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Bac/Idea of progress

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Bac/Idea of progress
Message de valou2604 posté le 18-04-2016 à 00:31:48 (S | E | F)
serait-il possible s'il vous plait de mettre les fautes en évidence ?
Merci d'avance pour votre aide

So, I’m going to talk about the idea of progress. To illustrate this subject, I chose to talk about the following problem: Some Enlightened philosophers conceived progress as evidence of harmony between humanity and the nature. Why resources of our planet are so important? Does today’s society really respect nature? How can we preserve resources?
First of all, I will define the notion of progress and show why resources of our planet are so important, after, I will show how a big part of Today’s society doesn’t respect nature and finally we will give evidence that there’s hope repairing this problem and things are changing. Let’s keep in mind, I will only speak about natural resources.

Literally, the idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. However, progress is not always seen in the same way by everyone so progress can be positive or negative

The resources of planet are so important for humanity.
What is the natural resource: Natural resources are useful raw materials that we get from the Earth. They occur naturally, which means that humans cannot make natural resources. Instead, we use and modify natural resources in ways that are beneficial to us. The materials used in human-made objects are natural resources. Some examples of natural resources and the ways we can use them are water, fish, trees, crude oil etc...
Humans have used so many resources, to progress in the various domains, as the science either the technology to improve the quality of life of the human... This use has created waste, pollution, deforestation and many other things who destroy the future of humanity.

If we compare the earth to a system, we can see today, system is failing. The problem is not only that we mine and use heavy metals, or use chemicals product produced by society, or disrupt natural processes. It is, rather, that our industrial and economic systems have developed so that environmentally damaging practices like these will continue to spread indefinitely, having greater and greater impact over time. In fact, we are systematically increasing this impact, they are now getting larger. Then will come a time when resources will be dried out and we won’t be able to sustain the needs of our society further and humanity is doomed to disappear. If we look these photos, we can see humanity have a problem.
Did you know; 90% of waste in a dust bin could be composted and 10% on fuel consumption can be saved if you turn down the heating. 24 trees are necessary to make one tone of newspaper and it takes 500 years to decompose plastic.

These facts are shocking, fortunately, there are people working on

Today many people and a part of young people care deeply, about the fate of the planet and humanity, young peoples are the future and it is necessary to give them, the opportunity to change the world and made impact in their communities because it is only with a unity we can make a world better. We can quote all inventors who fought for a sustainable development like people who have created the twelve invention in the “POC 21” or peoples who are in an association. We can quote also peoples who try hard to save energy or find new energies. Speak about the “POC 21”, POC21 is an international community. The camp brought together makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks. Late summer 2015, they have joined forces in a stunning french castle to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society. If we retain, the 2 best project, we can cite “the Faircap”, Faircap is an open source antibacterial water filter, to provide clean drinking water for all. As a small portable filter, the Faircap can be screwed into a bottle, allowing safe consumption of clean water from any source. Also we can present Shower loop offers a filtration system that cleans shower water in real time, reducing the amount of water and the energy used to heat that water by five to ten fold or more.
As a conclusion we can apply that today ‘society doesn’t respect the nature, we see it by all examples who are diffuses all the day and this thing is a nightmare, but we have an emergence of a harmony between human and nature with all projects who are created but this advancement is so low if we compare it to human impacts, hope that the thing change…

Modifié par lucile83 le 18-04-2016 08:39


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