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Oral/Idée de Progrès

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Oral/Idée de Progrès
Message de louu1 posté le 06-05-2016 à 16:11:49 (S | E | F)
j'aimerais que quelqu'un corrige les fautes de ma notion idée de progrès s'il vous plait.
Merci beaucoup

So, I'm going to talk about the notion of the idea of progress. To start with, i'd like to give a definition of the notion. It is the development towards an improved or more advanced condition. To illustrate the notion, i've choice to talk about a technologies. The question of whether how does technologies affect today's society ? There are several aspects to the problem (il y a plusieurs aspects à traiter). First of all, let's try to understand (d'abord essayons de comprendre) that the society depends on electricity. And, let's consider (examinons) the danger of technologies. Then (puis), we will see that technologies affect society and our planet.

I- we depend on electricity
Firstly, Society depends on electricity. First document allows us to understand that idea. This is a documentary about a blackout in New York in 2012 (two thousand and twelve) by the New York Times. It should be recognized (il faut reconnaître) that society is disrupts (bouleversé) when a power failure occurs (survient). Indeed, after Hurricane Sandy, Park Avenue South plunges the city into darkness. Several people are interviewed about blackout. First, Priscillia Murray, complains because there's no services, we see her angry, nervous and anxious. Similarly, David Cordova, a lower East Side resident inform us of difficulty to climb up and down the stairs in pitch black because he lives on the 17th (seventeenth) floor in a skyscraper. It shows life is very difficult, even imposible without electricity in a city. We depend on electricity for a lot of other things. For instance, we need electricity for watch TV, to cook, to get around by subway...etc
II- danger of technologies
Secondly, technologies can be dangerous because they can cause addictions. Second document is testimony by Molly Hottle about experience without technology. Students at Portland's Lincoln High School shared their experiences. Experience to consist not to use his phone, computer or television for 3 days. For most teenagers, this experience was a long ordeal. Let's take the example of one participant : a girl felt (se sentait) anxious because she thought (pensait) she might miss (pourrait manquer) something on social networks. She's eager (impatiente) to return to her normal life. Maybe she's just an example to illustrate what the experience feels like for the students. The students realised how difficulties to live without technology. Furthermore, in my high school, this experience was offered (fut suggérer) to students and professors and, a math teacher was absolutely against because it was lessons his using a computer and a overhead projector.
III- technologies affect society and planet
Thirdly, technologies affect not only society but also the planet. Third document is a video trailer of « wall-e », a disney-Pixar movie which was released in 2008. It is the story of wall-e, a robot whose job is to search for signs of live on earth. The action takes place 700 (seven hundred) years into the future, and humans have left the Earth to live on a spaceship, because the Earth is too polluted for anyone to live there. In the extract, we can notice these humans are dependent on technology for everything. Indeed, they move around on havering chairs equipped with screens, loud speakers (haut-parleurs) and keyboards (claviers) that they use to communicate. As they don't walk and consume a lot, they are all overweight. They wear (portent) virtual clothes that they can change by pressing a button. This movie is widely (largement) recognized (reconnu) as a critique on the consumer society and the place technology has in our life. Maybe Disney and Pixar wanted to children aware of the bad sides of technology and prevent them from becoming addicted to technology. Moreover, Disney and Pixar wanted surely (surement) to public aware of the consequences of pollution. In my opinion, i think the animated movies like wall-e are a good way to educate children. However, it is hard to say whether this is effective.

To conclude, we saw that technologies affect today's society in several ways. Firt, they are part of our daily lives (quotidien) and we depend on them. Moreover, they can cause addictions. At last (pour finir), they can generate (engendrer) the destruction our planet because of (à cause de) pollution and over consumption and to turn upside down (bouleverser) the world. Nevertheless (néanmoins), it should be recognized that technologies are very useful and allow to save time but i am well aware (j'ai bien conscience) that they can quickly become dangerous.

Modifié par lucile83 le 06-05-2016 16:25


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