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It's summer! (1)

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It's summer!
Message from posted on 21-06-2009 at 00:24:18

What would you like to do in summer? I live in Brazil, so I love to go by the sea and to get a tan. I enjoy also have a happy hour with my family or friends, after work, and have drinks and talk. What about you?

Edited by lucile83 on 21-06-2009 21:03
Please write correct English; and note that we write 'I' not 'i' !!! thanks.

Edited by lucile83 on 26-07-2009 08:41
The author of the topic is no more on the site.

Re: It's summer! by , posted on 21-06-2009 at 01:55:43
Hi , i live in morocco and i like summer very much because they are no school
I stay at home surfing in internet , playing games , listening to music ,watching movies ... I want to do something interessant like learning
lunguages or programming , but i'am so lazy .
(I feel boring sometimes )...
I travel with my family just for a few days to visit my grandma in a coastal city that i love , we go to the beach everyday , we have much fun .

Re: It's summer! by TravisKidd, posted on 21-06-2009 at 03:13:53
Brazil is in the tropics; it's always summer there!!!

(In fact, I think part of Brazil lies south of the Tropic of Capricorn; in that part of Brazil, it is now technically winter!! Although I'm sure Brazilian winters are quite mild.)

Re: It's summer! by maggie38, posted on 21-06-2009 at 04:00:04
In summer I love working in my garden and having sun.


Re: It's summer! by smartway, posted on 21-06-2009 at 12:26:25
hello,i'am from algeria ,i like to go to the sea in summer but it is not allowed for us to go to the sea

Re: It's summer! by malesse, posted on 21-06-2009 at 13:03:08
i'm selma i'm from algeria to us in algeria it is very warm in summer so all people want to set of good time and go to the beach to relax i even want to go to beach to change the routine because all year long i have the same routine which is the secondary school the house and several times an exit with my friends,thus in summer i need to relax and broken all this routine here is.

Re: It's summer! by angel_chanez, posted on 21-06-2009 at 18:06:54
i'm chanez from algeria.
summer is the best period in the year so everyone benefits from this period.And if i talk about my self, i would spend all my time at the beach and in the evening in the party as those in palm beach it was very nice.

Edited by lucile83 le 21-06-2009 18:09

Re: It's summer! by ranida, posted on 21-06-2009 at 22:26:59
hello i am from Algeria i like summer because i see my friends

Re: It's summer! by mostafa, posted on 21-06-2009 at 23:00:52
hello.Im mostafa agahmanesh from iran. i love summer because I have time to playing computer game and spending more time with my family and my friend.
I wish all of you enjoy from summer.but dont waste your time.summer is the best time to learning english.

Re: It's summer! by michou, posted on 21-06-2009 at 23:08:04
Hello ! I am Michou, I come from Quebec in Canada. In Summer, I take care to my garden, I will have over my spouse's family at the cottage. I go boating and I visit Montreal and Quebec cities.

Re: It's summer! by bellahje, posted on 22-06-2009 at 03:15:00
Hi there!

Im sybella and Im from Hong Kong.. Summer's one of my favourite time of the year because its a time for flip flops,.. bikinis and beach parties!! And not to mention that I get to get myself a tan as well.. ^.^ plus,.. what's better than lazing around the pool for the entire day!!


Re: It's summer! by , posted on 22-06-2009 at 12:07:02
I hate summer because it is very hot and mosquitoes are fying near my ears,wen wen wen wen wen wen wen wen wen...

Re: It's summer! by ahmed-ksa, posted on 22-06-2009 at 14:27:47
Unfortunately my final tests are not over yet but I like summer because there are no schools and I have a lot of free time(Refreshment time).
Also,I can meet my friends at any time I want to.

Edited by ahmed-ksa le 22-06-2009 14:30

Re: It's summer! by bettyboup, posted on 22-06-2009 at 19:48:09
Hi every body. I am french but, but i come from Gabon (a small country on west africa). I am not very good in english but I will try to explain you what is summer to me.
Summer is: nature symphonie, is time of smiling colour explosion. For me is the hapiest time here in france. I love summer as much as i dont like winter.
What i like to do ? Just lay down the grass and watch sky and birds and dream again and again. I like also pass time with friend around a camp-fire, meanwhile we telling stories.....hmmmm This the best time in the year ! Yap

Re: It's summer! by macdracony, posted on 22-06-2009 at 20:45:56

Hi, I'm from the South of Spain. I like summer. It's time to enjoy of the sea, the sun. I like going out with friends and family. It's time for night parties on the beach, too.
23th June night is the party of San Juan. Everyone is going to the beaches and eats, drinks, dances around a fire and finally, takes a bath in the sea.

Re: It's summer! by intrepid34, posted on 22-06-2009 at 21:21:55
Good evening everybody!

I live in the South of France. I am anglophone and my husband is French and 5th generation of his village. Summer here is the music festival (yesterday) lots of crickets singing their songs, barbeques and balmy evenings drinking wine under the olive trees and talking, days at the beach getting hot and sandy coming home - having a shower and getting tidy for the evening. Mmm olives, tapenade, anchovies and chilled white wine. Yum - I like summer.
Best of all - no school - no lessons - no stress!!

Have fun

Re: It's summer! by , posted on 22-06-2009 at 21:49:24
Hello! My name is Zhenya, I am from Russia. I like summer and winter, spring and autumn because each season is fine in one's. In summer I like to travel to South of Russia. To Sochi. There is mountains and Black Sea. We go by car (1500 km) there with my husband every year. In winter I like to travel to the North of Russia to my mother. There is much snow and no cold as you think. When much snow and low humidity the frost is not so feel! When you step on snow, snow squeaks under your feet. And when you breathe out that from your mouth get exhalation. It is great!

Re: It's summer! by , posted on 23-06-2009 at 08:46:55
Hi,every one.
xxx.Yes,I'm from china.You can call me hui.
This is my first time come here.And I'm poor in english.
So,there are many mistakes in my reply.
I finished school last month,so I have to work this summer.
I'm very glad to know you.I wish I can make a friend with you.heihei...

Edited by lucile83 le 23-06-2009 18:00
Sorry we don't understand Chinese.

Re: It's summer! by , posted on 23-06-2009 at 16:27:24
Hi, everyone, I come from china and work in Romania this summer, I will stay here about 3 months. so I hope everything goes well.

Re: It's summer! by , posted on 24-06-2009 at 11:05:22
I come from China too...I work in Shanghai for an American company.

It is hot in Shanghai when summer, I really don't like to go outdoor for
lunch, usually, I call take-out food...

Re: It's summer! by , posted on 24-06-2009 at 21:37:57
hi.i live in algeria and i'am very hapy to be in summer becauce i play many game and i go in the beach.i travel with my famely and i help my mother in some works
summerit's occasion for all people to braethe new wether withe her family

Re: It's summer! by johnmalko, posted on 25-06-2009 at 09:32:33
hello, my name is johnmalko. It's summer, I leave is PARIS to four days, in august with my women and the girl with the sun I must hope against. So maybe I change a work.

Re: It's summer! by georgios, posted on 26-06-2009 at 18:10:54
hi my friends i'm an algerian girl whom loves travelling in the summer i don't like swimming but i can find my peace of mind in the forrest with my friends and my lovely dog cause he travelling too
god liss you

Re: It's summer! by tea, posted on 27-06-2009 at 11:32:10
Hello,I come from China.I was born in Shanghai.I love summer,because in summer,the sky is always blue.I like the green trees and red roses and the morning light in summer.Because of the industrial pollution,I can't see bright stars summer night,but I can remember the shining stars I saw when I was young.

Re: It's summer! by lucie1906, posted on 27-06-2009 at 15:54:12
Hi, I'm Lucy and I leave in France. This summer I work with children during July then I'll go to the Baleares for two weeks, that looks great ! At the moment I stay at home, I look for a flat on the Internet. Bye

Re: It's summer! by choupinette, posted on 27-06-2009 at 19:32:11
Hi !! I'm Gemma from south west France. I love summer time because it's hot, the sky is blue ! The sun brings so many fun in our life ! And people are always happy when it's sunny ! Also there are many flowers everywhere.
Enjoy summer time !

Re: It's summer! by themoney, posted on 28-06-2009 at 04:52:36
I come from Viet Nam. I really like summer because i don't have to go to school and I can play game anytimes, and watch TV if i want. I very lazy. But I want learn E for future Welcome to VN in here have many landcape

Re: It's summer! by jeynny, posted on 28-06-2009 at 05:29:26
for the summer i wanna go to canaga and france. i want to go to the beach enjoy because every day i have to study now i have to relax yay summer

Re: It's summer! by tonyqzk, posted on 28-06-2009 at 09:04:40
yes, it is correct

Re: It's summer! by mujahid_mangi, posted on 28-06-2009 at 13:10:46
Hi this is Mujahid Ali from Pakistan.
This is the first timeI am posting a comment on any website.
the summer in our country is very hot and humid. It may teach to 50 degree celsius during june and july. and you wont believe that thre is a shortage of electricity in our country and I live in a village where we have electricity only for 8 hours of 24 hours. so you can imagine it is like hell in here.we pray here the summer should not come here.

Re: It's summer! by summer321_21, posted on 29-06-2009 at 11:57:32
Hi Guys, this Summer I have to work. But I will attend my friend's wedding. That's so exciting! Funny is: my English name is Summer. I like summer very much cause girls can dress beautiful clothes.

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