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CV-Resume /correction

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CV-Resume /correction
Message de adgaultier posté le 13-08-2012 à 20:39:59 (S | E | F)

I have to write a CV and a cover letter in English to answer a job advertisement.
I would be very grateful if someone can help me to correct (see below)!
Thank you very much for your help!

Dear Sir or Madam,

After reviewing your job posting, I would like to apply for the job of ...
Thanks to my experience in insurance, I have improved my analytical capacities in assessing, according to the likelihood that a risk will occur, the necessary technical reserves to cover claims.
I’m fairly familiar with mathematics and accountancy. I feel that my rigor, my organized ability and my professionalism will help me to integrate your team and efficiently perform tasks.
The enclosed resume provides the details of my skills and experience.
I remain at your disposal for any interview at your convenience.
I thank you in advance for you interest and the time you have spent looking at my application. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Yours sincerely,


Work experience
December 2011 to present: Underwriter in Insurance specialized in construction risks
• Underwriting the construction site policy
• Assessing risks
• Analyzing the clients’ needs
• Providing advice to clients
• Making quotations according to the internal underwriting rules
• Making a proposal form
• Answering to the public tender

August 2006 to September 2011 : Insurance manager
• Placing of construction risks
• Negotiating the rate and conditions with insurers
• Managing a portfolio : setting up the contract, adjustment of premium, reminding clients
• Following up and developing the public tender portfolio
• Mailing

2009 : Bachelor degree in Insurance, Banking and Finance specialized in Insurance - xxx in sandwich courses
2008 : BTS in Insurance - xxx in sandwich courses
2006 : A-levels in Technological Sciences and service sector Option « Management and Accountancy »

Computer knowledge
Good knowledge of Word, Excel and Access
AS400, Vente Partner, OGI, MR Engineering

Foreign languages
French: native language
English: good skills, both written and oral (5 hours of eLearning classes by week)
Spanish: basic knowledge

Travel, astronomy, photography, hiking

Edited by lucile83 on 13-08-2012 20:47

Réponse: CV-Resume /correction de bluestar, postée le 13-08-2012 à 21:53:06 (S | E)
Bon soir..

A very good letter. I'll make a few suggestions.
Go back to the job advertisement and note carefully what specific skills and abilities are required. Your letter should be written so that the employer when reading it will think "this is exactly the kind of person we need for this job!"
"Dear Sir or Madam" -- no! Find out who handles job applications in the company and address your letter to him or her.
"I wish to apply for the job of ---- as advertised in ----.
I have six years experience in Insurance, initially as manager and then as underwriter. In that time I have developed and cover claims"

"My experience, organizing ability and professionalism would enable me to make a significant and valuable contribution to your team."

"I thank you in advance......application"
(I would not thank him for reading your application, as that is his job, after all)

You should put your name, date of birth and contact details at the top of the CV. Try to rephrase your CV to highlight the individual contribution you brought to the jobs you have held. The CV should not be merely a list of duties. It should have more of a personal flavour.

Under "Interests" include something to show how sociable you are. (e.g. "Meeting friends") They will want to know what it would be like to have you around all day and if you mix well with people.

Sorry to be so verbose - bonne chance!


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