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Means - get down stay down

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Means - get down stay down
Message from nguyenninh89 posted on 15-01-2010 at 17:13:05 (D | E | F)

hi , everybody .
I don't understand the meaning of this sentence
" get down stay down" .
all you dicuss about this issue for me. Can you explain it please?
I think that it means :
one something in stating go down .
Is that right ?
Thank you for your answers.

Edited by lucile83 on 15-01-2010 17:51

Re: Means - get down stay down from gerondif, posted on 15-01-2010 at 19:30:48 (D | E)

If would be better if we had the context, I think it means:
physically: get down on the floor, crouch down and don't stand up again,stay down.

Metaphorically: Get out of the light, be modest, try not to get noticed, stay out of sight.

Re: Means - get down stay down from krnntp, posted on 16-01-2010 at 18:55:00 (D | E)
1) This is something you could say to a dog, for example. "Down" or "get down" is a common command given to dogs who have jumped up on a person (ie. the dog is standing on its hind legs, and its front paws are resting on the person). Some people tell the dog "off" instead, and use the command "down" to tell a dog to lie on the ground.

"Get down and stay down" might be something you say in exasperation, to a particularly stupid dog who has already "gotten down" several times and each time has jumped up again.

2) As a command given to a person, this sentence sounds terse and rude. But it would be perfectly appropriate to say it as a warning, if there is danger of being hit by gunfire, or of being seen by an enemy. In that case it would mean, "duck and stay in a low position, don't stick your head up"

3) In a political or civil rights context, "to stay down" can mean "to continue in a state of oppression".

4) It could also be a playful suggestion, in slang speech. "To get down" in hip hop terms is to party, to enjoy oneself, especially by partying or dancing to music. "To be down (with something)" in the same argot means "to be cool or acceptable; to find (something) fun or acceptable" (in contrast, "to be down on something" means to disparage something, to dislike something).

5) If you were telling a child, a cat, etc to come down from a high place, it would be more common to say "get down from there" , "get down off the table", etc, rather than just "get down" by itself. Still, that could be what is meant. "To climb down from somewhere and not go up there again".


Re: Means - get down stay down from sonic83, posted on 20-01-2010 at 16:05:55 (D | E)
it it is a sort of order like you go downstairs and you don't come up again

Re: Means - get down stay down from nguyenninh89, posted on 20-01-2010 at 16:53:45 (D | E)
thanks a lot about all your answers . yeterday , i asked my teacher about this sentence . she said : "get down stay down " have meaning the same with " let me down " .it means : don't make me disappointed . do you have another ideas ? i hope that go share from all you . thank you so much once again

Re: Means - get down stay down from gerondif, posted on 20-01-2010 at 17:58:41 (D | E)
In that case, it could be re-phrased like this:
"If you disappoint me, I will never trust you again"
"If you go down in my confidence , you will never regain it "

Re: Means - get down stay down from krnntp, posted on 21-01-2010 at 05:20:43 (D | E)
There may be some sort of confusion, as "get down" does not have any meaning similar to dissappointment; neither does "stay down".

Yes, "To let down" means "to disappoint", and "to let down" also means "to allow to get down, climb down, dismount", but getting down / dismounting does not have any meaning of disappointment.

"He let me down by losing my money" -> he lost my money and disappointed me.

"He let me down from the bicycle" -> he allowed me to dismount from the bicycle.

"To be down in the dumps" or "to feel down" can mean to be sad, to be downcast, but that does not refer to disappointment either; just unhappiness.


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