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Bac/Spaces and exchanges

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Bac/Spaces and exchanges
Message de englishgirl posté le 21-04-2016 à 16:13:19 (S | E | F)
Je viens de faire mon oral de Bac d'anglais sur la notion d'espaces et échanges, j'espère que vous prendrez le temps de m'aider
Merci pour vos réponses.

Hello. I'm going to talk about the notion of Spaces and Exchanges. In the first place, I would like to define this notion. This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. To illustrate this notion, I've chosen to talk about immigration in the USA.
Is America still a destination for immigrants ?
In the first place, I'm going to talk about the past immigration. In a second part, I'm talking about Ellis Island, the voyage of freedom. And to finish, we'll see that the American Dream is still an enduring dream.

First of all, there have been a lot of waves of immigration in America since 1800(sixteen hundred) because of better livings conditions. From the 16th century, America was colonized by europeans. From 1800(eigtheen hundred) to 1820(eighteen twenty), a new wave of immigration was made up by Irish people who left their country because 1 million died in 1840(eighteen forty) due to the the potato starvation. There were also German and Austrian people. At this time, there were Napoleon wars and revolutionary movements. Then, from 1820(eighteen twenty) to 1880(eighteen eighty), the Chinese came to America to build railroads. From 1890(eighteen ninety) to 1924(nineteen twenty four), the immigration extended and migrants came from several countries such as Southern and Central Europe due to conflicts (like Italy, Greece or Sicily) and the far-east like China and Japan.

During the 20th century, coming to America appealed to many immigrants from the southern and northern parts of Europe as they found a way out of situations of persecution and oppression as well as political and economic difficulties. These immigrants wanted to realize the American Dream which is defined like the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American. But passengers had to go through a physical inspection by doctors on Ellis Island before they were set free into their new life or were detained because of issues that the doctors found. If someone had a problem, he was sent back to where he came from. To illustrate this, there is the text of Fred Stewart called « Don't send me back ». The main character is a Russian Jew and he must have hoped for better prospects. He probably whishes he could leave Ellis Island quickly, he certainly fears the American Authorities might rejected him.

However, if everyone don't arrive to enjoy the American Dream because there are too much people who would like to realize it, it is still an enduring dream. America is a land of plenty like Coca-Cola, Macdonald, a land of freedom like Lady Liberty or land of achievement like the Empire State Building. And nowadays, people still have their chance to prosper in America. Indeed, there is an autobiography written by Fareed Zakaria called « I still believe in the American Dream ». Fareed is borned at Bombay in India and when he is arrived to America, he joined the Harvard University. And now, he's a famous journalist and author over there. This document refers to the notion because it is about a man who had immigrated in another country to have a better life.

Even if the American economy is not thriving, booming, prosperous, the US still gives immigrants the opportunity to improve their lives, to remain hopeful for the future, to live in a democracy, to have a shot at the American Dream. So, America is still a destination for immigrants but for how long ?

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