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Cover Letter/Real Estate

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Cover Letter/Real Estate
Message de brashen posté le 27-09-2015 à 16:24:15 (S | E | F)
I would like to apply for an analyst position in London. I wrote the cover letter below and was wondering if I can ask someone to read it. I will be more than grateful if you could help me to spot mistakes or sentences that do not make sense. Many thanks in advance

Dear Sir or Madam,

Through the NameCompany’s website, I learned about your current job opportunity and I am very interested in securing the position as Real Estate Associate in London. The broad range of tasks you mention in this offer as well as the possibility to work on the different stages of real estate investments are the main reasons of my application.

I currently hold a position as analyst within the Real Estate Structured Finance team of GreatBank based in Germany where I work on the origination of new financing opportunities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Among other things I am in charge of the cash flow modelling, the analysis of the underlying assets and the writing of the credit applications. I review and analyze the legal, financial and technical documents and other resources as part of the due diligence process. I also prepare a study on the German real estate market every quarter.

Before working for GreatBank I studied Finance and completed my education with a degree in Real Estate. To give a practical dimension to my courses I enriched my studies with several internships. I worked as analyst in the Real Estate Portfolio Management Department of BigREIT. There I enjoyed working on the financial modeling of Pan-European commercial real estate portfolios of all asset types as well as the involvement in their investment strategies.

I also worked as analyst for the Real Estate Debt fund of RECompany. On a day to day basis, I reviewed and analyzed property operational reports and borrower/guarantor financial statements. I conducted several property/portfolio valuations and was in charge of the cash flow modelling in liaison with the asset management department. I assisted the team in the due diligence and the underwriting of potential investments in debt across a broad range of commercial real estate in different countries, which improved my comprehension of the European real estate market. I was also in charge of the writing of the investment memorandums and the presentation of the deals to a committee composed of the CEO and the heads of the different departments.

Besides my studies I also took part in a real estate investment project which allowed me to handle challenging situations and work autonomously. I am a quick learner and I have a strong ability to adapt that is proven by my other professional experiences in the financial area which are detailed in the enclosed curriculum vitae.

I would be pleased to review my qualifications in more detail during an interview in London. Thank you for considering my application.
Yours faithfully,

Modifié par lucile83 le 27-09-2015 17:00


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