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Stress and accent (1)

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Stress and accent
Message de itony posté le 20-12-2008 à 01:59:13 (S | E | F)

Without doubt that the speaking skill is important for a language learner especially pronunciation.
And the nonstandard pronunciation would interfere with listening.
So,this is a matter about English word stress that troubles me all along.
Moreover,how can I memorize the accents of A LARGE NUMBER OF English vocabularies?
Are there any rules to follow about the grave accent?
In fact as you know I have been hurting for mastering the listening skill.
Gimme some suggestions please and let me know it well to the hilt.
Cheers in advance.

Modifié par lucile83 le 20-12-2008 07:30

Réponse: Stress and accent de loracle28, postée le 02-01-2009 à 21:24:39 (S | E)
Listen, listen and listen to english conversation, that's the best method to get use to the english accent ;)
And try to find some penpals that speak with a native accent, that could be enriching ;)

If no one around you speaks english, that could be a problem, but you know i went to Bahrein for a year, and this country speaks arabic mainly but i was in a french school where everybody speak english, so it is quite sure that listening to them a year long, helps me to have a better accent !

Formerly, i used Secondlife in order to speak with english people and i bought a mike ! That is quite interesting to improve your accent ;)

Good luck ;)

Réponse: Stress and accent de clarinette45, postée le 03-01-2009 à 01:21:15 (S | E)
My suggestion is to watch English movies and audio programs. Not sure if I am allowed, as they are so many rules here around, but have you tried some BBC websites : Learning English with pronunciation exercises or the iplayer. Also they are great choice of interesting podcast free to download on itunes.
You are so right not to neglect the accent. Even with the best grammar, you won't be understood with the wrong accent. Practice as much as you can and don't worry if you make mistakes. It's only by 'mistaking' that you progress.

Réponse: Stress and accent de jimboparis, postée le 17-01-2009 à 19:01:53 (S | E)
English in unique in the amount of accents it has as a language. To be honest, even native speakers can't understand all of the accents, particularly from certain parts of scotland and parts of the caribbean. It all depends on whether or not you are going to come into contact with people who speak with that particular accent or not.

Réponse: Stress and accent de amigowhite, postée le 09-02-2009 à 19:49:21 (S | E)
In fact there are some rules for instance two syllable adjectives and nouns stress on first syllble:
the PREsent time
two syllable verbs stress on second syllable:
to preSENT
Words ending with :tion , sion ,and ic: stress on penultimate syllable(i.e)second syllable from the end)
teleVIsion(in some dictionaries Television)
words endind with
gy, phy ,ty and al
stress on anti_penultimate syllable(third syllble from the end)
I hope it will help

Modifié par amigowhite le 09-02-2009 20:12



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