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Notion/places and forms of power

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Notion/places and forms of power
Message de xou56 posté le 27-04-2016 à 15:12:34 (S | E | F)
je passe mes oraux du Bac la semaine prochaine et j'aimerais avoir de l'aide pour corriger svp s'il vous plait
Merci d'avance.

I am going to talk about the notion of « places and forms of power ». “Places” could be important buildings or institutions which represent a certain form of power or a symbol of power. And « Power » is the ability to control others, events, or resources; the ability to make things happen despite obstacles, resistance, or opposition. The medias are part of this notion for me because The media are more and more visible and approachable by everybody and wherever ; so, it becomes easier to impose the power to people and to influence them . We will wonder why we must check the influence of medias. To begin I will talk about advertising, then about the press and newspapers , and finally about the internet.

Above all, we are victims of advertisements all the time and even unwillingly. Indeed we are exposed to advertisements permanently, as with panels on the roadside, on the radio or still on TV. These advertisements are very attractive because they take into account any sorts of products and they can suit for every generation. Moreover, the advertising executives, in other words, the brands try to influence us by targeting the people susceptible to buy their products to increase their profits. It is a dishonest way of proposing their sales because they push us to buy them produced even if we do not inevitably need it. The way of revealing us the advertising, as one music, a seeing symbol or a catch line is very influenceable, in that case, it becomes a form of power because these avalanches of advertising have an influence, a power on us. But the advertising release by the media is not the only way to broadcoast power.

In fact, in our everyday life we are, we are controlled by forms of power of which we are not conscious. For example, the press and the newspapers, they allow everybody by their accessibility and their low costs to know all about which happen in the world or more locally and moreover the information are certified. But the thing which we ignore is the fact that every newspaper is made by a certain edition which chooses the information which they reveal to his readers. Indeed the selection of information allows for example to get across a political point of view and then to target a part of people. Newspapers do not have a neutral point of view .

Internet is now one of the bigger advances and it has allowed numerous people to change their way of life because from now almost all the planet has access to this media. It is a way to look for information very quickly and being able to compare everything. But enven if internet presents a lot of beneficial point, it may also be a source of danger. First of all, anyone can convey his ideas and his opinions because there is no censorship. It can influence people or give their wrong information. Moreover, information circulate for ever on the Internet because when a information is published, it joins the public sphere and, from then on, everybody can be access and use it, sometimes against you. Let us take the example of Facebook which is today the most famous social network with more than a billion users.There have been already harassments, people who use your personal information such as photos, messages, e-mails and send you threatening messages to damage you. These acts are called cyberbullying. So internet, a tool that seemed to be advantageous, has also a negative side and it can be dangerous.

To conclude, even if nowadays the media have an important place(square) and are useful for many people, they are of use the interests only to a handful of people. We can certainly know about what it passes in the world
and to increase our knowledge, they also allow be influenced by what we see. It is then necessary to be careful about the sources of our information. I think that the media transmit us very too much information and of any point of view what can lose us. Moreover severals information should sometimes remained confidential as during the recent terrorist attacks for example or the other problems which do not require that every people know about it and makes debate.

Modifié par lucile83 le 27-04-2016 23:15


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