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Idea of progress/Bac

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Idea of progress/Bac
Message de miccado posté le 14-04-2017 à 15:07:23 (S | E | F)
Je vais passer mon oral bientôt et pour me rassurer j'aimerais bien avoir votre avis sur ma notion d'anglais. Je voudrais savoir si j'utilise un anglais correct et s'il y a beaucoup de faute.
Merci d'avance !

I am going to talk about the notion of progress. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion. The idea of progress can be defined as a development ; a technical, scientific o social changement which sometimes contribute to make the world a better place for living.
I will try to answer the following question : Is progress always something positive ?
To answer at this question, I have chosen 2 dystopia : an extract from Brave New World a novel writed by Alous Huxley, and an extract from 1984 a novel by George Orwell.
In first part we will focus on scientific progress, then we will talk about technological progress

I. Scientific progress
The first document, the extract from Brave New World deals with a baby factory. In this book Aldous Huxley imagines a society where humans’ functions are programmed before birth. He predicted the advances in biotechnology concerning artificial procreation such as cloning and in-vitro fertilisation and genetic selection. Indeed, before 1978, progress was used in medicine to save lives and cure diseases, but since, it can be used to create life. But this raises many moral issues.
In this extract, the scene takes place in a hatchery where babies are "made" throught an industrial process. Those babies are exactly the same, they are creating in million copies. In this text, the characters are described as cattle or robots. This text take off all of their humanity. Indeed with this method the population is exactly the same, a products with no individuality so with no humanity.
The author denounces the danger of the science when it is out of control. Science can be destructive when there isn't any limit like here where it destructs humanity. Moreover this texte criticizes eugenism, those babies are created because we want a population identical because we don't respect our difference. Yet it's our differences which make us human. So it's necessary to think it over and be aware of the risks so that governement and scientists can draw a clear line between what is ethically acceptable or not.

II. Technological progress
Then, we will talk about technological progress.
First, social Networks like Facebook have radically changed our lives in a positive way by enabling us to exchange information and keep contact with the world. Nevertheless echnology has fundamentally changed our relationships and the way we communicate with others. Indeed, the increasing use of technology is reducing the instances of contact with others: we are spending more time with our virtual relationships than real-life ones.
Then, video surveillance system is also an other technological progress. This equipment can film all of everyday life in towns and cities. This is a perfect way to catch criminals and vandals, but also can invade our privacy.
This is what George Orwell denounce in his book. So, the second document is a dystopia written by George Orwell and intituled 1984. In this book, he describes a harsh society where everyone is under complete control by means of technologies. "Big Brother is watching you" is at the heart of propaganda. The author invent an equipment named "the telescreen". This television broadcasts permanently the propaganda messages and spies every citizen.
So in this novel, the author denounces the technological progress which can be at the service of dictatorship and censorship.

I think the progress have really help people by improving their life ; for example medecine progress or technological progress. It's difficult to imagine our life today without computer sciences. Nevertheless science have to stay a way to improve quality of life, it cannot become a way to play with people life. Science can be destructive and bad for our life and we have to be careful or someday we could wake up in a world where humanity doesn't exist anymore.

Modifié par lucile83 le 14-04-2017 15:30


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