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Baked bread/ help

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Baked bread/ help
Message from sum posted on 17-10-2013 at 18:55:14 (D | E | F)

Can you help me please?
Thank you for your answers.

Why not fresh baked bread? according to the test it should be 'I love the smell of freshly baked bread'

Edited by lucile83 on 17-10-2013 21:45

Re: Baked bread/ help from gerondif, posted on 17-10-2013 at 19:29:31 (D | E)
because: I like the smell of freshly baked bread is heard that way whereas you think :
I like the smell of fresh baked bread but "baked bread" doesn't really exist, if bread isn't baked, it is just dough.
Freshly is an adverb related to the action verb bake used in the past participle with a passive meaning.

Re: Baked bread/ help from willy, posted on 18-10-2013 at 10:08:32 (D | E)

It's up to you, now!

Re: Baked bread/ help from violet91, posted on 18-10-2013 at 12:49:04 (D | E)
Hello ,
True , it is a lovely smell ! Even if it is easier to smell such a thing as ' warm fresh -out -of -the oven home baked bread in your kitchen ( very fashionable in UK homes) , still , you can smell it when entering a baker's shop at the very right time ...or walking along a pavement nearby . Just the same as fresh baked biscuits or ...chocolate, when near factories! Ah ! Roald Dahl and Cadbury's!

Re: Baked bread/ help from sherry48, posted on 18-10-2013 at 15:07:50 (D | E)
Americans often say 'fresh baked' and sometimes 'baked fresh this morning' is written in the supermarket fliers, but of course common usage is not necessarily correct! Gerondif has already explained why freshly baked is the proper expression, even if people still say it wrong!

Re: Baked bread/ help from simplicius, posted on 18-10-2013 at 17:07:52 (D | E)
Hello, isn't it true, though, that 'fresh' is both an adjective and an adverb, the latter meaning 'very recently'? If such is the case, fresh baked bread seems to make sense grammatically, doesn't it?
Cheers, S.

Re: Baked bread/ help from lucile83, posted on 18-10-2013 at 18:19:28 (D | E)
Hello simplicius

Still arguing?
Fresh baked bread is non sense as gerondif said.
You can buy fresh salad, but not fresh bread.
Baked bread is non sense because you first make a dough,then when it is baked you get bread. But well, it is commonly accepted.
Anyway it is better to say : freshly baked bread.
If you want fresh to be an adverb, it should be written at the end of the sentence:
These muffins are baked fresh.

Re: Baked bread/ help from gerondif, posted on 18-10-2013 at 18:43:53 (D | E)
Hello Lucile,
the dictionary in line says: Is that bread fresh or stale? Ce pain est-il frais ou rance ?
so I suppose I can say that I prefer fresh bread to stale bread, so you can buy "fresh bread", even if Simplicius is trying to make me lose my temper(ature)!
"Fresh baked bread" doesn't bother me much, it is immediately understood even if it is approximate grammar or an americanism or what else....
The advert in France which used to say "I am not very alcohol, I am not very sugar, I am very grapes-juice" (sorry but it is the "English only" forum) also uses a noun instead of an adjective or "to be" instead of "to like" but the message was still clear.

All the screeching-tire fanatics who say "Ce circuit est très vite" also mistake fast as an adjective "This track is very fast (rapide in French)" and the adverb fast " He drives fast (vite in French)"

Even if the dictionary says that fresh is an adverb in the expression:These muffins are baked fresh, it would have to be an adverb of time because if it were an adverb of manner, it could be considered as an adjective as in the expressions: She cut me dead, I turned him loose, it struck me dumb, I cooked them fresh, I made them soft....

More food for thought, but you're lucky I'm not "Ma Baker" she settled the arguments with a 45
"Put your hands on your head and give me all your money" the song said, she was looking for dough as well !!

Re: Baked bread/ help from simplicius, posted on 18-10-2013 at 19:26:56 (D | E)
Hello, please forget that I dared ask a question. I recant. Bread cannot be baked and certainly not 'fresh'. Cheers, S.
Still, US : Link
and UK : Link

Re: Baked bread/ help from willy, posted on 18-10-2013 at 20:45:38 (D | E)

Bread: stale = rassis.

Re: Baked bread/ help from gerondif, posted on 18-10-2013 at 22:36:58 (D | E)
You're right Willy, it is a mistake coming from the dictionary on line.

Re: Baked bread/ help from notrepere, posted on 18-10-2013 at 23:03:40 (D | E)

"Put your hands on your head and give me all your money" the song said, she was looking for dough as well !!
I've never heard that song before. The word "dough" is slang for money but in this context, it appears she was really looking for dough.
Let me give you one more link: Link

the smell of fresh-baked bread (Macmillan)
Used as a prefix with past participles.
Same in Cambridge: Link

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