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Spaces and exchanges/oral

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Spaces and exchanges/oral
Message de anglaisnotion posté le 10-04-2017 à 21:35:32 (S | E | F)
Je viens de finir d'écrire ma 2e notion ''Spaces and Exchanges'' et j'aimerais, s'il vous plaît, que quelqu'un puisse me corriger et commenter éventuellement mon plan.
Merci pour vos réponses !

Spaces and Exchanges
Introduction :
Today, I'm going to deal with the notion of ''Spaces and Exchanges''.
''Spaces'' is a very large term. In fact, a space can be both an area, a gap or the Universe. For the word ''exchange'', it's the same deal. An exchange can be a trade (buying and selling),a sharing or a flow.
In my presentation, I will more speak about ''Exchanges'' than ''Spaces''.
Nowadays, there are different kind of ''exchanges''. For exemple, those of people (like migrants...), those of informations (like medias...) or even of raw material ( with the globalization...). But through my presentation we will focus on the social exchanges.
So, are flows between spaces, a help or a hindrance ?
First, we will see that exchange is the means to make the world richer. Then, we will show that it can also be a bone of contention.

I. Exchanges : a means to make the world richer
As a first step, we can see that exchanges are definitely a means to make the world richer.

1) All around the world
First, there are exchanges all around the world. There are so many examples, like the different political institutions (like the UNO, the G20 which promote economic or social exchanges between several political systems.) There is too the exchanges of diasporas which send money to their native country.
But today, we will tackle the issue of NGOs and especially Amnesty International to show that exchange is definitely at stake with this sort of organization.It is an NGO which fights against injustice and promote human rights. They raise funds to save people. (so we can notice clearly the flow of money). The power of AI is very relevant. For example the awareness campaign Write For Rights has saved a lot of people. The goal is to write a letter to make free a prisoner (who was unfairly put in jail). The cartoon of Simon Bond shows the success of this awareness campaign. We can see on this picture a man in a cell who seems to live in precarious conditions. But in the middle there is a huge word written thanks to letters : HOPE. As a result, we can notice that every letter is important to save hope in people's heart. So, the flow, the exchange of letters, this interconnection in different spaces ( in India, in Africa or in the USA) is a means to help people and to make the world better.

2) For the society
Then, exchanges can also have a social impact. Indeed, nowadays the society is not like it was in the past. Now, if you walk in the European or American streets, you'll meet black people, chinese people, arab people.
So, to my mind, this exchange of culture is amazing. People would be more open-minded and they may have new knowledges. For example, nowadays there is a new mode which is spreading. The mode of mixing two different languages. In the UK, some people speak Hinglish. It's a mix between english and hindi. So, we can notice that it is more gainful than only speaking one language. The TV Comedy Goodness Gracious Me is a good illustration for this new trend. Moreover, this multiculturalism is both profitable to the immigrant and to you (who are American or English). In fact, in the Ali's novel Brick Lane, we can clearly see that multiculturalism has different advantages. Immigrants like Mrs and Mr Azad can discover a new culture like another dress code ( where sari is not an obligation) and they can also spread their own culture in this new country (like their eatings habits (they eat curry) or their greeting (Salam Aleykoum)). So, this exchange of culture like ''I show you my culture, show me yours'' is very important in our society to know that we are not alone on this earth ; there are other big spaces and we can exchange with them. We will learn, we will meet, we will eat, we will speak differently and finally we will live together.

II. Exchanges : a bone of contention
As a second step, unfortunately, all is not rosy. Indeed, ''Exchanges'' can definitely be a bone of contention.

1) The problem of ''live together''
Sometimes, it can be difficult to live together. Indeed, there is definitely a problem of racism in any societies. Nowadays, because of the flows of migrants in Europa or in the USA, the flows of refugees or the migration of people judging not enough ''integrated'', the extreme right-wing parties have increased in the surveys. (more or less in every developped countries). For instance, Donald Trump wants to build a wall in the mexican boundary in order to diminish the flow of mexican migrants. He also wanted to set up an immigration ban which would forbid muslims to enter the USA. Indeed, DT wants to brake the ''exchange'' between a part of the world and the USA.

2) As individuals
Plus, it can be very difficult for us as individuals.
In fact, some people don't speak about multiculturalism anymore but they prone the melting pot. To my mind, there is no denying that integration is important to live together but we cannot and we mustn't forget that ''exchanges'' from different ''spaces'' is precious. Melting pot tends to erase people's culture.
To illustrate this idea I would refer to a text taken from Brick Lane again in which we can clearly notice the problem of melting pot. Indeed, Chanu, a bengali, reckons that immigration is a ''tragedy'' because it creates a clash of cultures, a loss of his own culture and his identity. In this case, ''exchange'' seems to be a burden for the immigrants.

Conclusion :
Finally, there are different kinds of exchanges and all of them can be both an advantage or a drawback. It's true that ''exchanges'' can generate hate and sadness, however I consider that the connection between the different spaces which form the world is definitely a blessing above all in the social aspect.
Today we can wonder if the election of Donal Trump and the Brexit would reduce the flow of people.

Modifié par lucile83 le 10-04-2017 21:57


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