control, authority (The State, the government, and political organization). His power is represent by a lot of icones. I would like to illustrate this notion through the theme « Guns Control » and « The Death Penalty ». So, we may answer the question how the America legislation became different of others countries. First of all, I will concentrate on the laws establish since many years. Finally, I will say a few words about differents opinions about these laws.

At the beginning of 19 century, people begun to carry arms on themselves for the conquest of the West. We can illustrate this with a cover of a cartoon. It proves by the symbolic images of America. We can see the top of the Empire State Building, which is the symbol of all american skyscrapers, which was for years the world's tallest building. Nearly as tall as the skyscrapers, Jonh Wayne, an american film icon in his cowboy outfit, is standing on the right, pointing his gun to the sky as a sign of victory or as a warning. However, some images are conspicuously from this picture of the USA. With this picture, it's easy to understand the U.S.A history and the link with the guns.
Indeed, guns became an image of the power of USA. This law passed in the legislation by the 2nd amendment who say : « A well-regulated militia, being neccessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed ». It mention, in 1791, the right of people to carry guns.
The cartoon "Bowling for Colombine" illustrate this history too. It raises the problem of the violence in the U.S.A espcially in High School. We can see school boys and schools girls getting out of the school bus as well as other children who are most likely walking to school. So, the author aim is to be quite convicing and effective insofar as it must have made most American people react and consider the bearing of firearm as a burning issues. In fact, there was a lot of events, like slavery, fondation of KKK and NRA. These tensions was the foundation of American values about weapons's law. An other document deals with this subject. This recording focuses on the regulation of firearms in the United States. It explain that if you have 18 years old in Colorado, it's easy to carry gun as a result of the « Far-West » history.

Secondly, we can speak about the capital punishment. Altough all the States aren't agree with the Dealth Penalty, this laws became an important part of the constitution. In fact, 34 states have implemented a death penalty as a punishment since 1976. These statistics clearly show the Americans agree with the use of the death penalty as a just punishment for a certain crimes.
In spite of these laws, we can see differents point of view. That's why we can study differents documents who explain that.
Then, it's obvious that guns have a major place in America so much so that is awesome. An article written by Nick Allen the 1st January 2012 confirm this observation. He explain that Americans record numbers of guns for Christmas. After much research, he try to find reasons. The NRA (National Rifle Association) said people were concerned about self defence beacause police officier numbers were declining. An other reason can be that people believe tighter firearms laws will be introduced in the future. So, these mass purchases perfectly illustrates the interest about guns and weapons.
After, an interview draws our attention to the fact that several rules could be modified. Adria, a women native to Kentucky and member of the Republican party. She explain that she agrees to make stricter rules on handguns but not against the use of certain weapons for recreation. However, her interlocutor seems to be favorable for an update of certain rules to ensure that the holder of a firearm is healthy in body and mind. Despite instead of guns, it would seem that everyone doesn't have the same opinion.
Moreover, peoples introduced pictograms shocking message to protect and prevent disaster. For exemple, we can see « Staff heavily armed and trained ; any atempt to harm children will be met with deadly force ». That's can be represent a kind of limit about the guns control.
To return about the dealt penalty, the Oregon mass shooting is a good exemple. After this event, the President Barack Obama showed his exasperation. Unfortunately since Obama's reelection in November 2012 there have been 993 mass shooting events in the United States. John Hanlin, the country sheriff who was at the scene of the killings, saying : « Gun control is NOT the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings. And actions against, or in disregard for our US Constitution and 2nd amendement rights by the current administration would be irresponsible and an indisputable insult to the American people ». Here then an opposition form that shows that everyone doesn't agree and a governement concerned by event. If we have to give some statistics the text « Death and Innocence » publish in The Economist is interessant. It's possible to learn that according to surveys, near to 62% of peoples thinks that the Dealth Penalty is a valid punishment whereas 81 % thinks that the dealth penalty can executing innocent people. This shows again that people aren't all the same opinion.

To conclude, we can say the law about weapons and guns in the United States is always a problem. There is a lot of violence in American society because of this law but the history of American is an argument to the application of the 2nd amendment.

Modifié par lucile83 le 01-11-2015 16:07
Mise en forme standard

Réponse: Correction/Lieux et pouvoir de laure95, postée le 01-11-2015 à 19:05:10 (S | E)
Commence plutôt ton exposé par les définitions des notions.
- The United States already have: inverser ces 2 mots.
- Power is defined to: pas la bonne préposition0
- His power is represent by a lot of icones: HIS représente qui? + voix passive: BE CONJUGUE + PARTICIPE PASSE.
- the theme: à mettre au pluriel.
- different of others countries: pas la bonne préposition + pas de "s" à un adjectif.
- the laws establish: à mettre au participe passé.
- since many years: pas possible de mettre SINCE devant YEARS.
-différents opinions.

- It proves: à mettre au passif.
- the U.S.A history: il manque la marque de la possession.
- Indeed, guns became: à mettre au présent perfect.
- the 2nd amendment who say : pas le bon relatif + un amendement ne parle pas.
-It mention: temps.

- The cartoon "Bowling for Colombine" illustrate: conjugaison.
- the author aim: cas possessif.
- there was a lot of events: THERE WAS + SINGULIER.
- These tensions was: conjugaison.
- weapons's law: tu ne peux pas faire de cas possessifs avec des objets.
- It explain: conjugaison.
- that if you have 18 years old: l'âge ne se fait pas avec HAVE!!!!

- aren't agree: ETRE D'ACCORD: TO AGREE.
- this laws became: à mettre au présent perfect.
- a certain crimes: A + MOT AU SINGULIER.
- differents point of view: le pluriel n'est pas sur le bon mot.
- differents documents who explain that: même remarque + pas le bon pronom relatif.

- that is awesome: il manque le sujet.
- An article written by Nick Allen the 1st January 2012 confirm: conjugaison.
-He explain
- he try: temps.
- officier: orthographe.
- believe: il manque IN.
- Adria, a women native to Kentucky: WOMEN : pluriel + pas la bonne préposition.
- She explain: conjugaison.
- recreation: ?
- peoples: pas de "s".
- prevent disaster: PREVENT FROM.
-For exemple: orthographe.
- atempt.
- That's can be represent: mal construit.
- and a governement concerned by event: ?
- publish: participe passé.
- interessant: mot français.
- near to: pas le bon mot.
-peoples thinks: conjugaison.
- the dealth penalty can executing: CAN + INFINITIF.
- people aren't all the same opinion: utiliser le verbe HAVE.

- the history of American: America.


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